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Entrepreneur: The Positive Side of Failing – Learning.

Impact of Covid on Consumer Behavioral Habits.

Best Practices and Bank Efficiency in MDIs: Evidence from Black-Owned Banks in the USA.



Problem Definition, Brainstorming, and Incremental Economic Decision Making Rules:  A Case Study.

Contribution to Thailand’s Tourism Policy: An Empirical Modelling Study.

The Necessity of Introducing Public Warehousing in Vietnam.

Why are Retailers Building Marketplaces?



Inflation Expectations, Consumer Sentiment, and Consumption’s Patterns in United States: Before and After the COVID Pandemic.

Managerial Ownership and Bondholder Risk: Evidence from the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Corporate Bond Market.

Internationalization of Family Firms: A Critical Review of Current Research and Possible Avenues for Further Studies.

Early Warning Signals of Recessions: Foreign vs. Domestic.

A Study on Factors Affecting the Core Competencies of Venture Companies in Korea.

Authentegrity: Forging Synergy between Existentialism and Christian Leadership.

Gender Effect on Real Estate Pricing and Services Using Price-Quality Heuristics: Further Empirical Analysis.

Measuring Crucial Factors for Students Choosing A Marketing Course.



Forecasting U.S. Department of Defense Budget Levels.

The Effects of Professional Development Expenditures Towards High School Completion on Kauai.

 Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Evaluating Decision Models in Operational Research.

How Attribution Explains Consumers’ Views of Penalties.

Performance Measures and Profitability Factors of Successful African-American Entrepreneurs:  An Exploratory Study.

A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organizations.



Observing the Impact of Engineering Curriculum on 6th Grade Students’ Attitudes Towards Engineering as They Engage in Building Electric Bikes.

Effects of the Economic Policies Applied in Turkey on the Banking Sector 1960 – 2020.

The Relationship Between Instruction Expenditures and Public High School Completion in Hawai‘i: A Case Study.

Understanding Corporate Governance in The European Union: Comparative Analysis of Codes of Best Practices in the Selected Member States.

Understanding Influencers on Women in STEM – Specifically Engineering.

A New Paradigm: Creating a Different Kind of University.



Independent Accountants' Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence Use.

Turkish Banking Sector Capital Adequacy Interactions in The Process of Basel Regulations and Real Economic Growth.

Exponential Growth Strategies in the Modern Business Landscape: How WhatsApp Achieved Market Share Domination.

Exploring the Key Competencies of Nurses that Matter for Hospital Human Resource Management in Taiwan.

China’s Status in Global Developments and New Economic Power Centers.



Understanding Consumer Perception and Behavior of Smartphone Application.

The Impact of Auditor Tenure on Audit Quality, Audit Fees, and Non-audit fees: Is Auditor Loyalty Paying Off After SOX?

Analysis of Regional Composition of Tourism Cluster in Portugal.

The Influence of Accessibility and Attractiveness Factors on the Development of the Azores Tourism Cluster.



A Discussion on Socio-Economic Profitability as a Prerequisite for Investments in Security Measures.

The Royal Commission into the Banking Sector in Australia: The Long Road Ahead.

New Proxy For Stock Index Futures Markets Speculation Trading.

Interindustry Analysis of Healthcare in Taiwan.

Return On Investment (ROI) For Evaluating Safety Measures. Review And Discussion.

The Globalisation of the International Student Market: The Australian Perspective.

Revisiting the Penrose Effect and Managerial Capabilities.



The Impact of Firms’ Aggregate Risk on Long-Run Performance: IPO Versus Matched Non-IPO Equities.

The Value of Creativity: Creativity as a Valuable Form of Symbolic Capital in Organizations.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility a Guarantee of Financial Performance?– With the Multi-faceted Analysis on FTSE Global Index as an Example.

Creating Synergies in Cross-Border M&A – Case Studies of Japanese Outbound Acquisitions.

The Relationship Among Research Quotient, Firm Performance, and Biotechnology Industry.



Is Time-Varying Conditional Beta A Significant Risk Measurement?

Earnings and Corporate Investment.

A Comparison of the Service Quality of Operate-Transfer Swimming Pools.

The Difference between Consumer Needs and Wants: Based on the Store Proximity between Haagen-Dazs and Starbucks.

The Effect of Taxes on Corporate Financing Decisions: Evidence from Brazilian and American Firms.



The Ambiguous Duty of Corporate Directors.

Succession Planning in a Religious Association: Preliminary Findings and Analyses.

An Entrepreneurial Innovation Model for Competitive Advantage: Logistics Business Case Studies.

The Influence of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Policy on Market Efficiency of A Shares and H Shares.

Can Hedging Increase the Value of Family-Owned Businesses?

Starring Role of Educational Institutions in Nurturing Entrepreneurship through Education.

The Effect of Local Knowledge on the Risk Bearing Capacity of Multinational Enterprises.

The Effect of Face on Marketing Alliance Performance.

Funding Higher Education in the Midst of Change: United States versus the Globe.

Credibility and Consumer Trust: The Keys.


Independent Accountant Opportunity for Wealth Management Reporting on Crowdfunding Engagements.

Improving Quality Using Plackett-Burman Screening Designs.

Building Trust and Agreement in Negotiations.

The Impact on Firm Value of LIFO Adoptions Revisited.

Evaluation of Questionnaire for Transfer Pricing Issue of SMEs in Europe.

Teaching Economics, In-class versus Online Effectiveness.

Monitoring and Accelerating Structural Change via Exports: A Capability Based Approach for Turkey.

An Iterated Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for a Single-Machine Scheduling Problem with Periodic Maintenance and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times.

Analyzing Financial Time Series Using Monte Carlo Bayesian Approach.

Development of Marketing Capabilities Along the Life Cycle of the Firm.

How Idol Admiration Affects Audience's Willingness to Watch Broadcasts of Japanese Professional Baseball Games: A Case Study of Taiwanese Baseball Players in Japan.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Organic Growth within Vertical Software Firms.

Effect of Deferred Tax Reporting – Case of Publicly Traded Companies in Czech Republic.

Mitigating Risk from Railcar Bearing Failures: A Predictive Model for Identifying Failures.

Market Reactions to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Merger.



Predicting Innovation Ability by Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

A Replication of the 2008 U.S. National Report Card Study on Women in Firefighting.

Promote Undergraduate Students’ Research Experience through the U.S. – China Collaborative REU Program.

Active Learning Strategies in Accounting.

Exploring the Gap between Millennials’ Pay Preferences and Compensation Practices.

A Comparative Study Between the UK and the USA House Price Indicators Before and During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009.

Profitability of Traditional Banking in Croatia.

Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) Based on Decomposition: A Promising Area of Artificial Intelligence.

Disadvantages of Template Analysis of Creditworthiness of Firms in Banking.

Creating Taxpayer Awareness in the 21st Century. Just Culture.

Creativity in Technology – Are Technology Startup’s More Creative than Large Technological Firms?

Value Relevance of Earnings, Book Value, Revenue, and R&D.



Distribution Practices of Women’s Promotion Groups in Senegal: A Role for Marketing.

Reducing Stock Risk with Hedge Funds.

Unintended Consequences of Dodd Frank Act When Shadow Banking Creates A Moral Hazard.

The Potential Impact of FASB’s Proposed Changes to the Statement of Cash Flows.

Reclassifications for More Meaningful Presentations of Cash Flows.

Corruption and Multi-National Corporations: A Conceptual Model.

Customer Learning Capability of Event Management Businesses in Thailand: An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents and Consequences.

Think Tank Comparisons: Lessons Learned at a For Profit University and Applied in a Corporate Setting.

Strategic Brand Orientation and Marketing Survival: An Empirical Investigation of Cosmetic Businesses in Thailand.

Understanding the Segmentation of Consumers in the Gulf Region: A Critical Element of Marketing.

Audit Excellence Orientation and Audit Survival: Empirical Evidence from Tax Auditors in Thailand.

The Components of Marketing Strategies (MSM) and the Relationships with Strategy Antecedents and Consequences: Evidences from Egypt.

The Internal Audit Professionalism Orientation and Firm Goal Achievement: An Empirical Assessment of Auto Parts Businesses in Thailand.

A Preliminary Study on the Role of Risk Perception in Electronic Commerce Systems Adoption.

Internal Audit Process Excellence and Decision Making Success: An Empirical Investigation of ISO 9001 Businesses in Thailand.

IT Scammers Target Retiring Baby Boomers.

The Impact of ICT on e-Government.

Re-launching of CCCTB project in the EU: Moving from CCCTB towards CCTB.

Fiscal Policy and Private Investment in Namibia.



Supply Chain Management Education Using ERP Software: A Simulation-Based Approach Using SAP ERP-Sim.

Countering Moral Muteness through Dialogue, Good Moral Conversation, and Conversational Learning.

Would You Bet Your Savings on Today’s Best Analyst? A Re-examination of Analysts’ Earnings Forecast Accuracy Persistence.

The Effect of Gender and Attachment on Forms of Workplace Bullying.

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Using Different Probability Distributions.

Does Increases in Leadership Expenditures Influence Native Hawaiian Public School Completion?

Factors Affecting the SMEs in Agribusiness in the Northeastern Region of Thailand.

Sub-Prime and Global Origins of Euro Sovereign Crisis.

Strategic Managerial Accounting Capability for Sustainable Goal Achievement: Empirical Evidence from ISO9001 Manufacturing Firms in Thailand.

Assessing Innovation.

Strategic Marketing Creativity and Marketing Profitability: Empirical Investigation from Information and Communication Technology Businesses in Thailand.

How to Analyse Automotive Industry Centres? - A Potential Methodological Model.

Human Resource Diversity Management Capability and Firm Survival: Empirical Evidence from Hotel Businesses in Thailand.

Measurement of Local Entrepreneur Sector’s Expectations Concerning Research Institutions.

Strategic Audit Professional Commitment and Audit Survival: An Empirical Research of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Thailand.

Perceived Product Quality and Soft Drink Brand Loyalty in the Lebanese Market.

Organizational Renewal Capability and Firm Sustainability: An Empirical investigation of Chemical and Chemical Products Businesses in Thailand.

Social Media Behavior and Influence on University Students in Lebanon.

Strategic Learning Management Orientation and Firm Sustainability: An Empirical Investigation of Auto Parts Businesses in Thailand.

Issuing Firm Valuations pre- and post-IPO: Which Risk Component Matters?

Comprehensive Audit Planning Proficiency and Sustainable Audit Success: An Empirical Research of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Thailand.

Do University Outcomes Measure Up: An Australian Case Study?

The Effect of Conservatism in Current Earnings’ Ability to Predict Future Cash Flows vs Future Earnings (Empirical Study of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange).



Has the Town of Oak Island, N.C. Levied a Recurring, Annual Sewer District Fee/Tax against Owners of Developed and Undeveloped Properties within the Boundaries of a Sewer District in Violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Business Drivers Influencing Adoption of EMR and ERP Systems.

Employee-Firm Related Conflict Factors and the Strategies for Remedy: A Conceptual Framework.

How Culture Affects the International Diffusion of Manufacturing Practices.

The Value of Academic Group Work: An Examination of Faculty and Student Perceptions.

The Impact of Safety and Security on Time Preference.

Estimation of the Energy Demand in Yemen: An Econometrics Model Approach 1990 – 2012.

Using the International Internal Auditing Standards (IIA's) in the Public Universities in Jordan.

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Electronic Government in State of Kuwait.

The Factors Required to Accounting and the Process of Accounting in Turkey.

The Relationship Between Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness and Market Mavenism.

Effects of Forced Responses and Question Display Styles on Web Survey’s Completion Rate.

The Effect of Management Information Systems Use Level and Innovation Skill on Business Performance: A Research on Konya Techno Parks.

Political Discourse and Its Relationship to Education in Developing Countries and the Developed: A Comparative Analysis.

Fostering Academic Entrepreneurship in Taiwan: A Survey of Academic Patent Inventors.

Implementation of Corporate Governance Rules and Procedures in Lebanese Firms.

The Tourism Crisis in Post January 25TH Egypt.

Assessing Productivity Through Value Added Measurement: A Costa Rican Business Case Study in a Cooperative.

Promoting Tourism After a Terrorist Incident: Review and Recommendations.

The Web-Based Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Research on the CSR Reporting Levels of Companies Traded at the Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

Examining The Impact of Income Tax Incentives to Corporate Performance in Asia-Pacific Food and Agriculture Industry.

The Effect of the Financial Crisis on the Relation Between the Egyptian GDR’s and Their Underlying Stocks in Egypt.

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Clusters: A Conceptual Model.

New Approaches for Flow Shop Scheduling.

Service Quality of Dental Health Care: Top of Patients’ Priorities from Perspective of Turkish Culture.

The Role of Responsible Awareness of Tourists.

An Exploratory Study of Implementing PLM System Based on Adaptive Structuration Theory.

An Examination of How the Government Handles Crisis Scenarios in Saudi Arabia: The Need for Saudi Arabia to Reduce Its Oil Dependence.

Momentum Profits in the UK Stock Market.



Marketing Vineyards and their Regions.

Creighton University Student Managed Investment Fund.

Gold and Sovereign Credit Risk.

Why Do Some IT Firms Dispense with Executive Stock Option Award?

Can Stand-Alone Increases in Instruction Expenditures Influence Native Hawaiian Public School Completion?

Business Performance Factors, Elements of Employee Satisfaction and Company Value - Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence.

The Value of Health Care Sustainability.

Issues in the Health Care System in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

Antecedents of Lifestyle Innovation Product Adoption and Post Adoption Behaviors.

An Analysis of the Relationship Between Socio-Demographic and Economic Statuses of the Employees of Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics and Their Purchasing Decision Criteria.

Price Drivers and Investment Strategies of Gold.

Claiming To Be A Marketing Manager: The Case of the Real-Estate Sector in the Eastern Provence of Saudi Arabia.

Strategic Management Accounting as a Determinant of Quality Management Success.

Country Image and Its Effects on Purchase Intention Applied to Egypt.

Data Mining Applications Framework for Business Organizations: Business Functions Approach.

Financial Crisis and the Liquidity Effect on Market Risk.

Accounting System Analysis of Consulting Offices in Saudi Arabia.

Success Factors for the Evaluation of An ERP System Investment Decision in SME’s. Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Findings.

An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Board Structure on the Performance of Large Saudi Firms.

The Relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability: Causality and Characteristics.

An Empirical Study of Factors Effecting Successful Implementation of Knowledge Management in Saudi Private Industrial Sectors.

Religious Entrepreneurship and Economic Development of Nigeria.

An Empirical Study of Factors Driving to M-shopping Usage.

Measuring the Factors That Affect the Young Consumers' Attitudes Towards SMS Advertising and Their Purchase Intention: The Case of Egypt.

FDI, Knowledge and Technological Spillovers, and Business Growth in Thailand.

On Corporate Governance Issues in Small Innovative Firms.

Applying the Principle of Artificial Intelligence in E-Training System.

Bridging the Gap and Filling Workforce Needs in Connecticut: Applied Engineering and Business.



Does The Revolving Door Lead To Corruption Or Capture?

Market Sentiment and Momentum Effects: A Comparative Study with the Stocks.

The Predictive Value of Bankruptcy Models.

Blogging Around the Twittersphere: Has Social Media Changed the Way A Destination is Developed?

IT Intellectual Property Rights - Employee's Software Side Projects.

Human Resource Policies on Workplace Safety: A Case for Incorporating Anti-Bullying Measures.

A Regime Switching Approach to Analyzing Bank Non-Performing Loans in Barbados.

Impact on Survivors of Downsizing: A Generational Comparison.

A Study of Multiple Reference Effects in Brand Commitment.

Be Prepared: Barter Could Be Coming to your Neighborhood.

Inflation Convergence of Euro Countries: A Nonlinear Perspective.

Mobile Commerce Acceptance Determinants Among South African Consumers: Does Gender Matter?

Effects of Scale Display Formats, the Number of Variables per Display and Styles of Grid Lines on Line Graph Visualization in Response to Difficult Business Queries.

Country Specific Political Risk Indices and Economic Growth.

Saudi Arabian Sukuk Market: Recent Trends and Development.

Testing Validity of the Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from MENA Countries.

A Study of Interpersonal Influences and Opinion Leader’s Expertise on Purchase Decision of Fashion Goods: A Cross-Cultural Study.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Succession in the Family Business: Suggestions from Outperforming Successors.

Illumination of Mission Statements of Public and Private Universities in Turkey: A Content Analysis.

The Influences of Type of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Donation Situation on Consumer Responses.

Equity Premium Puzzle: Evidence from Turkey.

Lean Management Adoption Level in Middle Eastern Manufacturing Facilities.

Impact of Textile Imports on the Competitiveness of the Textile Industry in Ghana.

Improving Economics of Thermal Desalination Process Through Energy Analysis and Optimization.

Why Do Department Chairs Suffer the Most in Higher Education Hierarchy?

Perceptions of Saudi Tourist about Tourism to Egypt.

The Local Innovation Networks: An Explorative Study of Success Cluster.

University Accounting Education and Employment: Survey on Non-Accounting Business Graduates.



The Expanding Business Landscape of Minority-Owned Firms in the United States, 2002-2007.

Commodities as an Asset Class: A Time-Varying Analysis of Investment Performance.

Large Shareholders and Firms’ Information Asymmetry.

I.R.S. Agents Have Unckecked Discretion: U.S. District Court Holds that Actions Taken By IRS Agents in Their Official Capacity Are Immune from A Bivens Lawsuit.

The Effects of Piracy and Counterfeiting on the International Economy.

Corporate Misdeeds: Unanticipated Consequences.

Marketing Using Your Website.

The Valuation Effects of International Cross-Listings

The Rise of Asia and North American Economic Integration: A Canadian Perspective.

Ka ‘Ike o nā Kanaka Maoli System of Sustainability: Designing a Sustainable Business and Economic Paradigm for the Future.

The Link between Family Firm Culture and Performance: A Study in Both a Developed and a Developing Economy.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility A Determinant Factor on Revenue and Profits? A Study on Top 100 Canadian Manufacturing Companies.

An Assessment of Corporate Governance Practices in Central and Eastern Europe.

Economic Impact of Wood Pellet Co-firing for Power Generation on Forest-based Economies in Southwest Alabama.

What Do Employers Expect Business School Graduates to Know about Information Technology?

Factors Affecting Occupational Choice in Papua New Guinea.

Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm in Integrated Moving Average of Time Series.

Critical Media Literacy and its use in the Teaching of Economics.

Performance of Banks in Ghana; Is It Bank Specific or Inflation Driven?

The Development and Validation of New Product Idea Screening Criteria for New Consumer Product Development in Thailand.

Raising ESP Learners’ Business English Collocation Performance Through Blended Instruction.

Client Importance, Institutional Improvements, and Audit Quality in Taiwan: An Individual Auditor Level Analysis.

Supervisors’ Characteristics During Orientation: Development of a Scale.

The Effect of E-Relationship Quality on E- Loyalty: An Empirical Study on the Hotel Industry in Egypt.

A Model of Firm Adoption of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy Upon SMEs.

Obstacles Affecting the Efficiency of Mutual Funds in the Saudi Financial Market.

Rivertown, USA, A Marketing Research Case Study.

Development of Accreditation in the Developing Countries.

Prerequisites and Approaches in Implementation of Risk-Based Regulation of Pension Funds.

Business Value Added Management and Company’s Financial Performance.

Bargaining over Market Share Delegation in Strategic Incentive Games.

Computing Bias and Information Pricing Factor.

Exploring Factors Influencing Consumer Adoption on Mobile Commerce Services.

Cloud-Ontology based of Nuclear Medicine Healthcare Cloud in Department of Nuclear Medicine.

The Relationship Between Work/Family Demands, Personality and Work Family Conflict

Does Government Ownership and Disclosure Affect Performance and Stability of the GCC Banking Sector?

Effect of Traditional Turkish Offering Culture and Tourist Satisfaction.

The Effect of Humor, Celebrity Endorsement and Popular Music on TV Ad Recall: A Customer Based Perspective in Egypt.

An Examination of the Factors Affecting Voters’ Intention to Participate in the Presidential Elections in Egypt.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Egypt.

Importance of Shale Gas Extraction for Social and Economic Growth in Poland.

The Relationship between Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles and Innovation Commitment and Output at Commercial Software Companies.



In Search of Strategic Innovation in Global Logistics Competition: Operations, Measurement, and Cases.

Job Satisfaction and Faith: Testing the Effects of Religious Intensity on Job Satisfaction.

Student Preferences Regarding Sustainability Topics in the Business Curriculum, Interviewing, and Job Offers.

The Bullwhip Effect: Is there a Solution?

Profiting from Market Flash Crashes.

Analyzing Domestic Digital Divide in Turkey.

Social Risk and Female Entrepreneurs in Kerala, India: A Preliminary Assessment.

The Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT): An Innovative Teaching Technique for Human Resource Management Students.

Professional Morality: Perceptions of Turkish Teachers.

North American Economic Integration: NAFTA and Beyond.

Scheduling the Bottleneck of a n-Stage Process.

Risk and Diversification in International Construction.

The Relationship Between Motivational Tools and Job Satisfaction.

Treatment of Inflation in Investment Calculations.

The Continuing Backwardness of Eastern Europe: A Search for Institutional Explanations.

The Commitment of Investment Funds in Implementation of Accounting Disclosure Requirement at Jordanian State Universities.

An Assessment of the Impact of Rice Supply Chains on Yield in the Local Rice Industry in Ghana.

Nominal Output Targeting.

Involvement Levels and Constraints: A Study on Speed Skating Players.

Effects of Location and Animation of Internet Banner on Clickthrough Rates.

Is Australian CEO Remuneration Linked to Company Productivity?

Electronic Portfolios in Business Schools.

New Business Ecosystems and Innovation Strategic Choices in SMEs.

Economic Growth and Employment in the Equilibrium Labor Market.

Decision Making using Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Techniques.

The Study of Creating an Operational Performance Model for Restaurants Serving Afternoon Tea in Taiwan.

The role of Trading-House Structure in Commodity Financing.

Competitive Advantage in the African Market: The United States versus China.

Attitude, Motivation and Decision Making and their Relationship to Trust in Family Businesses.

International Analysis of Factors Affecting Child Labor.

State Revenue Growth Variability.

Competitive Analysis of the Turkey.

Subsidies of the European Union funds as a Tool to Enhance Competitiveness of Companies in the Czech Republic.



Attitudes of U.S. Managers Towards Outsourcing: Survey Results and Managerial Implications.

A New Process Model for Curriculum Development in Business Education.

Moneyless Economy.

Globalization: Payoffs, Multinational Corporations and Public Policy Makers-A New Paradigm.

Managing Customer Satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework.

Overcoming Organizational Impediments to Strong Sustainability Management.

Evaluating Teacher Professional Development Programs in Fostering Native Hawaiian High School Completion.

A Correlational Analysis of Online Learning and the Transformational Leadership Style.

Peer Evaluation in the Online Classroom:  Evidence from Virtual Teams.

Father-Daughter Succession in China: the Conceptual Framework and a Case Study.

An Evaluation of Examination Results between Students in Management Courses Being Video Monitored Verses Those in a Traditionally Monitored Environment.

Collectivism & Ethnocentrism:  An Inter-and-Intra National Analysis Among the Thais, Chinese, and India.

Efficiency Analysis of US Banks.

An exploration of the applicability of the FACT-Vortex Leadership Model in SMEs.

A Study on the Impact of the Employment of Industrial Foreign Workers on Taiwanese Electronics Industry’s Competitiveness.

Analysis of the Green Job: A Challenge for the European Union.

Dual Long Memory Property in Returns and Volatility: Evidence from Turkish Stock Market.

State Aid for Foreign Direct Investment in Poland.

Developing Credit Scoring Models When Small Sample Sizes Are Available.

Product Tactics in a Complex and Turbulent EnvironmentViewed Through a Complexity Lens.

Networking as a Strategy for Firms in a Developing Country to Enter Developed Country Markets.

Innovation of Low and Medium-Low Processing Industry: A Reference Innovation Model.

Business Valuation Process Review.

The Stock Market Reaction to the U.S. Quantitative Easing Announcement: Evidence in Emerging Stock Market.

The Lure of Online Shopping Sites: An Analysis of Rakuten and Amazon in Japan.

Funding of Research and Development in the Function of Improving the Competitiveness in the Global Environment  (EU Member States Experience)

Internet banking for Midwest Community Banks: Consumer Adoption Determinants.

The links between Material Well-Being, Intergroup Contact, and Post-Conflict Reconciliation: The Case of Rwanda’s Coffee Farmers.

Quality as A Factor of Corporate Competitiveness.

Human Resource Management and Organizational Innovation.

Employee Support Programs and Building Affective Commitment.

How Mentoring Affects to Companies and Employees?

Reverse Triangular Mergers:  Regulator’s Response, Work Done By Other Independent Auditors and Potential Illegal Acts by Audit Clients.

How Does Culture Affect The Effectiveness of Brand Extension: A Comparative Study of Taiwan and Vietnam.

The Adequacy of Programs Used by the Auditors on Jordanian Companies Operating in Electronic Commerce and its Impact on Accounting Disclosure  (From the Viewpoint of the External Auditor)

Gender Gap and Gap 5: A Servqual Empirical Study of Trans-Atlantic Airlines Passengers.

Technopark Models: University Incubators Worldwide.

Product Characteristics and Parallel Systems Strategy.

The Role of Costing Method Based on the Basis of Activity in Providing Competitive Advantage for the Hospital Managements.

Most Feasible Strategies for Green Marketing Mix under Business Sustainable Development.

Knowledge and Working Performance as Barrier and Driver for SMEs

Diversification Strategy and Performance of Taiwan Financial Firms in the Global Financial Crisis (2007–2008).

The Impact of SOX on the Relationship Between the Managers’ Earnings Management Behavior and Voluntary Restatements.

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry in Egypt (A comparative study)

The Role of Personality and Parental Support in Taiwanese College Students’ Career Self-Efficacy.

Cost-Integration Between Balanced Scorecards and 6 Sigma and its Role in Enhancing the Overall Quality of Industrial Companies.



Labor Productivity Analysis for Picking Operations.

The Impact of Demographic Workforce Change on Corporate Career Websites.

Mapping Global Virtual Team Leadership Actions to Organizational Roles.

The Disconnect Between Workplace and Graduate School Motivation - Exploring the Life Motivation Continuum.

The Food Recall Crisis at Maple Leaf Foods.

Is the Community Better Off?  An Assessment of Outcomes Based Performance Management.

Toward a General Holistic Taxonomy of Risks.

A Proposed Business Process Management Model for SMEs.

Testing the Significance of Core Components of Online Education.

Stock Spams: A New Business to Make Money.

The Blame Game for United States’ Soaring Consumer Debt.

Analysis on Manpower Forecasting of New and Renewable Energy Industry in Korea.

Interdependence of Accounting Provisions and Company's Financial Performance.

Leadership and Managing Change…Does Gender Make a Real Difference in Egypt?

Analysis of Auditors’ Going Concern Judgment.

Building a Data Warehouse to Analyze Entrance Exams.

The Frequency of Implementing Diversification Strategy in Croatia.

Performance Measurement System for Process-Oriented Companies.

Unravelling the Behaviour of Knowledge Markets in Nigeria.

The Competitive Analyses and Development Strategy of the Turkish Automotive Cluster.

Utilization of Accounting Information for Decision Making in Croatian SME: Preliminary Findings.

Highly Skilled Human Resources Development in the Financial Sector for the Strength of the Global Competitiveness.

Level of Concentration in Insurance Markets and Length of EU Membership.

Business Intelligence in Croatian Textile Industry.

Factors That Influence Firm Performance: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis for Croatian Insurance Industry.

Controlling Model for the Process Quality in Factories.

The Use of Information Sources in International Business – Comparative Analysis.

What makes some schools better than others? Estonian Case.

One-Way and Two-Ways Random Effects Model in Provisioning for Losses on Loans of Commercial Banks.

Effect of National Culture on the Design of Management Control Systems of Multinational Enterprises: The Case of Egypt.

The Economic Impact of the Adoption and Implementation of ICTs in Developing Nations:  The Case of Chile.

Socio-technical Controlling in Order Processing.

New Opportunity for Local & Foreign Investors in Pakistan.

Book-Tax Differences and Companies’ Financial Characteristics: The Case of Croatia.

An Analysis of the Effect of Reducing the Food Subsidy on Income Inequality.

Welfare State and School Choice: Evidence of Recent Developments in EU.

Basel II – Case of Croatian Commercial Banks.

The Determinants of Intermediate Target's Choice of Monetary Policy Strategy: The Case of CEE Countries.

The Availability of Work Product Protection to Tax Accrual Workpapers.

Corporate Governance and Quality of Accounting Information: Case of Lebanon.

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Toward Firm Value and Profitability.

Analysis of Income Tax Incentives for Transportation Industry in Indonesia.

Strategic Positioning of Senegal Agriculture Products on the Agricultural World Market.

The Complexity of Learning Context in Croatian Manufacturing Companies.



Financial Valuation Using CLV Metrics: A Study of Online Brokers.

Evaluating Enterprise Systems Solutions: A Holistic View.

Integrating Product Platform Decisions With Supply Chain Design Decisions: A Review.

Dynamic Impact Analysis of Floating Currencies in Mixed Exchange Rate Arrangements: Another Look at Interest Rate Parity (IRP).

Strategic Positioning of Burkina Faso Agricultural Products on the Agricultural World Market.

Lead-Lag Relationships Between Commodity Prices and Corresponding Company Stock Prices.

Credit Risk Models By Type of Business.

Understanding the Factors Contributing to Inter-Partner Trust in Joint Ventures.

A Comparative Study of Airlines Operating in Turkish Domestic Market: Low-Cost Business Model Perspective.

To What Extent Should All The Attributes Be Transformed to One Comparable Unit When Evaluating Safety Measures?

Managing Hidden Illnesses That Impact on Performance and Absenteeism.

Assessment Standards in the Technology Transfer of Long-distance Steep Turn Pipe Impelling Construction Method.

On Using Post Purchase Behavior to Assess Service Innovations: A Multi - Method Multi Criterion Approach.

Self – Marketing for Graduates and Professionals as a Strategic Career Management Tool.

Knowledge Creation Mechanisms: Factors Influencing The Knowledge Creation Process.

Clustering Chinese Visitors Based on Chinese Cultural Values

Organizational Climate and its Effects on the Employees’ Commitment.

Firm and Economic Factors and Performance: Croatian Composite Insurers.

Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence: Separate Activities or Parts of Integrated Process?

Improving the Functionality and Attractiveness of Beach Touristic Destination Websites in Mexico.

Earthquake Disaster Risk Control in Tourism Industry Via Probability Analysis.

What can Higher Education learn from the Business World in term of Customer Satisfaction?

Product Market Competition and CEO Entrenchment.

Measuring Performance By Means of Income and Cash Flows and the Life-Cycle Theory.

Impact of Leverage on Performance of Firms: Evidence From Pakistan.

A Study of the Relationships among Political Perception, Organizational Culture, and Job Performance in the International Tourist Hotel Industry.

Factors Influencing Portfolio Flow in Malaysia.

Factors Influencing Demand for Medical Care Among Urban Dwellers in Sarawak.

The Effect of Country Characteristics and Fiscal Variables on Economic Growth in the Asian and the Pacific Countries.

The Dynamics of Consumption Patterns and Preferences of Comfort Foods in the UAE.

The Quality of Credit Rating and Bankruptcy Probability: Evidence from Post-SOX Restatements.

The Impact of Non-Oil Foreign Trade on Economic Growth in UAE.

Loan Loss Provisioning Methodology on Non-Performing Loans of Malaysia’s Commercial Banks: A Longitudinal Panel Data Analysis Using Econometric Modelling.

Understanding Credit Rating Surrounding a Financial Restatement: Evidence from Industry Membership and Auditor Switch.

Effect of Employee Stock Ownership Satisfaction on OCB.



The Classical Roots of Contemporary Business Policy and Strategy.

Municipal Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting:  An Empirical Analysis.

Australian and U.S. Perspectives of Nonprofit Executive Succession Planning.

The Acceptability of ProctorU to Insure Online Testing Integrity.

Utilizing an Intelligent Tutoring System In Lieu of Teaching to the Fat Part of the Curve.

Social Media: More Available Marketing Tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in the Tourism Industry: Using a Survey of Managers.

Queuing in Supermarkets:  Satisfying Customers at the Point-of-Sale.

Socially-Influenced Consumption and Savings: An Agent-based Approach.

Experiencing IT Security in an Organizational Environment: Conceptualization and Measurement Development of an Individual Level IT Security Climate Construct.

Who Holds the Pen?  Strategies to Student Satisfaction Scores in Online Learning Environments

Systematical Accounting and Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission of Urban Production.

An Examination of the Extent of Influence of the Post 2007 Global Economy on the Determination of Global Marketing Strategy.

The Financial Crisis 2008 – 2010; Winners & Losers.  U.S.A., Canada, France, Mexico and India´s Perspective.

Is An Asset and Liabitity Approach to Revenue Recognition Suitable for IFRS and US GAAP Convergence Purpose?

Inter-organizational Relationships in Enhancing Information Sharing: The Role of Trust and Commitment.

Investors’ Exposure to Currency Risk in Central and Eastern Europe: are Turbulent Times Different?

Tax On Dividend Distribution, Agency Problem And Firm Value –  Unique Indian Perspective.

Hotel Services as Experiential Products and the Influences on Purchase Decisions.

The Osaka Model: New Methods of Joint Development Promotion in Japan.

Relationship Between Personality Traits And Readiness For Organizational Change: A Case From Croatia.

Harmonisation of the Croatian Company Law with Aquis Communitare of the European Union.

Reseller-perceived Value of Digital Channel Marketing in IT Security Business.

A Secondary Analysis in Team Performance to Determine Behavior in a Software Population.

Considering the Effect of Targeting the Energy Carrier Subsidy on Urban Families’ Food Expenses in Kerman.

A Preliminary Study on the Efficient Marketing Strategy Applied by Mexican Companies During the Financial Crisis 2009 – 2010.

Competitive Advantages and Limitations of the Serbian Agroeconomy Within the Global Context.

Adoption of IFRS for SMEs over the World.

Obstacles to the Entrepreneurial Start-Up Process in Zimbabwe: A Dynamic Market Perspective

Arrogance at the Top.

Technical Cooperation Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa:  An Exploratory Analysis of Developmental Impact.

Do Territorial Digital Patterns Matter?

The Free Market, Manifest of the Human Nature.

Measuring Tax Effort for a Small Open Economy: The Case of Barbados.

Sustainable Tourism as a Springboard for Sustainable Community Development: From Theory to Practice.

Physicians’ Technology Adoption: A Fad or a Must Have!

Women CPAs: From Retaining to Recruiting.

An Examination of Structure of Executive Compensation in Private Sector.

The Trade Balance Effects of Outward FDI: Evidence From Portugal.



Design and Implementation Issues in Integrating e-learning: Lessons Learned From a Fortune 1000 Firm.

Factors Affecting Consumer Perceptions of Brand Name Food in Japan: An Ordered Probit Analysis.

A Soft Computing Environment for Data Mining.

A Conceptual Framework for the Design and Evaluation of Online Learning Modules in Professional Training and Academic Education in Business.

Extrapolating the Price to Performance Frontier for Computer System Components:  Processing, Storage, Memory, and Network Interface.

The Impact of the Teacher-Made Online Learning Resources.

Australia: Impact of Tax Review Report and the Henry Review on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

Can Functional Performances of HRM Be Improved With the Adoption of IT?

Teams in Organization.

Employees’ Perception of Organisational Culture in a Multi-national Construction Company.

How do Learning Focus and Strategic Choice Influence Innovativeness?

Student Performance in Their First Accounting Course:  Accounting 101 is the Key to Future Success in the Classroom.

Globalization and Entrepreneurial Education; An American Perspective.

A Comparison of the Financial Holding Company Moderating Effect on Diversification Strategy and Performance: Evidence from Taiwan.

A Conceptual Model of the Authentic Leader’s Positive Psychological Capacities in the Context of Financial Crisis.

A Cross-Cultural research on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Behaviors: A Case of American and Korean Financial Service.

Strategic Training Program to Resolve Customer Service Problems.

Comparison of the Quality of Enterprises in the Tourism Industry and Enterprises from other Sectors in the Czech Republic.

Selection of Suppliers in Retailer Companies: An Application in Consumer Co-operatives in Eskisehir, Kastamonu, and Kocaeli, Turkey.

Factors Affecting One’s Ethical Beliefs and Decision Making: An Exploratory Study in Kuwait.

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Online Travel Websites in Taiwan.

Model of Development for Regions Towards a Post Conflict Period. The case of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

What is the Connection between Dividend Policy and Future Earnings? Evidence from Taiwan’s Stock Market.

Consumer Behavior in Recession: Evidence from Finland.

Cultural Influences on Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness of Thai Lecturers Among MBA International Students.

Stock Indices Return Forecast: Efficient Method of Moments Estimation of A Stochastic Volatility Model.

Theorization in Economics: A Necessity for Development.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – a Survey of the Top 25 U.S. Health Plans.

Development of the Hospitality Quality Management Culture Scale: A Pilot Study.

Gender and Management Across Boundaries.

Macroeconomic and Country Specific Determinants of FDI.

The Relative Efficiency of Service Firms’ Innovative Activities.

Long and Short Run Dynamics of the U.S. Macroeconomy: The Economic Importance of the Labor Force Participation Rate.

Analysis of Variation in HIT Privacy & Security Laws.

Improving the Functionality and Attractiveness of Beach Touristic Destination Websites in Mexico.



Business Opportunities Arising from Smart Grid Virtual Power Plants.

Motives and Consequences of Investment Decisions: Evidence from Factual Movie Projects.

Market Integrity, Market Efficiency, Market Accuracy.

Ten Common Misconceptions About Implementing Continuous Improvement Efforts in Health Care Organizations.

The Concept of Internationalization and its Relevance to Small and Medium Service Enterprises (SMSEs)

Does Firm Size Matter? The Relationship between Firm Level Volatility, GDP Volatility and Capital Structure Decisions for Firms of Different Size Groups.

Consumer Protection in the Context of Global Financial Market Regulation: The Australian Position.

Improving Employee’s Organizational Commitment, Self-Efficacy, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Through the Implementation of Task-Oriented and Relationship-Oriented Leadership Behavior.

Beliefs About and Attitudes Towards Online Advertising.

Tax Incentives to Foster Green Investments Under the Spotlight of State Aids’ Prohibition.

Development of Corporate Governance by Expanding the Corporate Responsibility of EU Member Countries.

What Controls the Australian Airspace Ticketing Prices?

Strategic Import Tariffs, Managerial Delegation, and Social Welfare in a Quality Differentiated Market.

Knowledge workers in Croatian Companies.

Ecosystem’s Analysis Using Econometric Techniques.

Strategic Decision Making: Empirical Findings from Croatia.

Which colour is better? The Influence of Website Photo Colour on Consumer: The Incongruity Viewpoint.

Integrated Marketing: Success Story of Crystal Gallery.

Critical Success Factors in Russian Industrial R&D Projects.

Profitability of Technical Analysis Indicators: A Study of an Adjustable Technical Indicator, ABZ',on the Malaysian Futures Markets

Consumers’ Beliefs About Companies Using Online Advertising.

Income Tax Incentives on Renewable Energy Industry: Case of USA, China, and Indonesia.

Fairness in the Workplace: The Relative Effects of Distributive and Procedural Justice on Incentive Satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems’ Impact on Accounting Processes in Turkey: A Research on the Largest 500 Industrial Firms.

A Methodology for an Evaluation of the Impact of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Royalty Act on the South African mining Industry.

Geopolitics and Accounting.

IFRS Consciousness and Adoption: A Research on the Turkish Corporations Listed on Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Influence of Ethics Education on Management and Entrepreneurship Students Attitude Toward Ethical Behavior: Case of Croatia.

Experience of Workplace Regulations in a Multi-National Construction Organisation.

Voluntary Internet Financial Reporting in Croatia - Analysis of Trends and Influential Factors.

Stakeholder Orientation and Firm Performance: Value Generating Strategy or Sophisticated Entrenchment Strategy? - Empirical Evidence from Croatia.

Changes of Market Structure and Competition in the Croatian (Non) Life Insurance Industry.

Aligning Industry Needs With Skill Development at Educational Institutions.

A Comparative Study of the Relationship Between Working Capital Management and Profitability of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange.

A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction in the Malaysian Services and Manufacturing Sectors.

Cross Cultural Management: An Indian Perspective.

Stereotype, Image, and Reference Others As Predictor of Buyer Behavior; An Empirical Investigation.

Leadership Styles Correlate of Learning Organization In a Non-Western Culture.

The Labor Market’s Flexicurity in the Romanian Bank Sector.

The Significance of Leaders in Modern Business.



FDI Spillovers in Member Countries of Integrated Markets.

A Strategy for Enterprise Sustainability.

The Reality of International Business Environment and the Challenges of Small Businesses in Pennsylvania-Conceptual Review.

State and Local Government Fiscal Crises:  Causes and Solutions.

General Education Curricular Foundations in Business Education.

Educational Leadership Cost-Effectiveness and High School Completion Among Oahu’s Public School Districts.

A Suggested Computer Related Teaching Technique to Replace Debits and Credits in the Introductory Accounting Course.

The Role of Corporate Values on Business Students’ Attitudes: A Comparison of Undergraduates and MBAs.

Crisis Management: Corporate Recovery in Business Environment with Non-zero Mean Losses.

Research Proposal: Investigating Sustainable Enterprise Wikis.

Financial Crisis and Corporate Restructuring.

Introducing ERPs to SMEs: A Two-Dimensional Review and Analysis.

Mean-Reversion of Net Sales Predictability in the Case of Polish Public Companies.

Motivation to Change Project Manager’s Position With Line Manager’s Position and Vice Versa.

Toward A Model of Drivers for IT Outsourcing in a Developing Country: Jordan Public Sector Case Study.

Implementation of Classification Methods in Determining Human Resource Bundles.

Comparative Analysis of Lattice Based Option Pricing Models.

A Scale Development Study on Implicit Leadership Theories of Selected Management and MBA Students from Turkey.

The Missing Link in Network Dynamics.

Empirical Evidence on Innovation Activity in Tourism: The Hotel Sector Perspective.

Social Responsibility, Crisis and Sustainable Development.

So, You’re a Millennial — Create us a Facebook Presence.

The Convergence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability: Starbucks Corporation’s Practises.

Helping Students Understand the Implications of Electronic Technologies on Managerial Communication Practices.

Analysis of Financial Statements using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): A Case of Select Indian Pharmaceutical Companies.

Asset Prices Boom & Bust Cycles: Methodology and Key Features.

The Applications of Fiscal Policy in Centrally Planned Economies.

I’ll Take Ten Employees, and a Large Order of Fries… To Go Please.  A Look at Hiring Pools and Their Dangers.

How Much is Polish Companies’ Earnings Predictability Mean-Reverting.

Challenges of Relationship Management with Customers in Business Environment.

Outsourcing and Downsizing As Modern Organizational Trends in Croatian Companies.

The Job Redesigning Process: A Study of Medical Representatives using the Job Characteristics Model.

The Future of Regional and Multilateral Trade Agreements.

Networking in Business Training Community.

Mean-Reversion of Sales Growth as Investment Strategy on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Structural-Qualitative Characteristics of Environmental Elements on Romania’s Territory.

Does the Origin of the Country Matter: The Effects of Country of Image Concept on Turkish Job Seekers.

Volatility Spillover Effects between Credit Default Swap and Foreign Exchange Markets in Korea.

Core-Self Evaluation: Predictor of Employee Engagement.

Cross-cultural Leadership Challenges for Hospitality Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Texas.



Who Governs the Internet? International Legal Aspects of IT Governance.

Measuring the Soft Side of the Achievement of Assurance-of-Learning Objectives.

User Modeling in Adaptive Web Design.

The Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: An Empirical Study of Canadian Firms.

Concentration in the Cable Television Industry from 1996 – 2008.

Similarities and Differences in the Strategic Orientation, Innovation Patterns and Performance of SMEs and Large Companies.

Some Solutions for the Equity Premium and Volatility Puzzles.

Partial Privatization in Mixed Duopoly.

An Empirical Investigation of the Relation Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction in the Lebanese Service Industry.

Influence of Country Culture on Bankruptcy and Insolvency Legal Reform Management.

John Andrews: After Success, Then What? [Case Study]

Employer’s Perceptions of Online vs. Traditional Face-To-Face Learning.

A Survey on HIV/AIDS, Health Status and Economic Growth.

Contingent Liability and Stock Price: Evidence from Listed Companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

A New Engine for Growth? An Exploratory Study of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Creative Multimedia Cluster.

Gender Differences in E-Government Adoption in Dubai.

Intercultural Communication and Relationship Marketing: A Conceptual Perspective.

A Better Way to Increase the Credibility in Quantitative Research.

The Moderating Effect of Locus of Control on Customer Orientation and Job Performance of Salespeople.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in Disaster Management: Coverage Optimization.

The Capital Structure Choice of Listed Firms on Two Stock Markets and One Country.

Outcomes of Referral and Non-Referral Hiring.

The Effect of Pre 2007-08 Imported Crude Oil Price Increases on U.S. Economy.

Tourism Destination Attractiveness: The Mediating Effect of Destination Support Services.

An Empirical Analysis of Stock Pricing, Systematic Risks and Returns on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Integrate Active and Passive Strategy in Portfolio Construction.

Graphical Programming: A Business Student’s Tour.

Attitudes towards Career Women Roles in outlook of Family-Social Surroundings: Perspectives from the UAE.

Porter’s Generic Strategies and Environmental Scanning Techniques: Evidence from Egypt.

Applying IFRS 8 Operating Segments in the Context of Segments Reporting in Jordan.

The Impact of a Diversified Strategy and Annual Report Information Disclosure on Market Performance: Evidence from Taiwan’s Financial Industry Firms.

The Interaction between Teamwork and Organizational Commitment Influenced by Organizations' Characteristics in Electronics Companies.

Factor and Correlation Analyses of Tourism Attraction, Tourist Satisfaction and Willingness to Revisit – Evidence from Mainland Chinese Tourists to Taiwan.

An Assessment of Financial Literacy Communication among College Students.

A Comparative Analysis of Recent U.S. Recessions: Evidence from Secondary Data.

Employee Turnover:  Causes, Consequences and Retention Strategies in the Saudi Organizations.

Conservatism Versus Verifiability and Relevance.

Malaysian Saving in the 1990s  -  Problems and Prospects.

The Popular Competence of Hospitality Education in Taiwan: Constructing a Baking Curriculum Model.

Key Factor Influencing the Reusing of Historical Buildings in Taiwan from the Viewpoint of Public Private Partnership.

A Study of the Role of Perceived Risk in Continuing Education Participants’ Learning Motivation.

A Study on the Failures of Sovereign Credit Ratings.

Honey Production Business Opportunities and Its Externality Effects.

The Effectiveness of the REU Program among Novice Undergraduates.



Crisis Management: Trade-off between Effectiveness and Timeliness.

Developing A Competitive Edge Through Employee Value: How All International Companies Should Conduct Business.

Cultural Values and Preferred Workplace Rewards in Southeast European Subcultures.

Teaching Time Value of Money.

An Assessment of International Management and Business Administration Student Performance in Online Courses.

Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Trends in the ICT Industry.

A Behavioral Look at Executive Compensation in United States: The Fuss is About the Income Gap.

Online Exams: Beware of Cheating.

The Importance of Teams and How to Lead Teams through Change Initiatives in 21st Century Organizations.

Study of Economic Impacts Derived from 2005 to 2009 Rural Texas Community Events and Factors that Predict Spending?

The Evolution of Electronic Procurement within Supply Chains.

Productivity and Efficiency of Factor Substitutability in the South African Automobile Industry.

The Exchange Rate Exposure of Thai Banks: Evidence from 2004-2008.

The Impact on Firm Value from Joining a B2B Sourcing Market.

A Framework for Internationalization of B-to-B-Services.

Lean-Enablers – An Approach to Design Lean Factories.

Transition to IFRS:  What Can We Learn?

Potential Economic Impact of the EPA Endangerment Finding on Low Income Groups and Minorities.

Green Marketing: A Study of the Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Behavior in a Period of Recession.

Corporate Governance and Ethics in Croatian Corporations.

Tax-based EU Own Resources - Tax Harmonization or EU Tax?

Overcoming the Fear of Business Math Using an Adaptive Learning Approach.

Financial Characteristics of Acquired Companies – Case of Croatia.

The Shift from Co-Production in Services to Value Co-creation.

An Evaluation of the McKinsey’s Offshoring Framework for Supply Chain Relationships.

Empirical Evidence on the Long-Horizon Operating Performance Around Canadian Convertible Debt Issues.

Best Practices for DFSS in the Development of New Services: Evidence from a Multiple Case Study.

Asymmetric Volatility in Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from Iran Stock Market.

Market Structure and Profitability of Croatian Commercial Banks.

Proposition of a Performance Measurement Tool for Analysing and Signalling SMEs’ Performance.

Free Speech vs. Hate Speech.

Determinants of Insurance Companies' Profitability in Croatia.

Comparability of Financial Statements Prepared According to IFRS and IFRS for SMEs in the Field of Intangible Assets.

The Effects of Chronological Age on Management and Business Administration Student Performance in Online/Distance Learning Courses.

The Effect of Teaching International Market Entry in an MBA Curriculum: An Empirical Examination.

Capacity Planning and Coordination With Fuzzy Load Information.

A Comparison of 2007 to 2010 Branded Meat Consumers; Are Consumers Changing and What Product Characteristics Influence’s Their Buying Decision.

Transaction Costs and Technology Licensing: Evidence from Latin American Companies.

Earnings Quality Constructs and Measures.

Human Resource Planning As a Tool for Managing Staff Stability in Selected Institutions in Ghana.

An Examination of the Evolution and Development of Direct Marketing that Implicates the Appropriate Use of Direct Marketing as Part of the Marketing Strategy Used to Market Products.

The Evaluation of the Convergention of US GAAP and IFRS in the Area of Borrowing Costs.

The Application of Quality Management Principles into the Management of the Destination.

Student’s Evaluations of their Completed Degrees.

Towards an Effective Career Development Plan for Managerial Succession Plan in the Banking Sector in Ghana.

Bankruptcy in Hungarian Lombard-financing Activity and the Solution.

The Role of ICT in Europe Particularly in the Hungarian Tourism.

Literature Review of Challenges in Business Education.

Globalization and Entrepreneurial Education; An American Perspective.



Quilts As A Real Investment Instrument: Creating an Index to Measure Risk and Return.

The Entrepreneurial Manager in Health Care Organizations.

Risk-Adjusted Returns on American Depositary Receipts from the U.K. and Ireland.

An Examination of Wellness Orientation and Dental Care Attitudes Among Dental Patients: Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidences for Turkey.

A Social Marketing Approach for De-Marketing Sex Tourism.

Behavioral Intention to Use Forensic Accounting Services: A Critical Review of Theories and an Integrative Model.

Technical Analysis: Evidence from the Mexican Stock Market.

Tax Simplification and Australia’s Future Tax System: Using Benchmarks for Long Term Assessment of Tax Reform.

Adolf Berle and Revolution in the Modern Corporation.

Brand Ecosystem Strategy for Olive Oil.

Utilization & Implementation of the Predictive Index ® (PI) for Global Leadership Development.

Econometrically Analyzing the Leadership Effectiveness of Public High School Administrators Towards Native Hawaiian Completers.

Financial Systems Regulation in the Global Context:  The Australian Experience.

Retasking Professional-Level Labor.

Knowledge Sharing, Social Networks and Organizational Transformation.

The Influence of Vietnam’s Administrative Reform on Entrepreneurial Orientation in Micro-Enterprises.

High-performance Human Resource Practices, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Performance:  A Study in Taiwanese SMEs.

An Empirical Study on How Characteristics of General Purpose Technology Factoring in Both Internal and External Properties of Business Impact on Intention of General Purpose Technology Development.

An Empirical Test of the Mediating Effect of IT Utilization on Entrepreneurial Intensity and New Product Development Success.

The Effects of Entrepreneurial and Customer Orientations on Performance: The Mediating Role of Radical Product Innovation.

Intrapreneurship in a Fast Growing Economy: A Study of the Emirates of Dubai.

The Influence of Quality Management Culture, Quality Consciousness, and Service Behavior for Operating Efficiency.

Managers’ Perceptions of Customer Service for an Ageing Population.

Supply Chain Coordination between Supplier and Retailer in a VMI (Vendor-Managed Inventory) Relationship.

Value Co-creation in Business Models: Evidence from Three Cases Analysis in Taiwan.

Business Ethics and Anti-Competitive Behavior.

A New Dyadic Level Approach to Analyze Country-Risk Stemming From International Interdependencies.

Consumer Arbitrage and Product Characteristics: A Theoretical Analysis.

Firm-Specific Attributes, Dispersion of Opinions, and Contrarian Profits: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Cash Flow Ratios vs. Accrual Ratios: Empirical Research on Incremental Information Content.

Market-Oriented Corporate Governance and its Impact on the European and International Economic Landscape.

Financial Crisis Influence on Developed Stock Markets.

Theoretical Reflection of Psychological Contracts in the Context of Global Financial Crisis.

Human Capital Practices in Different Industries in Croatia.

Diffusions of Innovation, Perceived Security and Experience: The Case of Online Banking Service Adoption in Taiwan.

The Fiscal Implications of the Clean Development Mechanism.

Banking Sector Features as an Indicator of Required Level of Interventions.

Audit Market Structure: The Case of Croatian Listed Companies.

The Value of Aesthetics in the Process of Hiring New Employees in the Service Industry and its Impact on Service Quality.

Tax Exemptions to Support Education in Turkey: The Applicability of A Registered Education Savings Plans (Resp).

The Use of the Hilbert Transform in Market Cycle Analysis.

Asset Price Boom/Bust, Credit Cycles and Financial Stability.



Using Six Sigma Methods to Evaluate the Reliability of a Teaching Assessment Rubric.

Restoring the Eco-System of the Indian River Lagoon.

A Correlational Study of Culture and Leadership Expectations in a Mexican Manufacturing Plant.

Regression Analysis on the Per Capita Calorific Value for Different Countries.

Can Firms Improve their Bottom-line Performance from Providing Information Systems Support for Strategic Decision Making?

Is Free Trade Good for Working Americans?: Lessons from North America Free Trade Agreement.

Globalization - Trends and Perspectives of a New Age.

Performance of Foreign Firms After Their US Listing Upgrades.

Layoffs and Liability in a Lagging Economy.

How Cloud Computing Enhances Competitive Advantages: A Research Model for Small Businesses.

Generational Differences and Challenges to Future Health Care Coverage Options.

Financial Flexibility, Financial System, and Organizational Change.

Managing Change at Ultrasound Coronary Systems.

Correlates of Organizational Commitment and Knowledge Sharing via Emotional Intelligence: An Empirical Investigation.

The Role of Gender Differences on Students' Entrepreneurial Attitudes: A Cross-Country Comparative Study of Croatia and Poland.

Green Growth and Labor Market in Korea.

Simulation Games and Their Use in Education at Economics Institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

The Income Tax Process for U.S.A. Teachers Working Overseas.

The Impact of Leadership Styles on Export Behavior of the Firm; An Empirical Investigation.

The Value of Information Sharing in a Build-to-Order Supply Chain.

The Relation Between Motivational and Behavioral Cultural Intelligence and the Three Dimensions of Cross-Cultural Adjustment Among Arabs Working in the USA.

The Impact of Product Designations on Consumer Decisions: The Case of Croatian Olive Oil.

Development of Web Corporate Communications Function by Official Web Sites and Value Added Ranking: Case of Croatia.

Effects of Religious Diversity on the Employees’ Perception and Reaction.

Network Neutrality and the Meta-Frontier Analysis on the Efficiency of Internet Application Service Providers.

Network Management for Clusters of Excellence:  A Balanced-Scorecard Approach as a Performance Measurement Tool.

Merger Efficiency Analysis of Horizontal and Vertical Integration in Korea’s Cable TV Industry.

Women Leadership in the Arab World: The Case of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.

The Relationship Between Working Capital Management and Profitability for South African Listed Industrial Firms.

The Effect of the Changing Economical Environment on the Capital Structure of South African Listed Industrial Firms.

The Effect of Firm Characteristics and Ecnomic Factors on Capital Structures: A South African Study.

Brand Loyalty: Emotional Devotion or Rational Behavior – A Study on Mobile Telephones from Eskisehir, Turkey.

The Analysis of Household Savings in Republic of Croatia Using Cointegration Approach.

Shopping Center Visits – A Fad or a Real Change in Consumer Shopping Habits? A Study from Eskisehir, Turkey.

Active Rules in Multiagent Systems – Can Reactive Agents Deal with Physical Conflicts?

The Effects of TQM on Corporate Performance.

The Role of the Value-Added Tax System in Creating a New Income Source for Government (Kerman Province Case Study)

Macro & Micro Aspects of the Standard of Living and Quality of Life in a Small Transition Economy: The Case of Croatia.

Optimal Hospital Location With Fuzzy AHP.

Micro Finance in India.



A Proposal for the Convergence of Global Accounting Standards Relating to R & D Capitalization Based Upon an Empirical Study of Product Development Projects.

Mark-to-Market Rule and Its Impact on the Financial Crisis..

Expecting Less and Getting More: Trike Survey Over Performs.

Expectancy Theory and Social Loafing in Marketing Research Group Projects.

Product Involvement as a Predictor of Generation Y Consumer Decision Making Styles.

Interpretation of Advertisements in Intercultural Setting.

The Impact of Hyperlink on Online Course Design: A Case Study of MBA Economics Course.

A General Model for Variety Seeking Behavior.

Ethical Issues Encountered in Healthcare Organizations: Perceptions of Healthcare Administrators in Taiwan.

Exploring Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Quality and Image: An Empirical Study in the Mobile Services Industry.

Emotional Motives and Attitudinal Reflections of Workplace Deviant Behavior.

Investigating Efficiency of GCC Banks: A Non-Parametric Approach.

The Influence of Affect-Based Trust, Cognition-Based Trust, Institution-Based Trust, and Communication on Patients’ Satisfaction.

Tax Avoidance and Evasion with Transfer Pricing.

An Empirical Investigation of the Factors that Influence the Customer Churn in the Portuguese Fixed Telecommunications Industry: A Survival Analysis Application.

Understanding the Influence and Approaches to Effective Chinese Negotiations.

Consumer Decision-Making Styles and Multi-Channel Shopping: The Missing Links.

Spectator Visual Perception Scale for Lighting at In-line Hockey Rinks.

Minimizing Service Failure in Sports Centers with the Six Sigma Methodology.

A Semi-Quantitative Approach for Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Safety Measures.

Selecting the Most Feasible Strategy for Green Supply-Chain Management.

Determinants of Capital Structure Policies of Turkish Manufacturing Firms.

Top Level Manager’s Leadership Styles in Large Croatian Companies.

Workplace Spirituality of Oriental Culture View.

Role of Quality Cost Information and Reporting in Decision Making in Jordanian Industrial Shareholder Companies.

A Study on Strategic R&D Investment Behavior in Transnational Corporations.

A Study on Leisure Attitude and Educational Cognition ­To Survey College Students in Central Taiwan.

Globalization and Granger Causality in the Stock Market for the G7.

Dynamic Fuzzy Set in Design and Its Application-Auxiliary Costs of Hair Beauty.

Students’ Perceptions and Intentions Towards Entrepreneurship: The Empirical Findings From Croatia.

Students’ Entrepreneurial Characteristics: Empirical Evidence from Croatia.

Creating Sustainable Value for Society: Social Entrepreneurship.

Alternative Perspectives on New Product Innovation.

An Empirical Study on Transactional and Authentic Leaders: Exploring the Mediating Role of Trust in Leader on Organizational Identification.

Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis in the Healthcare Industry.

Pilot Study Regarding Organizational Culture Dominant Values: Romania’ Case.

The Determinants of Sovereign Credit Ratings – A Worldwide Study.

Lot Sizing a Multistage Production Process..



Relationship between GDP Volatility, Idiosyncratic Stock Price Risk and Firms’ Capital Structure: An Explanation within the Financial Accelerator Framework,

Issue Contingency: A Review of Moral Intensity Components.

An Assessment of the International Competitiveness of Jamaican Manufacturing Firms.

Hedge Funds, Systemic Risk and Lessons for the Sub-Prime Financial Crisi.

The Behavioral Dynamics Associated with Marketing Rear Facing Airline Seats and Their Subsequent Acceptance by the Public.

Dollar Vs Euro: Battle to be the Next Currency Superpower.

Learner-Centered Teaching: One of the Alternative ways of Teaching and Learning in Economics.

Culture and Trade Freedom: A Comparison of Culture and the Degree of Economic Freedom in South American and Eastern European Countries.

Can a Local Community Tourism Event Positively Impact a Communities Economy? A Case Study Application using 2009 Buccaneer Days Event in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Maxims of Maximizing Organizational Change Effectiveness.

Exchange Rates and U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Asian and Latin American Countries.

Risk, Cultural Theories and Global Management.

Family-Supportive Policies: The Employer-Sponsored Child-Care Approach as an Influence of the Relationship Between Work and Family Outcomes.

Professional Accountants: Void of “Soft Skills”?

The Performance of Unpaced Lines with Unequal Buffer Sizes.

Relationship between Corporate Governance Efficiency and Saudi Banks’ Performance.

Assessing the Predictability and Cost-Benefit of Admission Criteria of the Graduate Program in Business: A Case Study.

Designing Industrial Services –What is the Role of Customer?

Effective Human Resource Management Practices for Continuous Quality Improvement Practices in SMEs.

Procyclicality of the Banking System: The Prudential and Accounting Framework of the Procyclicality of Bank Balance Sheet.

Motivations for Chinese Outbound Tourists.

Investigating the Processes and Factors of Cross-disciplinary Knowledge Integration in Academic Entrepreneurship.

Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Consumers in Saudi Arabia.

Size of Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Three WAMZ Countries.

A Critical Examination of E-insurance: The Portuguese Case.

Tourism Burden – Case Study of Southern Bohemia.

Performance-Pay Dispersion among Professional Baseball Players: Does Team Financial Status Matter?

Service-Oriented Innovation Management of Organizational Portals.

Tools for Agriculture and Rural Development Policy Evaluation.

Competitive Advantage in Luxury Industry: Is It a Question of Size?

A Review of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Trading Systems.

The Financial Incentives for Maritime Passenger Shipping Provided by Turkish International Ship Registry Law.

How Feasible Is a Switch From Fossil Fuel to Biofuel as a Permanent Energy Source?

Review of Theories in Strategic Management field- toward the Creation of Schools of Strategic Management.

Company Growth and Breakthrough to Leadership: Crisis Overcoming Guide.

Are Disciplined Acquisitions Able to Create Exceptional Financial Performance?

Strategic Monitoring of Competitors on the Market.

The Relationships Between Service Attributes and Behavioral Intentions for the Real Estate Brokerage.

Improving Employee Attendance with No-fault Absenteeism.

Improving Lighting Quality Satisfaction in Sporting Venues by Six Sigma: In-line Hockey Spectators.

The Innovation Event: An Insight into the Occurrence of Innovation.

Lessons Learnt from Business Mentoring Practices.

Category Management and Customer Satisfaction – Study of the Kuwaiti Grocery Retail Sector.

Determinants of Interest Rate Spread in Mauritius.

Chinese Outbound Tourist Market to Turkey.



An Empirical Investigation of Personality Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Customer Orientation.

Stress, Organizational Change and Management Planning.

Implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for Nonprofit Organizations.

Measure of Small Business Financial Performance from a Lender and a Borrower Perspective.

Building Social Networking Sites (SNS) on Open Source Platforms.

Modeling and Simulation of Congestion Control Algorithms.

Business Expectations and Career-Family Attitudes: Human Resource Strategies in the Bolivian Labor Market.

Productive Performance of the De Novo Reits.

Comparative Aspects of Executive Compensation: An Agency Perspective.

Determinants of Pay for Head Coaches in College Athletics.

Australia’s Carbon Pollution Emissions Trading Scheme: International Leadership or Domestic Folly?

Less is More: Printed Text with Simplicity and Clarity Design.

Market for Green Signaling.

The Impact of Successful Information Systems on Stakeholders' Decisions.

A Study on Key Indicators to a Sound Corporate Governance Framework in Taiwan.

The Assessments of the Taiwan Global Budget System on Hospital Operations.

Sales Training Effectiveness: Managers’ Perceptions in the United Arab Emirates Organizations.

Evaluating the Architectural Design Services by using Fuzzy AHP.

Real Exchange Rate and Terms of Trade.

The Relationship Between Innovativeness, Strategy Types, Environment and the Export Performance of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) of Malaysian Manufacturing Sector.

Institutional Development as a Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment in the Manufacturing Sector.

Calculations' Technical Bases as Precondition for Appropriate Life Insurance Premium.

Consumer Ethnocentrism and Influence of Role model on Young Female Purchase Intentions towards Cosmetic Product.

Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from the Restaurant Industry in Pakistan.

Institutional Pressure, Corporate Governance Structure and Related Party Disclosure: Evidence from Enhanced Disclosure Regimes.

Learning Characteristics and Adaptability of Freshmen in the Continuing Education Program of 3 Higher Technical and Vocational Institutes in Northern Taiwan.

Relationship Building by CEE Small Firms.

Developing Relationship Among Nature of Human Resource, Economic Strength and Its Impact on Domestic, Regional and Global Business and Political Environments (The HR-ES Model) – Comparative Analysis of Thirty Two Asian Countries.

Managing Marketing Communications Strategically in a Developing Country.

Forecasting Application of Supply Chain Demand Based on Grey System Theory and Neural Network Theory.

The Effect of Government Expenditures on the Private Sectors Perception of Crowding-out. (Case Study in IRAN: 1978-2008)

The Potential of PPPs in Natural Hazard Management in Austria.

Innovation-Oriented Strategies of Thai Business Enterprises.

Human Capital and Economic Growth.

Expatriates’ Leadership Behaviours and Local Subordinates’ Extra Effort, Satisfaction, and Effectiveness.

Working Holiday Makers: A Qualitative Study of Taiwanese Students Experience in Australia.

Learner Satisfaction among Kaohsiung High School Students at the I Ching Summer Camp.

Information Uncertainty and Analysts’ Forecast Accuracy on the Capital Market Efficiency.

Development of Double Taxation Elimination Treaties in the Czech Republic.

Stress Reaction Perception Inventory of Students of Universities and Colleges of Technology.

Regional Exchange Rate Arrangements for East Asia: Proposals, Challenges and Path to Development.

Outbound Tourism Demand in Turkey: A Vector Error Correctıon Approach.

Selecting the Evaluation Criteria of Forecasting Performance.

Overcoming the Fear of Business Math: An Adaptive Learning Approach.



Changing the Business Travel Market: The Innovation of the Very Light Jet.

New Conflicts of Interest in the Modern Corporation.

The Role of Income, Price, Substitute Price, and the Exchange Rate in Japanese Tourist Arrivals to Hawaii from 1980 to 1997.

Organizational Motivations for Going Green or Profitability versus Sustainability.

Trust and Lending Management of Bank Branches in India.

A Survey of Small Business Debt Financing Practices.

Linking Self-Perception and Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership Development and Adaption-Innovation Theory.

A Comparison of Corporate Governance in China and India With the U.S.

The Performance of the European Stock Indices.

The United States Health Care System in Crisis: Its Origins and Future Outlook.

Immigrants, Visible Minorities and Self-employment: Does Social Capital Make a Difference?

Economic Growth, FII Flows and Financial Markets Integration in India.

Short-Sales Constraints and Stock Price Behavior: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

The Regulation of Takeovers in the Global Environment: The Australian Experience.

Individual’s Taxation and Capital Gains Realization: Evidence from CRA’s Income Statistics.

Forecasting Brussels Airport Passengers: Comparison Between Sarima and Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Techniques.

Evaluation of Private Pension Funds With Factor and Cluster Analysis.

Marketing Challenges for Competition Policy: The perception of the Romanian Companies.

A Proposed Addendum for Managerial Accounting Textbooks.

Strategic Direction, Competencies and Going Global on Global Performance and Development in Thai Firms: The Pilot Study.

Economic Imperatives, Global Production System, and the Dynamics of Contract Manufacturing.

The Environmental Taxes in the European Union. The Greenhouse Gases Emissions Taxes.

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Effective Leadership Among Managers in Malaysian Business Organizations.

Cultural Influence in the Ethical Decision Making Process: The Perspective of Malaysian Managers.

The Influence of Culture in TV Advertising Behavior: An Exploratory Study in GCC Countries”

Developing the e-Business Sector: An Exploratory Study of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) e-Business Flagship.

Subsidiary Roles and Relationships: Contextual and Operational Determinants.

A Model of Risk Management in Globalizing Companies.

Internal Factors for Radical Artifacts Innovation in Taiwanese Cases.

Business and Design Competences in Service Innovation and Development.

Islamic Human Resource Practices and Organizational Performance: A Proposed Conceptual Framework.

Mentoring in Talent Management: Implications for Female Employees and Employees from Less Advantaged Socioeconomic Backgrounds.

What is Market Orientation and How Did it Evolve During the Time? What Do the Empiric Findings Show?

An Empirical Study on Capital Structure and Financing Decision-Evidences from East Asian Tigers.

Risk-Adjusted Performance of Real Estate Stocks in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Some Remarks About the Accounting Reform: The Case of Romania.

Third Party Logistics Service Providers and Logistics Outsourcing in Malaysia.

Attitudes of Spirituality: Pilot Study from Lithuania.

The Internationalization Process of Fashion Retailers.

Augmented Monetary Conditions Index: The ARDL Approach.

European Accounting Harmonization and National Standard Setting.

Dividend Payout Ratio, Investment opportunities, and the Pecking Order Theory: Evidence from Taiwan.

Africa Technology Improvements Aiding in Country Mapping”

Food and Beverages Management Performance of Taipei International Tourist Hotels.

Applying the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy to Form Business Policy and Marketing Plan of Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand.



The Influences of Global Market and Local Cultural Forces on Management Accounting.

Effective Communication in Health Care: Strategies to Improve Communication Skills for Managers.

Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Organizational Justice: The Impact of Eastern Religions/Philosophies.

The Market’s Response to Bundled Announcements: The Case of Equity Issues.

Toward a Multi-dimensional Understanding of Guanxi: A Study of Business Ethics in the Chinese Banking Industry.

The Euro: The Next Global Currency?

Analysing the Impact of International Stock Markets and Macroeconomic Variables on the Thai Stock Market.

China’s Entry into the WTO: Is It a Good Deal or a False Promise for US and Chinese Workers?

Selection of the Optimal Portfolio by Multicriterial Model using Industry and Company Evaluation.

Can a State Funded Rural Economic Development Program Positively Impact the State’s Economy?

A Case Study Application using 2007 Texas Department of Agriculture’s Rural Tourism Economic Development Program.

Strategic Control of Parent Companies, Commitments to Multiple Parties, and Intention to Implement Strategy: The Case of International Joint Ventures in Indonesia.

Classification of Insurance Companies in Turkey.

Virtual Work and Its Challenges and Types.

A Business Case Study - The University Bookstore Limited.

What's in a Name? A Research Model to Explore the Community Impact of a Nonprofit Organization's Name and Identify Name-Change Opportunities.

Reflections on Exhibiting Multicultural Fluency in the Modern Classroom.

Economic Effect of Fairs – The Kava Model Approach.

Competitive Advantage, Value Creation and du Pont Identity.

Understanding the Decline in Japanese Tourist Arrivals to Hawaii from 1998 to 2007:

A Macroeconomic Perspective.

The Model of Corporate Environmentalism: the Effects of Perceived Market Uncertainty upon Marketing, Environmental, and Social Performance.

Re-examining Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and fundamentals: Evidence based on Dynamic Panel Data Model.

The Empirical Study of the Impact of Product Innovation Factors on the Performance of New Products: Radical and Incremental Product Innovation.

Effects of Performance Management and Incentive Allocation on Development of Thai Public Services and Officers.

The Investment Development Path Hypothesis - A Panel Data Approach for Portugal and the Cohesion Countries, 1990-2007.

The Convergence Analysis of Inflation and Unemployment Rates.

Impact of Employees’ Social Characteristics on Companies’ Performance: Case of Croatia.

The Marketing Plan Evolved: E2B Projects.

Overcoming Economic Crisis in Romania.

Variables Associated with Effective Management of the Multi-Channel Delivery of Public Services.

Cultural Influence on Loyalty Behaviors.

Tests of the Market Models: Evidence from the Thai Stock Market.

Consumption and Income in Greece 1960-1994. Relationship Using Error Correction Model.

Characteristics and Marketing Elements Across Different Stages of the Life Cycle of Taiwanese Local Festivals.

Business Alliance & Partnership Performance and its Value Drivers: An Intellectual Capital Approach.

Instinct in Organisational Research: Putting it back on the Agenda.

Recommendation for Remuneration in Croatian Company Law and Corporate Governance.

Finalist - Financial Literacy Stimulation: The Case Study of Cyprus.

The Pivotal Role of Trust in Customer Loyalty: Empirical Research on the System Integration Market in Taiwan.

Revenue Recognition under US GAAP and IFRS Comparison.

Consolidation and Changes in the Level of Ownership in the System of Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.

Crafting the Whole Employee: Job Satisfaction, Job Commitment, and Faith (A New Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda)



Empirically Testing Explicit and Tacit Knowledge Assumptions: Implications for Competitive Advantage and Quantitative Business Analysis.

Globalization, Capital Controls, and the Tobin Tax.

OmniJet: A Case Study in Crisis Turnarounds.

Abusive Managers and Variables Impacting Retaliation in Organizations.

When a Merger is Not a Merger.

Using Music and Song Clips as a Teaching Tool: Perspectives for Teaching Management & Organizational Behavior.

Ethical Idealism, Concern About Ethics of Information Management and Demand for Notice About Uses of Personal Information.

Creating a New Green Management Course.

When is the Line Crossed.

Development of the Hospitality Quality Consciousness Scale: A Pilot Study.

The Economic Impact of Agriculture Education Projects in the Texas Economy; Values Beyond the Classroom.

Networked Business Models for Train ICT System Implementation.

Does the Investment Upper Limit Regulation Matter? The Case of Taiwan’s Communication and Internet Firms.

What Culture Do We Need for Economic Development?

Enforcing an Arbitration Agreement tainted by Bribery: Cautions and Controversies.

Applying Foreign Experience in Work Incentive Tools When Creating Microsimulation Model for the Czech Republic.

Consequences of Job Characteristics in an Arabian Environment: A Longitudinal Assessment.

Foreign Retailers Private Label Brands Strategy in Emerging Markets: Evidence from the Brazilian Retail Industry.

Allocation of Medical Resources Using System Dynamics.

Intangible Capital, Earnings and Stock Valuation of Electronics Companies: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan.

Open Book Management: A Review of Underlying Systems.

Antecedents of Voluntary Work Behavior in Thailand.

Third Party Roles in Mediating or Preventing Psychological Contract Violations in High-Context Cultures.

Organizational Learning as an Intervening Variable in the Life Insurance Industry.

Behavioral Approach to Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A European Perspective.

Financial Intermediation and Growth – Evidence from Transition EU Member and Candidate Countries.

The Empirical Research of Diversification Strategy on Group R&D Spillovers: Evidence from Taiwan.

Staffing the Contemporary Fire Department: A Decision Model.

Legal Regulations, People’s Perceptions on Law and Scope of Services Provided by Firms: A Study on Dwelling Developers in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Corporate Governance, Industry Clustering and Corporate Performance.

Relationships of Categories and Competitive Efficiencies on Comparative Advertising.

The Effects of Website Design on Female’s Emotional Arousal and e-Satisfaction.

Prioritization of Organizational Innovativeness Measurement Indicators Using Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Cash Changes Following Proxy Contests.

Cultural Values Affect Consumer Behavior in Taiwan Cafes.

Comparison of IT Outsourcing Firms & IT Departments.

The Feres Doctrine: Is It Time for A Change?

Capital Control, Cost of Capital, and Firm Value.

World Economy 2006. Wealth and Poverty Comparisons Using Principal Components Analysis.

Do Recruiter Gender, Applicant Gender, and Target Market Gender Impact the Recruiting Outcome? Perceptions of Turkish Recruiters.

Propensity for Entrepreneurship Among University Students.



Job Satisfaction Antecedents and Consequences: A New Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda.

An Analysis of Turkey’s Prospects of European Union Accession.

Synchronization Among International Equity Market Indices: Case of Japan, USA and China.

Supply Chain Management for Higher Education.

The Effect of Extending the Trading Hours on Volume and Volatility: The Case of Euronext Paris and Deutsche Boerse.

Corporate Environmental Partnerships: A Framework and Economic Analysis for Managerial Choice.

Technical Analysis: The Interface of Rational and Irrational Decision Making.

News Media Performance: A Survey Study.

Interim Leadership in a Nonprofit Organization: A Case Study.

Lou’s Thrifty Way Market: an Examination of Sources of Competitive Advantage in the Grocery Store Industry.

The Technological Innovation Adoption Race: Things You Must Know to Finish It in First Places.

Internet-Driven Customer Centric: An Exploratory Analysis.

Trust in Business Relationships: A Theoretical Model.

The Effect of Corporate Strategy on Level of Globalization and Technology Development in Thai Firms.

Sox Compliance: Cost and Value.

The Influence of Traditional Service Quality Factors on Customer Satisfaction: A Practical Study within the Context of Australian Banking.

Offshore Software Development from Japan to China and its Effect on Japanese Software Firms.

Are They Watching? Corporate Surveillance of Employees’ Technology Use.

Development of a Scale to Measure Reactions to Electronic Monitoring.

Building Commitment through Integrating Employees in Governance.

Institutions and Economic Growth: An Exploratory Study of the Baltic States.

The Foundations of Turkish Law.

Effects of the Sub-prime Crisis on the Romanian Economy.

Supply Network Strategy - as - Practice: A Network Approach Towards Strategy Development.

Use of Residual Income Valuation Model to Estimate Growth and the Rate of Return for Indian Companies.

Training, Organizational Strategy and Firm Performance.

Approach to Fiscal Targeting of Selected New EU Member States.

Competitiveness of Companies in the Czech Republic.

One Family, One Car: The Better Strategy for Sustainable Development in China.

Profit Efficiency and K-Economy of Commercial Banks in Malaysia.

Using GA-Assisted Monte Carlo Simulation to Value American Put Options.

The Effect of Country of Origin (COO) on Iranian Consumers’ Evaluation of Foreign Products in an Islamic Country.

Systematic Risk and Firm Financial Structure: Evidence on Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Six Sigma through People – Rewarding sustainability of the Six Sigma level using SEPO.

Measuring the Market Structure of GCC Banking Industries.

From Knowledge to Dynamic Capabilities: Double Learning Process in Unordinary Events.

Securitisation in Croatia: Why and How?

Women’s Shopping Behaviour and Consumer Beliefs: The Case of Cyprus.

The Relation Between Teacher Classroom Management and Student Depression.

Cross Border M&As: New Challenges for Italian Banks.

Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Firms: Evidence from Pakistan.

Forecasting Performance of Capital Asset Pricing Models in Case of Pakistani Market.

Factors Influencing the Islamic Credit Cards Holders Satisfaction.

Lifestyle Research on Visitors of Ju Ming Museum.

Investment and Risk Evaluation of Taiwan Venture Capital Firms.

A Study into the Antecedent, Mediator and Moderator of Online Shopping Behavior’s Model from Information Richness and Framing.



Accounting Expert Systems and the Treatment of Uncertainty.

The Unintended Effects of the HIPAA Privacy Protections on Health Care Treatment Team and Patient Outcomes.

Market Success Requirements, Capability Requirements and Positioning: A Tool for Identification and Linking.

Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo! Maps Dictate Global Mapping Models”

Role of Micro-Finance Institutions in Reducing World Poverty: An Overview.

Survival Strategies of Cable Television Firms After the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Use of the Designation “CPA” Mobility and the Adverse Regulatory Effects of Professional Scrutiny of CPAs by States in Depriving the Foreign CPA of her Constitutional Guarantee of Freedom of Speech: A Case Study - South Carolina.

Rounded Numbers of Stock Price Highs.

Using Cluster Method for Estimating Value at Risk (VAR) in US Stock Futures Market.

Equity Mutual Funds Versus Market Performance: Illusion or Reality?

Trading Strategies and Volume in Taiwan Stock Market.

The Relationships Between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in a Leading Chinese Web 2.0 Company.

The Role of Innovation Capability in Organizational Change: The Case of J&S Bank.

Social Interaction, Technological Capability and Innovation: An Empirical Study in the Taiwanese High-tech Industry.

R&D Funding Sources and R&D Project Performance.

Using the Refined Kano’s Model to Measure University Education Quality: the Case Study on the Department of Food and Beverage Management in Southern Taiwan.

The Comparison of Diagnosis on Business Crisis by Using CART and Logistic Regression.

Corporate Reporting of Intellectual Capital: Evidence from China.

Business-to-Business Marketing: A Study on the Communication of Logistical Services in the Former Yugoslavia Nations.

Analysis of Colored Local Liquor Marketing Strategies among Companies before Liquor Liberalization.

Commitment-Based Human Resource Practices: Through Creating Service Climate to Enhance Market Performance in the Service Industry.
Discuss the Impact of Customer Interaction on Customer Relationship in Medical Service.

Accounting Information Quality, Free Cash Flow and Overinvestment :A Chinese Study.

Diagnosing Taiwan Tourism Industrial Problems from the Perspective of WTO Service Trade.

173 * The Mediating Effects of Internal Marketing on Transformational Leadership and Job Performance of Insurance Salespersons in Taiwan.

181 * On Calling Convertible Securities – New Empirical Evidence.

Work Locus of Control and Job Performance in the UAE: The Mediating Role of Individual and Organizational Factors.

What Types of Companies Choose CEOs with a Marketing Background?

Unicredit Bank CEO’s Dilemma Agenda: Grow Internationally Preserving a Strong Cultural Identity.

Attaining a Greater Understanding of How Job Attitudes of New MIS Professionals Impact Their Turnover Intentions at the Socialization Stage.

Analyses of the Relationship between Turkish Banking Efficiency and Macro Economic Indicators.

Cross-cultural Consumer Behavior of General Merchandise for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Entrepreneurial Orientation in Small Family Firms in Istanbul.

A Two-Factor Model for Valuation of Interest Rate Swaps: Case Study of Pre-EMU Swaps in Pesetas.

Human Capital, Exports, and Economic Growth: A Causality Analysis for Pakistan, 1975-2005.

The Economy Machine.

Industrial R&D Performance in Korea: An Inter-industry Comparison of Technology Trade Competitiveness.

Perceptions of Proper Ethical Conduct of Russia’s Future Managers: A Replication of Deshpande, Joseph and Maximov.

The Synergistic Interaction Between Point of Purchase Communications and Public Relations.

Why Did Foreign Firms Upgrade Their US Listings?

Education and Environment: Dilemma Between Economic Growth and Environment in China.

The Impact of Business Strategy on Regional Sustainable Development.

A Quantitative Review of Organizational Outcomes Related to Electronic Performance Monitoring.

Technology Readiness for Innovative High-Tech Products: How Consumers Perceive and Adopt New Technologies.

Financial Liberalization and Time-Varying Stock Price Volatility: Firm Level Evidence from South Africa.



Variations in an Operational Theory Integrating Cash Discount and Product Pricing Policies.

Exploring Facets of Job Satisfaction: Lessons for Expatriate Managers in Vietnam.

Small Business Taxation: An Evaluation of the Role of Special Treatment Policies.

Content Oriented Development of a Situational Interview.

Examining the Bank Service Quality from Personnel Point of View: The Comparisons of State, Private and Foreign Banks in Turkey.

Foreign Products Images and Ethnocentrism among Consumers in Five Latin American Countries: An Analysis of Their Similarities and Differences.

Guidelines for Retirement Net Income Replacement Ratios.

Exchange Rate Regimes: Challenges from the Globalization for Emerging Market Countries.

The Performance of Filter Rules for the Norwegian Stock Index.

Total Quality Management Practices and Performance.

Predicting Organizational Commitment: A Field Study of Full-Time and Part-Time Retail Employees.

Strategic Implications for the Future of the Texas Wine Industry.

Regime-switching in Dow Jones EUROSTOXX 50 Spot and Futures index markets.

Insider-Outsider Hypothesis Revisited: The Context of Tunisian Business Environment.

Energy: The Financial Dilemma of the Century.

Challenges in Teaching Business Studies.

The Anti-Competitive Effects of Entry Barriers on the Market: The Case of the Romanian Tobacco Industry.

Strategic Orientation and Performance: The Case of Equifinality from a Developing Market Perspective.

The Application of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in Determining the Antecedents of Customer Loyalty in Banks in South Thailand.

Catastrophic Risk Management Mechanism for Tourism Industry.

Antecedents of Compensation and Relationship Among Compensation, Motivation, and Organizational Profitability.

Is Training Evaluation Necessary? What Are The Constraints that Might Exist in the Evaluation of Training Programmes in Taiwan? How Can the Constraints be Overcome?

The Significance of Relationship Marketing Orientation on International Joint Venture (IJV) Performance in Thailand.

Determining the Service Quality Dimensions and Zone of Tolerance for Hospital Services in Malaysia.

Impact of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction and Perceived Organizational Performance in Banking Sector of Pakistan.

Impact of Compensation on the Turnover Intentions of Employees: A case of Pakistan Telecom Sector.

Perceived Fairness of and Satisfaction with Employee Performance Appraisal and Its Impact on Overall Job Satisfaction.

An Empirical Analysis of Association between Operating Cash Flows and Dividend Changes in Pakistan.

Nature of Managerial Decision Making Along the Continuum of the Decision Making Pyramid.

Non Executive Directors and Performance of Firms: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Market.

Leadership Styles’ Specifics in Large Croatian Companies.

An AHP-based Mutual Fund Portfolio Selection Model

Would its Past Reflect its Future Performance: Indian Banks?

Consumer Brand Choice Behavior When Selecting a Specialty Good as a Gift: An Extensive Field Study on Mobile Telephones in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Have Earnings Lost Value-Relevance? Revisiting Latest Evidence on EVA.

The Personal Income Tax applied in the Member States of European Union: The Case of Spain.

Online Shopping Behavior and Characteristics of Consumers in Eskisehir, Turkey: Who, What, How Much and How Often?

Conceptual Model on Leadership Process in Chinese Knowledge-Based Companies.

Monetary Tightening and Bank Financing of SME and Large Companies in Croatia.

Monday Effect and Stock Return Seasonality: Further Empirical Evidence.

Destination Attractiveness: Are There Relationships with Destination Attributes.

Policy Driven Networks: A Case Study of Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Smart Card Flagship Initiative.

A Study of Social Responsibility of Sri Lankan Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Australia.

Globalization Aspects of the World Pharmaceutical Industry.

Entry Modes Employed by Multinational Manufacturing Enterprises and Review of Factors that Affect Entry Mode Choices in Russia.

Social Interaction and Knowledge Sharing Behaviors in Multinational Corporations.

The Main Principles of Performance Related Pay. To What Extent is It Applicable in Public Sector Organizations.

The Opportunity Model of Organizational Commitment.

Proprietary Costs, Ownership Structure and Credibility of Voluntary Disclosure of Malaysian Listed Companies.

Towards the Estimation of the Attraction of European Residential Mortgage Markets: a Methodological Approach.

Studies on the Financial Market Integration and Financial Efficiency: Evidences from Asian Markets.



Minimum Tick Size Reduction and the Lead-Lag Effect in Weekly Size-Sorted Portfolio Returns.

An Investigation of the Impact of Degree of IFRS Implementation on the Comparative Accuracy and Bias of Equity Securities Analysts Asian Pacific Rim Firms Earnings Forecasts.

Why Culture Matters: Leveraging Cultural Differences to Create a Business Advantage.

Are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) an Unstoppable Juggernaut for US and Global Financial Reporting?

Age barriers and Leadership Styles in Papua New Guinea.

Job-Related Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Individual: Level Customer Orientation.


A Study of Time Diversification With Block Bootstraps and Downside Risk.

Developing and Validating a Multi-dimensional Brand Cognition Scale.

Spirituality in Managing: The Manager as Healer.

Audit Pricing Decision: The Role of Institutional Investor.

Improving the Advantages of Traditional Manufacturing Organizations in Taiwan based on Vision Using Fuzzy AHP.

A Study of Customer Relationship Management Activities and Marketing Tactics for Hypermarkets on Membership Behavior.

The Relationship between Taxation and Financial Reporting: The Case of Malaysia.

Empirical Study of the Cross-Sectional Returns and Interaction Term Effects in Taiwan Stock Market.

Application of Grey Relational Analysis to Studying Consumer Behavior of Motel Guests.

An Empirical Analysis of the Effect Components of the Corporate Governance Index on Firm Value: Evidence from Taiwan’s Financial Industry.

The Effects of Service Quality, Customer Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction on Behavioral Intentions: A Study of Mobile Value-Added Services in Taiwan.

Socially Responsible Investing: United Nations Principles.

United States District Court Applies Judicial Estoppel, Sua Sponte, Allowing MUSC to Avoid Allegations that the State of South Carolina “Dumped” Baby Judith, Thereby Violating EMTALA and 14th Amendment Due Process.

Developing a Strategy of Operation Skills in Retailers and Customers Shopping Preferences.

An Investigation of Intraday Volatility Interruption Mechanism for Taiwan Stock Market.

A Study for University Library Marketing Indicators Model in Digital Age.

Socio-Economic Development and Business Ethics.

Academic Qualifications of Board of Directors and Company Performance.

E-learning: The Relationship Among Learner Satisfaction, Self-efficacy, and Usefulness.

Operational Performance Assessment of Clinical Departments in the Hospital.

196 * Cross-National R&D Collaboration: Determinants of Governance of Alliances and the Effect of Governance on Technological Innovation in Science-Based Industry.
International Portfolio Hedging and Country Trade Interdependency.

A Canonical Correlation Study of Relations between External Recognition and Administration Approach of Innovation Ability in Organizations.

The Role and Importance of Groupware for Teamwork.

The Relationships Between Perceived Justice and Consumers’ Behavioral Intentions after Service Complaint Handling and the Role of Anger.

Consumer Ethics: An Empirical Investigation of the Ethical Beliefs in Mainland China.

Attitudes Towards Moving picture posters and Their Effects on Movie Seeing Behavior: A Case Study in Turkey.

The Influences on Innovative Activities, Intellectual Capital towards Corporate Development: Evidence and Insights from Taiwanese-publicly Listed IT Corporations.

The Relevancy of Traditional Performance Measures in Explaining Stock Returns Variations in Emerging Economies: The Case of Jordanian Corporations.

The Effects of Innovation Diffusion on Customer Loyalty

An Investigation of Functional Requirement and Interface Design of Online Interactive Virtual Fitting Room.

Networks and Management Decisions: Applying Connected Reliability Theory and Input-Output Tables.

275 * Strategies for Sustainable Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Depth.

The Impact of Internships on Accounting Students: A Bowie State University Study – 2007.

Benchmarking and Monitoring Performance of Retailing: An Empirical Study of Convenience Stores in Taiwan.

Utilizing Knowledge Management for Effective Virtual Teams.

Expanded Perspective on the Biotech Industry: Qualitative Research for Assisting in Establishing Sustainable Competitive Advantages.

Deriving High Order Error Derivatives of Backpropagation Neural Networks.

The Long-Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings: New Evidence from Thailand.

Share Price Reaction to Dividend Announcements.

Performance Measurement of Supply Chain Via Balanced Scorecard: The Case of a Brewing Group.

Business Process Management and Business Intelligence as Performance Measurement Drivers.

Integration of Comparison Level Theory to Analyze the Relationship between Complaint Recovery Satisfaction and Post-Complaint Consumer Responses.

Ethical Orientation of Malaysian Middle Managers Towards Corporate Gifts.

Corporate Governance and Productive Efficiency: A Comparative Study on Japanese Manufacturing and Utility Industries.



Deploying RFID in Logistics: Criteria and Best Practices and Issues.

Online Non-Proctored Testing and its Affect on Final Course Grades.

A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Impacting the Price of a for-Profit Education Stock.

A Comparison of U.S. Corporate Governance and European Corporate Governance.

E-Commerce: On-Line Retail Distribution Strategies and Global Challenges.

Reevaluating Visuals in Direct-to-Consumer Print Advertising for Prescription Drugs: An Argument for Active vs. Passive Depictions of Product Benefits.

Significance of Leadership Style and Gender Upon Adeptness for Engaging in Organizational Innovative Initiatives.

The Short-Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings: An Empirical Study for Thailand.

Exploring the Value Profiles of Business Students in South Africa.

Mediating Effects of Job Characteristics on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Taiwanese Expatriates Working in Mainland China.

Strategic Analysis: Blockbuster Case Study.

How to Support Entrepreneurial Learning Through an Online Pedagogical R&D Project? - Case: Continuator Entrepreneurship.

International Diversification and Firm Performance: An International Analysis.

Analysis of Regional Competition Efficiency of the Hospitals in Taiwan: A Case Study.

Current Shifts in Business Training: Evidence from Romania.

Applying Quality Function Deployment in the Manufacturing Industry: A Review & Case Study in Production.

Method for Accelerating Transfer of Innovation and Technology to Technology based SMEs in South African.

Technology-Related Privacy Concerns: A Critical Assessment.

Culture and Internal Competition in Romanian Hospitality Industry: Dimensions and Risks.

The Problem and Solution of Export and Import Documents Presented Against Letter of Credit for Payment.

An Analysis of Exchange Rate and Export Growth in India.

Measuring the Joint Effect of Country Image and Brand Perception in Consumer Evaluations of Televisions: The Case of China and Malaysia.

Decision Factors in Global Textile and Apparel Sourcing After Quota Elimination.

Forecasting Apparel Exports of Selected East Asian Countries after Quota Phase Out.

Carrying out a Business Development Project: An Empirical Study on Methods and Stages of the Process.

Developmental Challenges in Executive Information System (EIS) for the Education Sector in Pakistan.

Constructing of Factor Indices: A New Approach.

Management of Projects Financed by EU Programs in Croatia.

Social Intelligence and Project Leadership.

Executive Coaching in a Family Business Environment.

212 * Innovation Management in Knowledge Intensive Services.

A Probe into the Interrelationship of the Personality Characteristics, Value at Work, Commitment to Organization and Culture of Organization vs. Intent to Quit, Taking a Certain Medical Treatment System in Taiwan for Instance.

Regional Concurrence and Strategic Moves of MNCs Ensconced South Asian Market in the Current Global Competitive Environment: Impact of Global Business and Political Changes on the Newly Emerging Market of Pakistan.

The Open Loop Economy.

An Assessment of Firefighters' Stress Levels.

Aging of the U.S. Population and Its Impact on the Health Care System.

Change and Continuity in e-Commerce Degree Programs in North America.

The Impact of Fast Adaptation Strategy and Knowledge Integration from New Product Successes and Failures on New Product Development Performance: An Empirical Study of ICT Industry in Taiwan.

Integrative Factory, Technology, and Product Planning on the Basis of a System Model.

Insurance Demand, Financial Development, and Economic Growth: The Case of Taiwan.

Apple's iPhone Launch: A Case Study in Effective Marketing.

The Marketing Concept Implementation, Does it Affect Organizational Culture?

Management of Factory Transformability on the Basis of Business Processes.

Valuing an Individual Defined Benefit Pension.

Introduction of the Business Judgment Rule into Croatian Legislation.

Consumers at the Age of 65 and Over.

Strategic Evolution: Fact or Facade?

Web Advertising Beliefs and Attitude: Internet Users’ View.

How We Do Things Around Here’: Implications of Corporate Culture On Job Performance.

The Role of Perceived Equity in Relationship Quality and Relationship Outcomes: An Investigation of Retail Loyalty Programmes in Malaysia.

Profit-Making Ability Measurement in International Tourist Hotel.

An Application of Hedging Fuel Price Risk in the Canadian Department of National Defence.



Relationships between Goal Setting, Innovation, Project Management, Quality, Speed to Market, and New Product Success.

Long-Term Trends in USA Stoppages – An Unobserved Components Approach.

Generations in the Workplace: Understanding Age Diversity.

Analyzing Business Data With Pivottable Report.

Organization Cultural Characteristics applied to Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Comparative Analysis of Select Provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act with the European Union’s Eighth Directive.

Assessment of a State Marketing Program: A Case Study using the GO TEXAN Marketing Program Evaluation.

The Effects of Positive Reinforcers on the Academic Behavior of Mildly Disabled Middle School Students.

Monetary Policy and Currency Exchange Rate: Implications for Dollar and Global Economy.

The Effects of Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Competencies on the Career Success of SME Entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Development of the Czech Fiscal Policy During the Transformation Period.

Financial Measuring of the Czech Republic Companies Competitiveness.

Capitalization of Major Markets and the Progress of Adoption of the International Accounting Standards.

Globalization: Its Impact on the United States Economy.

Midwestern Marketing Students Endorse Experiential Learning.

Online Projects VS the 3 Ring Binder: A Case Study.

The Organizational Learning in Malaysian Companies.

Integration of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union.

Building the International SME Across National Settings: A Global Policy Inquiry and Response.

The Effect of Government Performed R&D on Productivity in Canada: A Macro Level Study.

Putting All the Pieces Together: The Nativisation Problem in the GCC Countries.

The Dynamics of Educational Wage Premia for Female Polish Workers over Transition.

The Need for Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name: The Case of Sabah State in Malaysia.

The Economic and Social Values Consumers Place on All Natural/Healthy Beef Products and How this Value Added Commodity Effects Demand: A Literature Review.

Social Capital and National System of Innovation.

The Texas Wine Industry: A Descriptive Analysis of 2001 to 2007 Texas Wine Production and Consumption.

Liquidity Power of Korean Currency in Post East Asian Crisis Period.

Managing Under Crisis: The Source of Atonement at JetBlue Airways.

The Perceived Effects of Work and Family Related Variables on Faculty Performance: An Exploratory Analysis.

Managing Resources Towards Achieving Malaysian Vision 2020: Policies, Prospects and Challenges.

Adoption of Internet-Based Interorganizational Systems in Supply Chain Management and Their Impact on Performance.

De Facto Fiscal Legal Administrative Arrangements and the Rights of the Crown in the Global Environment: The Australian Experience.

Changes in Korean Governance Since the Asian Financial Crisis.

The Effects of the 2001 Economıc Crisis on the Insurance Industry in Turkey : Increasing the Share of Foreign Capital.

On the Profitability of Technical Analysis: Evidence from Greece.

The Necessity of the Competition Culture for Business Environment in the Context of the New EU Competition Policy Approach: The Case of Romania.

On-Line Business: Is There Loyalty?

The Role of the International Owner-Manager Identity in the Internationalization Process of SMES.

Politics and Productivity in GCC Banking Industry.

Testing of Random Walks and Market Efficiency in an Emerging Market: An Empirical Analysis of Karachi Stock Exchange.

Impact of Macroeconomic Announcements on the Stock Prices: An Empirical Study on the Pakistani Stock Market.

A Study of the Modified Pecking Order Theory in the Korean Market.

The Development of Inventory for Life Adjustment of Adolescent.



Degree of Complementarity Among Off Balance Sheet Items: The Empirical Evidence.

An Economic Analysis of Tax Reform in Texas.

Advertising Strategy and Returns on Advertising: A Market Value Approach.

Estimation of Derived Demand for and Supply of Better Education in Louisiana.

Takeovers and Agency Problems: A Reexamination of the Pre-Acquisition Operating Performance of Targets.

Application and Enforcement of Two Specialized Lease Provisions: Radius Clause and Continuous Occupancy.

The Future of Taiwan Depends on Relationships of Taiwan, China, and United States of America.

The Two-stage Optimal Matching Loan Quality Model.

Worldwide Sourcing Practice of Malaysian Electrical and Electronics Companies.

The Effect of Organizational Change Readiness on Organizational Learning and Business Management Performance.

Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process to Evaluate the Development Strategies of Intellectual Capital for Fabless Integrated Circuit Design Houses in Taiwan.

Apply Delphi and TOPSIS Methods to Identify Turnover Determinants of Life Insurance Sales Representatives.

The Outlook for Taiwan’s Domestic Air Marketing Strategy and Trend Development.

Marketing Ecological Communities: Experience from the Eco-Community Pilot Projects in Tainan of Taiwan.

Using Grey Prediction Model to estimate Inbound Visitors to Taiwan.

Fuzzy Neural Model for Bankruptcy Prediction.

Mergers and Scale Economies in Taiwan’s CPA Firms.

Antecedents of Turnover Intention toward a Service Provider.

An Analysis of the Major Source of Finance for Small Businesses in Developing Countries.

Post-Offering Performance of Convertible Bond Issuers: The Information Effect of Poison Put Covenants.

Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on Domestic Inflation: The Turkish Experience.

Constructing Taiwanese Small-Enterprise Innovative Capital Indices by Using Fuzzy AHP

Just in Time Manufacturing System and Traditional Turkish Uniform Accounting System on Accounting Recording Basis: A Comparative Study.

Challenges on Mode Decisions in South Dakota.

Decision Support for Hazardous Materials Routing and Facility Location.

The Impact of Cognitive Fit and Consensus on Acceptance of Collaborative Information Systems.

The Correlation between School Marketing Strategy and the School Image of Vocational High Schools.

Visionary Approaches to Management of Corporate Communication Strategy and Its Implications.

Modernization of EC Competition Law Enforcement: From Regulation 17/62 to Regulation 1/2003.

Reputation Herding in Corporate Investment: Evidence from China.

Emiratis' Demographics and their Reaction to TV Commercial Breaks: The Case of the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE)

Examining Financially Distressed Companies in Taiwan: Application of Survival Analysis.

An Automatic Hyperlink Generation Approach for Content Management.

A Management Policy for Taiwan’s Water Treatment Plant Using Toxic Chemical Compound.

Corporate and Organizational Citizenship: A Case from Turkey.

The Work Adjustment of Taiwanese Expatriates.

Cyclical Cooperation and Non-cooperation in an Alliance.

Characteristics of Power Interruptions and Its Impacts on Tourist Hotels in Kenya.

The Synergy of Brand Alliance: A Brand Personality Perspective for Benq-Siemens.

Effect Estimation of Workplace Health Promotion Practice of Taiwan High-tech Industry: Using System Dynamics as an Example.

Consumer Expectation and Consumer Satisfaction Measurements: A Case Study from India.

The Wicker Basket Effect: A Special Case of the Expulsion Effect.

A Study of Level of Service on the Departure System of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The International Role of the ECB: Myth or reality?



Comparative Study of American and Japanese Auto Industry: General Motors Versus Toyota Motors Corporations.

Predicting Job Performance from Individual Characteristics among R&D Engineers.

Wal- Mart and the Trap of Success: An Organizational Ecology Perspective.

Developing Virtual Team Problem-Solving and Learning Capability using the Case Method.

Patterns in High-Tech Firms Growth Strategies by Seeking Mass Mainstream Customer Adaptations.

Customer Perceptions of Attribute Importance in the Business-to-Business Environment.

Energy Production Concerns: A Multi-Year Perspective.

Corporate Governance in China.

Valuing the Patent Risk Using the Finite Difference Method.

Stock Market Performance Analysis for Three European Emerging Stock Markets.

Empirical Tests for Bubbles in the Asian Emerging Stock Markets.

An International Perspective on Internal Controls in Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Global Downfall of Corporate Tax Rates.

The Broad Dimensions of Doing Business Abroad.

The International Financial Reporting Standards and the United Kingdom Tax Implications.

Global Tourism Winners: How Countries and Companies Succeed in Tourism.

An Analysis of Business Leaders in Thailand.

Development of Financial Institutions in Transition Economies: The Importance of Financial Regulation (A Croatian Case-study)

A Study to Determine Compliance with Minimum Requirements for Quality Assurance in the College of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of South Africa.

The Impact of Projected Demographic Developments on Growth, Long-Term Real Interest Rates and Funded Pension Provision.

The Releasionship Between Service Failures, Service Recovery Strategies and Behavioral Intentions in Hotel Industry.

Fostering Critical Thinking in Business Courses: Pedagogical Innovations and Strategies.

E-Business Applications and Information Technologies: Providing New Opportunities for Women.

Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Domestic Prices: The Turkish Case (1994-2006)

Measuring the Effects of Employee Orientation Training on Employee Perceptions of Organizational Learning: Implications for Training & Development.

Stock Valuation by Simulation with a Jump-Diffusion Model.

Marketing To Multiple Audiences: A Case of the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, NY.

Organizational Commitment Across Different Employee Groups

TFP Growth at Private Sectors of Turkey.

Investigating the Impact of Gender on Managing a Sales Force in a Developing Country: An Exploratory Study in Tajikistan.

Changing Organizational Structure to Accommodate New Management Technology in a University: A Case Study.

An Integrative Framework of Workplace Stress and Aggression.

Measuring the Effects of Employee Orientation Training on Employee Perceptions of Organizational Culture: Implications for Organization Development.

Contagion Intra-Industry Effects of M&A Announcements(1)

Analyze of Tourist Destination Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of ISO Quality Standard Certification.

Integrating SEE Countries in the European Services Trade: The Case of Romania.

Globalization & Labor: Needs, Means & Returns.

Cross-Cultural Competence: The Role of International Project in US Business Schools Curricula.

The Introduction of Urboun Call Option (UCO)

Consumer Perceptions of Foreign Products: An Analysis of Product-Country Images and Ethnocentrism in Guatemala.

Value-at-Risk Analysis for Korean Stock Market: Asymmetry and Fat-tails in Return Innovations.

FedEx: Leveraging IT for a Competitive Advantage.

Corruption and Its Economic and Business Implications.

Relation Between Manufacturing Practices, Flexibility and the Performance in ERP System Firms.

Valuation of Callable Convertible Bond with Parisian Feature Using Finite Element Method.

A Method to Advance Mutual Understanding in a Multi Partnership Project.

The Impact of Using Information Technologies on Crisis Management Success in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Marginal Revenue Productivity and Scale Economies.

Local-Currency Pricing and Investment Decision under Exchange Rate Changes: A Two-Period Model of International Duopoly.

The Evaluation of Vendor’s Product Performance.



Hydrocarbons to Hydrogen Toyota’s Long-term IT-based Smart Product Strategy.

A Cross-sectional Analysis of Earnout Contracting in Acquisitions.

Small Business and Globalization.

A Research Framework in Banking Studies: “Researching and Writing Articles a Researcher’s Odyssey”

Introducing New Technical Indicators for Financial Markets.

Social Return on Investment: Applying Business Principles to Starting and Managing Charitable Organizations.

Measuring the Effects of Anxiety and Self-Efficacy on Finance Students.

The Impact of Workplace Constraints on Organizational Change.

Job Satisfaction and Knowledge Management: An Empirical Study of a Taiwanese Public Listed Electric Wire and Cable Group.

Characteristics of Professional Services and Managerial Approaches for Achieving Quality Excellence.

Feasibility of Taiwan’s Establishing an International Board Market.

Extolling the Virtues of Language Immersion in Whole-Family Camps.

E-Business Strategies and Models: An Exploratory Study in China’s Securities Industry.

How to Improve China’s Enterprise Internal Control System: Based on the Perspective of Corporate Governance.

Test Conflict of Interest in Analysts’ Recommendations from a New Perspective.

Manufacturing competitiveness of Croatia: Results from the MANVIS European Delphi Study.

Managing the Change and Risk of Government-Owned Enterprise: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Water Company.

A Simple Model of Accounting for and Hedging Employee Stock Options (ESO)

Equity Valuation Models and Forecasting Capability: An Empirical Analysis of Taiwan’s Commercial Banking Industry.

CEO Turnover, Board Chairman Turnover, the Key Determinants: Empirical Study on Taiwan Listed Company.

A Wavelet-Based Analysis of MSCI Taiwan Index Futures.

Total Factor Productivity Growth of Mining and Quarrying Industry in China.

Inter-Sectoral R&D Spillovers and Subsequent Knowledge Flows.

Relationship between Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Characteristics, Absorptive Capacity and Innovation: An Empirical Study of Wuhan Optoelectronic Cluster.

Production and Allocation Decisions in the Presence of Shortages.

The High Frequency Responses of Australian Financial Futures to Monetary Policy Announcements.

The Entrepreneurial Health Care Manager: Managing Innovation and Change.

Survivors in the Market Economy: East German Companies after Transition.

Subculture Formation, Evolution, and Conflict between Regional Teams in Virtual Organizations – Lessons Learned and Recommendations.

Cultural and Environmental Factors: Their Effect on the Home Buying Behavior of First Generation Asian Indian Immigrants.

Experience of Partnership, Experience with a Partner, Interpersonal Complicity: What Impact on Success in a logistic Partnership?

The Basel II Capital Accord and Operational Risk Management; Status and the Way Forward.

“Asian and Western Market Research Differences and Similarities”

A Configuration Form of fit in Management Accounting Contingency Theory: An Empirical Investigation.

The Impact of Media Spokeswomen on Teen Girl’s Body Image: An Empirical Assessment.

Economic Factors, Firm Characteristics and Performance: A Panel Data Analysis for United Kingdom Life Offices.

Multinational Firms’ Foreign Direct Investment.

Short and Medium-Term Determinants of Current Account Balances in Middle East and North Africa Countries.

Competitive Performance and International Diversification: Hypothesis of Internal and External Competitive Advantages of Firms.

Impact of Non-Financial Rewards on Employee Motivation: (A case of Cellular Communication Service providing sector of Telecom Industry registered under PTA in Islamabad)

Analysis and Forecasting of the Development of Banking: the Estonian Case.

Share Repurchases: Evidence from Thailand.

DIY or 3PL: Study on the Third Party Logistics of Petroleum Producing Industry of China.

Globalization and the Environment: Evidence from China.

The Integration of Business with Entrepreneurship as a Subject to Enhance Entrepreneurial Competency.

The Impacts of Relationship Marketing Tactics on Relationship Quality in Service Industry.

Profit and Cost Efficiency of Philippine Commercial Banks Under Periods of Liberalization, Crisis and Consolidation.

The Use of Collectivist and Individualist Culture as an Indicator for Finding Patterns of International Tourists.

Demographic Change, Bank Strategy and Financial Stability.

Measuring the Effects of Employee Orientation Training on Employee Perceptions of Quality Management: Implications for Human Resources.

Value at Risk in Fixed Income Portfolios: A Comparison Between Empirical Models of the Term Structure.

The Effect of Government Performed R&D on Productivity in Canada: A Macro Level Study.



Antecedences and Consequences of Customer Orientation: Do Individual Factors Affect Customer Orientation?

Changes in Income Inequality: Gini Coefficient Versus the Theil Index in Estimating Potential Effects of the Proposed Fair Pay Act.

A Study of Leadership Prototypes in Colombia.

Trends in Database Tools and Technologies.

Knowledge to Game the Day-Ahead Electricity Market

Gendered Opportunities to Enhance Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Gender-Neutral Pharmaceutical Brands: Factors Arising from Information Processing, Message Content and Demographic Change.

The Role of Organizational Culture in Customer Service.

A Global Perspective and an Integrative Case Study: The Corporate Card Services Group at American Express.

Managing Networked Business Models in the Software Industry.

Developing Industrial Services – An Empirical Study.

Forecasting New Taiwan Dollar/United States Dollar Exchange Rate Using Neural Network.

Problem and Risks of Slovene Business Management in Light of Globalization Processes and Historical Heritage.

Challenges to Building a Sustainable US Seafood Export Industry and Possible Solutions.

An Experimental Study on Fairness Perceptions: Evidence from Singapore and Two Cities in China

The Impact of Relative Share of Unit Labor Costs and Technology Variables on Firm’s Export Behavior.

Two Sectors Economy and the Effects of Pollution on Economic Growth.

Driving Innovation and Improving Employee Capability: The Effects of Customer Knowledge Sharing on CRM.

The Effect of Syntactic Complexity, Social Comparison, and Relationship Theory on Advertising Slogans.

Analysis of the Generation Investment Strategy of Spanish Electricity Enterprises.

Individual Spirituality at Work and Its Relationship With Job Satisfaction and Burnout: An Exploratory Study Among Healthcare Professionals.

Organization as a Source of Competitive Advantage: Case of Croatia.

Re-examining the Relationship between Stock Prices and Dividends: Evidence Based on Taiwan Panel Data Investigation.

Interdependence between Organisational Culture and Leadership Styles: The Croatian Case.

Cultural Differences: Results from Empirical Research Conducted in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

Accounting Based Valuation Models and Security Prices in India -An Empirical Assessment.

Videoconferencing in Virtual Teams.

Reporting of Beef Purchaser Demographics: A Descriptive Analysis of Major Southern U.S. Markets.

Exploring the Effectiveness of a Destination’s Tourism-marketing Expenditures: Conversion Rate and Return on Investment Analysis.

Momentum Returns in US Corporate Bond Pricing: Evidence from Daily Price Data 2002-2006.

Virtual Teams: Just a Theoretical Concept or a Widely Used Practice?

Influence of Engineering and Technology on Banking and Capital Markets in Developing Countries.

Cross Country Comparison of Religious Values and Income: Implications for Managers.

Corporate Governance and Ownership Concentration in Croatia.

The Rise of Workplace Incivilities: Has It Happened To You?

The Growing Popularity of Internet Banking Among UAE Consumers.

Economic Reforms and the Attenuation of African Collectivism: Implications for Human Capital Management in Africa.

Peer Reviews: Are Web-Based Ratings More Accurate Than Paper-and-Pen Ratings?

The Analyses of Competitiveness-Associated Research and its Connection with Government Industry Policies: An Empirical Study of Taiwan.

Study on the Co-Opetition of Industrial Chain by Ecological Methods.

Identifying Stakeholders’ Positions through Value Creation System.

Performance Following Asset-Backed Securitization.

Knowledge Transfer: Past Research and Future Directions.

Philosophy of the Chinese Legalist School: Study of the Case of Taiwan.

A Link Between Strategic Goals and Financial Performance: Goodrich Aerospace Corporation - A Case Study.

The Effects of Organizational Culture and Knowledge Management Mechanisms on Organizational Innovation: An Empirical Study in Taiwan.

Strategic Planning Practices in Profitable Small Firms in the United States.

Cost Containment Strategies and Quality of Care.

The Impact of the European Integration on the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Measuring the Effects of Employee Orientation Training on Employee Perceptions of Vision and Leadership: Implications for Human Resources.

Independent Directors and the Propensity to Smooth Earnings: A Study of Corporate Governance in China.

Logical Spreadsheets: A New Tool for Business Students.

Age Discrimination and Downsizing.

Strategic Role of International Companies for Developing Romanian Brewing Market.



The Downsizing Process – Conceptual Frameworks.

A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Consumer Cohorts on Incumbent Retailers in a Period of Increased Competition.

Comparison of Service Quality in Healthcare in USA and a Transitional Economy.

Ethnographic Methodology and Its Implications for Banking Studies.

Application of an OD Perspective to Develop a New Model of the Strategy Formulation Process.

U.S. and European Frequent Flyers Service Expectations: A Cross-Cultural Study.

A Foucauldian Approach to Founder’s Influence in a Non-Profit Organization.

The “Culture System” in Dutch Indonesia 1830–1870: How Rawls’s Original Position Ethics were Violated.

A Global Portfolio Allocation Strategy Under Some Practical Constraints.

The Gambian Economy.

Financial Leverage and Firms’ Value: A Study of Capital Structure of Selected Manufacturing Sector Firms in India.

VIKOR Method Analysis of Interactive Trade in Policy-Making.

Internet Challenge to Copyright: The Issue of Linking.

A Study on the Formation of Financial Crises of Public Listed Companies in Taiwan.

Higher Education Marketing Concerns: Factors Influence Students’ Choice of Colleges.

Factors Influencing Candidates’ Success in the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Examination at the First Attempt.

Building Guanxi with Government for Foreign Companies in China: A Case Study on the Application of Commitment Instrument.

Individuals’ Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Participation and Contribution: Evidence from CRA’s Income Statistics.

Satisfying Complex End-of-User Information Needs: User Experiences.

Exploring Student Overall Evaluation Towards Physical Education Teachers.

The Theory of the Jigsaw Puzzle in the Combinatorial Dimension.

Contracts in the Turkish Law.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Group Process.

Equation Chapter 1 Section 1A CRRA-Options Approach in Market Entry Strategy.

The Bundling Strategy for Sales of Assets.

Forecasting Outbound Tourism with Intervention Analysis.

Market-Oriented Behaviours of Firms’ Domestic and Export Operations: Conceptualisation and Agenda for Future Research.

Economic Growth in an Economy with many Categories of Capital.

Structural Changes in Estonian Economy.

Evaluation of Electronic Customer Relationship Management: The Critical Success Factors.

The Application of Parts Control and Standardization by Exploration of the Value Chain in New Product Development and Innovation.

The impacts of Technological Change, Industry Structure and Plant Entry/Exit in Industry Efficiency Growth.

A Study of Cross Culture Human Resource Management in China.

Impact of Learning Organizations’ Applications and Market Dynamism on Organizations’ Innovativeness and Market Performance.

Analysis on the Evolutionary Game of Innovative Financial System.

Pricing Credit Default Swaps with Switch Poisson Process.

An Empirical Study of the New Basel Capital Accord on Operational Risk Management for Taiwan Financial Institution.

Delineation of Malaysian Online Shoppers and Non-Shoppers Using Discriminant Analysis.

A Human Resource Management Model for the Hair Salon Industry’ Part-timers.

Business Environment of Host Country, Strategic Transition of MNC, and Foreign Subsidiary Performance.

Nurse or Nurse Leader? Leadership Challenges in Building Healthcare Organizations.

Foreign Investment Preferential Policy Formulated by Host Country: An Application of Game Theory.

Ethics in International Business.

Credit Rating Methodologies in India and Abroad.

Offshore Outsourcing “India Vs China” An Empirical Investigation.

The Economics of Information Technology Asset Management.



Crew Resource Management: Assessing Potential Problems of Non-Interlinked Side Stick Aircraft Flight Controls on Airbus Aircraft.

Real Rates of Return, Risk, and Exchange Rate Determination: The Case of Euro and the U.S. Dollar.

Modi Operandi of U.S. and European Fraud: Focus on Parmalat.

The Impact of E-Mail Utilization on Job Satisfaction: The Case of Multi Locations.

Globalization: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

An Investigation of Business School’s On-Line Mission Statement Accessibility.

Real Exchange Rates and the Trade Balance: Beyond the J-Curve.

Models of the Effects of Monitoring on Perceptions of Trust, Organizational Justice and Organizational Outcomes.

Strange Bedfellows: SOX and Corporate Profitability.

Transnational Corporations’ R&D Localization in a Developing Nation – A Game Theory Analysis.

Vendor Selection by Means of Data Envelopment Analysis.

A Transatlantic Affair: The Business Relationship of Ireland and the United States.

Fashion Lifestyle Change of Malaysian Shoppers.

Research on Operational and Managerial Model of Industrial Districts in Taiwan.

Case Study: Impact of Economic Reforms in China.

A Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming Approach for Supplier Selection in a Supply Chain.

Effects of Expert Collective Efficacy on Hiring Decision Making Under the Informational Asymmetry.

Assessment of a State Sponsored Marketing Program to Promote Rural Tourism: A Case Study using the 2004 to 2005 Texas Yes! Hometown STARS Program.

Pricing First-to-Default Credit Linked Notes with the Intersection of Market and Credit Risks

Firm Characteristics and Impact of Stock Market Liberalization: Evidence from South Africa.

What Influences Teaching Evaluations? Evidence from a Major Australian University.

Enhancing Student Learning with only a Click.

Great Leaders Know That All Change Must Start Both at the Top and the Bottom: The Whole Human System Must Change.

Identifying the Effect of Firm Size on Financial Performance of SMEs.

A Study on South African Corporate Business Failures.

Improving Quality of Work-Life: Implications for Human Resources.

Case Study: A Young Entrepreneur Going Global.

Utilizing Skandia Navigator System and Ohlson Model to Evaluate the Intellectual Capital Performance for Taiwan Electronic Corporations.193. Malaysia: Islamic Money Market Instruments.

Malaysia: Islamic Money Market Instruments.

Relationships among Personality Traits, Job Characteristics, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment - An Empirical Study in Taiwan.

A Study on the Relationship between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Management Effectiveness.

How E-Business Leadership Results in Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Lifetime Value.

Applying Innovation Jump Model to Evaluate the Value of the Firm Under Uncertainty.

Recreational Demand for Tuskegee National Forest: A Non-Market Valuation.

Socioeconomic Profile of Students of Human Resources in Turkey and Their Occupational Expectations.

The Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Export-Oriented Taiwan Companies.

Examining Ethical Intentions of Individual Employees of Taiwan from Theory of Planned Behavior.

Financial Crises in Turkey and the Effects of Politic Administrations on Economic Equilibrium.

Obesity as a Factor in Workforce Productivity, Economic Costs, and Options for Remedies.

China’s Capital Account Liberalization: Issues and Options.

Small and Medium Enterprise’s Benefits of Next Generation e-Business Platforms.

A Test of the CAPM on a Small Stock Market.

Student Integrity.

The Impact of Disconfirmation and Customer Satisfaction on Experimental Choices for Broadband Services.

Automobile Industry in China and India: Backgrounds, Trends and Perspectives.



Endless Surpluses: Japan’s Successful International Trade Policy.

Impacts of Computing Capability of Hispanic Business Leaders Upon WEB Search Strategies Utilized When Accessing Information.

Managing Change at HP Lab: Perspectives for Innovation, Knowledge Management and Becoming a Learning Organization.

Strategy, Success, a Dynamic Economy and the 21st Century Manager.

How Service Employees Can Be Treated as Internal Customers in Hospitality Industry.

Perspectives of Corporate Governance in the U.S. and Abroad.

Depictions of Health Care Consumer Empowerment: A Comparative Content Analysis of DTC Advertising at Two Points in Time.

Savings Rate and Income Replacement Ratio.

Consumer's Perceived Value and Buying Behavior of Store Brands: An Empirical Investigation.

The Importance of Strategic Roles as Determinants of Export Performance in European Subsidiaries.

Development of K-economy in the GCC Countries: A Comparative Study on the GCC Countries and Asian NICS.

New Institutional Economy and Innovation Barriers: A Microeconometric Evidence.

Tax Competition and Tax Burden in EU Countries.

International Human Resource Management Can Be Achieved Through Cultural Studies and Relevant Training.

Comparing Equity Valuation Models with Forecasting Capability: A Case of Taiwan’s Tourism Industry.

Competitive Capability Evaluation for Middle and Small Enterprises in Regional Industries.

Identifying Organizational Capabilities As Predictors of Growth and Business Performance.

The Relationships Between Family and Career-related Factors and Organizational Commitment: A Malaysian Case.

Exploring Technologic Characters of Finance Group in Business Methods: Using Patent Content Analysis and Citation Network.

The Role of External Debt, Total Trade and Labour Force in Economic Growth: The Case of Nepal.

Credit Rating of Corporate Debentures in India.

Trading Breakout Rules: Evidence from South Korea.

Co-opetition and Strategic Business Alliances in Telecommunications: The Cases of BT, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica de España.

Outsourcing Operations: A Case of One Machine Tool Manufacturer and its Subcontractor in Taiwan.

Corporate Boards, Ownership and Agency Costs: Evidence from Australia.

Economic Freedom and Inflation Performance: Cross Country Evidence.

Financial Market Reactions to Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations: The Australian Case.

The Corporation Tax applied in the Member States of the European Union: The Case of Spain.

Manufacturing Innovations: Case of Croatia.

When Does Corporate Governance Add Value?

Compensation Management in Croatian Enterprises: An Empirical Study.

Procedural and Distributive Justice: Differential Effects on Employees’ Work Outcomes.

Impact of Exchange Rate on Foreign Private Investment in Nigeria.

Factors Influencing Individual Investor Behavior: An Empirical study of the UAE Financial Markets.

Quality Management through Human Resources: An Integrated Approach to Performance Improvement.

A Model for an Internet-Based International Resource Center.

The Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Critical Review.

The Development of a Menu.

Examining the Effects of SARS on the Risk Profile of Airline Stocks.

Economic Development in Nakhchivan: Role of Entrepreneurship Centers.

Using Mystery Shoppers as a Benchmarking Tool to Compare Quality of Banking Services: A Study of Turkish Banks.

Bringing Practicality and Theory Together. The Case of Importing Current Practical Examples to Support the Theory of Teaching Project Management.

Regional Inequalities and Effectiveness of Investment: Russia and China in the Period 1999-2003.

Benchmarking of General Hospitals to Improve Financial Performance.

An Application of Fuzzy Logic to Explain Hurricane Evacuation Behavior.

Takeover Rumor and Merger Premium.

The Performance of Malaysian Equity Funds.

Development of the IT market in the Russian Regions: Case of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

Is There a Specific Measure for Financial Performance of SMEs?

What ‘Technical Change’ Really is in a Disaggregate Production Function.

A Period Study of Short-Term Performance Pressures: Case of the British Biotechnology Industry

A Study on Analysis of Technological Economic Effects of Introducing the MVNO System.

The Impact of Personal Values on Perception of Service Provider Empathy and Customer Loyalty.

Computer Implementation of a New Production Optimization Planning Model in the Framework of a Corporate Information System.



Integratively Balancing Structured and Unstructured Thinking in Business Management.

Assessment of State Sponsored Agricultural Marketing Programs: A Case Study Approach.

Stock Options Influence on Manager’s Salaries and Firm Performance.

Teaching and Learning in Internationalized MBA Programs.

Learning Business Statistics: Online Vs Traditional.

From Market Share to Customer Share: Implications to Marketing Strategies.

Part-time Workers and Organizational Justice.

Leadership Resilience and Tolerance for Ambiguity in Crisis Situations.

Assessing the Alignment Between Business Strategy and Use of Multiple Performance Measures Using Interaction Approach.

Marketing of South Korean Tourism Using TV Miniseries.

Lies, Sans Sex, and Lacking Videotape.

On-Line Research Survey Methodologies for US Government Contracts”

An Optimal Product Design Constrained by Cost and Time.

Blended Learning, Classroom and E-Learning.

Pickles Will Make Employees Take the Unethical Low Road! How Employers Can Foster Ethical Decision-Making.

Innovation Efficiency and the Market Valuation of R&D.

Factors that Contribute to the Effectiveness of Business Coaching: The Coachees Perspective.

Four Strategies for Team and Work Structuring in Global Organizations.

Analyzing for Production Efficiency in Telecommunications Industry: The Taiwan Case.

Key Components in the Development of Senior Executives in Australia.

Using CHAID Decision Tree Algorithm for a Financial Performance Measurement Scale.

Teaching Students to Write Effective Email.

Contextual and Operational Determinants of Export Performance of Companies in Europe.

Analysis of the Conduct and Performance of the Practice of Universal Banking in Nigeria.

An Investigation of Work Values and Resulting Job Satisfaction in Relation to Two Work Roles in Thailand.

On Amended Generalized Price and Supplier’s Merit in Supply Chain Management.

Can Knowledge Management Create Firm Value? Empirical Evidence from the United States and Taiwan.

Accounting System of an NGO: A Case of Jagrut Grahak Mandal.

An Empirical Study of Web Site Quality, Customer Value, and Customer Satisfaction Based on E-Shop.

An Empirical Inquiry into the Recent Trends of Personal Injury Compensation in Hong Kong.

Taxes and Birthdays.

Wage Determination in Estonia.

Internet Congestion Control Algorithms – A Stochastic Approach.

Impact of Organizational Memory on Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study.

International Working Capital Management.

The Relationship between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance: Industry Type as a Boundary Condition.

International Productivity Paradox of IT in Commercial Banking: A Cost Efficiency Analysis.

Distributive and Procedural Justice as Predictors for Organizational Outcomes in Korea and Malaysia: An Integrative Model.

A Survey of Machine Shops Scheduling Techniques.

A Study on the Characters of Leader and Followers of Charismatic Leadership – The Example of Employees at a Port Authority.

A Study on the Organizational Innovations in Taiwan’s Logistics Industry.

Product Relocation and Resistance to Change.

The Internationalization of American Business Education: Are U.S. Business Students Less Ethnocentric?

The Use of Bayesian Decision Analysis and Strategy Matrix for Quality Control Decisions.

Significance of Computing Capability of Asian-American Business Leaders Upon Online Search Strategies.

A Proxy for Weak Form Efficiency Based on Confirming Indicators in Technical Analysis.

An Evaluation of State Supported Marketing Programs: A Case Study Approach Using Results of the 2005 GO TEXAN Member Survey.

Generation Y Consumers: Behavioural Patterns of Selected South African Students.

Cultural Diversities Between Singapore and Australia: An Analysis on Consumption Behavior.

Availability and Security for Complex Enterprise Web Services.

Auditing Communication Satisfaction among Academic Staff: An Approach to Managing Academic Excellence.

World Trade Policies and Restricted Market Access by Developed Nations. A Cause of Marginalisation of Sub-Saharan Africa Economies in World Trade.



E-Mail, the ‘Lingua Franca’ of Going E-Global.

Economies in Transition: Factors Supporting Economic Growth and Development.

Lyndon B. Johnson and Keynesian Economics: A Post Analysis of President Johnson’s Economic Policies.

Do Large Firms Pay More?

FASB Should Revisit Deferred Taxes.

Australian Export of Food Products with Special Reference to Processed Food: Challenging Issues and Prospects.

Health Care Resource Allocation: Making the Case for Social Responsibility as Integral to Resource Allocation.

Muse Air: Management in Crisis.

The Mediating Effects of Procedural Justice in Predicting Commitment from Social Structural Factors in the Workplace.

Turkish Pirate Pop Music Consumers: An Exploratory Research on Differentiating Features.

Group Leadership in Korea.

Unraveling the Organizational Commitment and Job Performance Relationship: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Job Satisfaction.
The User Perspective of the E-Parliament Systems in Thailand.

Dual Attitudes about Trust in Safety Culture.

A Research on the Determinants of Consumers’ Repurchase toward Different Classes of Restaurants in Taiwan.

Transition in Human Resources Function in Public Sector Enterprises in India - in the Context of Economic Reforms.

A Research on the Inherent Limitation for Enrollment in Accounting Education in Taiwan Universities.

Analysis of Operations at the Kaohsiung Port New Mega Container Terminal.

An Off-Site Drug Distribution System Designed to Expand Service into Underserved Areas: A Case Study.

Willingness to Pay for Waste Clearance and Disposal: Results of the Taichung City Study.

Assessment of the Texas Agricultural Finance Authority’s Rural Economic Development Programs.

What Factors Influence the Development of a Leader?

Review of State Legislation Regarding UETA Since E-Sign.

A Comparison in Measuring Stock-Option-Based-Compensation Under the Fair Value vs. Intrinsic Value Method and its Effects on the Relation between Executive Compensation and Company Performance.

A Study of Pick-up and Delivery Problem with Time Windows using GIS— Courier Forwarding Industry as an Example.

Traveling Motivation and Satisfaction of Tourists: An Empirical Study of Taroko National Park in Taiwan.

Business Schools Declining! Do Programs Lack Depth for Breadth?

A Study of Information Asymmetry Phenomenon in the Saving Market and Loans Market - A Causal Strategy Model.

The Global Perspective of Free Trade Area of the Americas.

How Do Macroeconomic News Impact Stock Returns in the Presence of Heterogeneous Beliefs?

Do Ethics Courses Help Business Students Make Ethical Decisions?

Welfare Optimization and Efficiency of Public Policies.

Fundamental Analysis and Stock Returns: India (2000-2005)

Efficiency in the Botswana Stock Exchange: An Empirical Analysis.

Measuring Consumer Preferences for Sales Promotion Schemes in FMCG Sector in an Emerging Market: India.

Changeable Service Stations Model in Design and Application.

The Development of Port Marketing Strategy –A Case Study of Kaohsiung Port.

Diversity and Sensitivity Issues in Management: The Case of the Genetic Screening Questionnaire.

Enhancing Growth of Small and Micro Enterprise in Urban Areas of Kenya: The Case of Jua Kali Artisans in Nairobi, Kenya.



An Analysis of ERP System Implementions: A Methodology.

Operational Analysis in the Energy Production Industry.

Modeling Market Adoption of a Retail Innovation over Time and Space.

U. S. Private Investors Find the Euro a Viable Option.

Susceptibility to Informational Social Influence on Purchase Decisions of Designer Label Apparel: The Mediating Role of Gender.

Lessons Learned From Developing Systems to Automatically Detect Deception in Various Modalities.

Formula for Catastrophe: Groupthink and Groupshift.

Competing with IT: The UPS Case.

The Study of Computer Assisted Learning Platform for Supply Chain Inventory Management.

Interest Rate Parity in Asia Pacific Countries.

Collectivism, Ethnocentrism, Materialism, and Social Influences: A Before-and-After Effect of Tsunami in Southern Thailand.

Global and European Environmental Taxation System.

A Review of the Antecedents of Adolescents’ Smoking Behaviors.

An Extension of Benefit Cost Analysis to IS/IT Investments.

The Moderating Effects of National Culture on the Relationship Between the Culture of a Service Retailer and Outcomes.

The Usefulness of Financial Information in Investment Decisions.

Texas Wine Marketing Assistance Program and the Impacts to the Texas Economy.

Relationship Between Procedural Transparency Procedural Justice and Performance in Oil and Gas Development Company.

The In-Store Shopping Experience and Customer Retention: A Study of Clothing Store Customers.

Is Fiscal Policy Efficient?

A Study of the Culture Differences between Consumer Behaviors in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Emergence of Retailers as Financial Services Providers in Turkey: A Conceptual Framework.

Designing and Monitoring Corporate Codes of Conduct for Multinational Corporations.

E-entrepreneurship in Knowledge Economy: Implications for the Asia-Pacific Economies.

Fast-Food Restaurant Site Selection Factor Evaluation by the Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Decolonization and International Trade: The Cote D’ivoire’s Case.

The Process Characteristics from the Perspective of Strategy and Quality in Croatian North Adriatic Water Supply Firms.

The Possibilistic-Based Evacuation Decision Model Under Fuzzy Durations.

Explaining the Growth in Pharmaceutical Expenditures in Spain.

The Influence of Contextual Variables on TQM Practices and TQM-Organizational Performance Relationships.

Exploring Buyer Life-Style Dimensions and Ethnocentrism Among Canadian Consumers: An Empirical Study.

Using Databases in Designing Drugs: Current Legal and Interoperability Considerations which Arise in Pharmacogenomics.

Causes of Decline and Turnaround Strategies of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Companies.

Using Information Technology Ethically: New Dimensions in the Age of the Internet.

Sources and Types of Export Information: Insights from Turkish Companies.

A Study on the Correlation of Companies’ Years of Establishment Prior to Public Listing and Abnormal Returns of the Periods after the Companies’ Initial Public Offering and Major Events.

Achieving a Service Marketing Orientation: The Case of a UK Manufacturer.

Poverty Problems in Society, Estonian Example.

Convergence of Health Care Expenditure in EU.

Needs, Behavior, and Attitudes of People in the United Arab Emirates Towards Consuming Thai – Halal Packaged Food.

Open Market Operations and Implementation of Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy: Case of New Zealand.

Emerging Contours of Micro Finance: Where Do We Go From Here?

E-commerce Model of Virtual Enterprises in Thailand.

Reconciling the Electronic Democracy With Grassroots Democracy: A South African Study.

International Commercial Arbitration in Singapore: A Proposed Framework for Economic Impact and Positioning Analysis.

A Longitudinal Study on the Global Digital Divide Problem: Strategies to Close Cross-Country Digital Gap.

The Resolution of Cross-Cultural Issues

Leader-Member Exchange and Leadership Effectiveness of Chief Executive Officers in South Sumatra, Indonesia



An Evaluation of State Income Tax Systems and their Impact on State Spending and Revenue - A Multi-State Study.

Leadership Competencies: Can They Be Learned?

Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Soviet and Eastern European Transition Economies.

Emotional Intelligence: Are Successful Leaders Born Or Made?

African American Women Striving to Break through Invisible Barriers and Overcome Obstacles in Corporate America.

Global Terrorism: Past Present & Future.

“Winning and Losing Research and Business Methodologies for US Government Contracts”

Relative Efficiency of Computer and Computer Services Companies.

Service Quality Perceptions: An Assessment of Restaurant and Café Visitors in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Health Care Delivery in OECD Countries, 1990-2000: An Efficiency Assessment.

Monetary Policy as Company Guiding Principle.

Viral Marketing: New form of Word-of-Mouth through Internet.

Are There Any Long-run Benefits from Equity Diversification in Two Chinese Share Markets: Old Wine and New Bottle.

Trade Relations and Stock Market Interdependence: A Correlation Test for the U.S. and Its Trading Partners

Testing the Safe-Haven Hypothesis for Selected African Currencies.

Long-run Benefits from International Equity Diversification between Taiwan and Its Major Trading Partners: Nonparametric Cointegration Test.
Nonlinear Short-Run Adjustments in US Stock Market Returns: 1871-2002.

Does PPP Hold in African Countries? Further Evidence based on More Powerful Nonlinear (Logistic) Unit Root Tests.

Are Real Estate and Stock Markets Related? The Case of Taiwan.

An Empirical Note on Testing the Wagner’s Law for China: 1979-2002.

Examining Task Social Presence and Its Interaction Effects on Media Selection.

International Financial Integration and Economic Growth - A Panel Analysis.

Understanding Consumer Involvement Influence on Consumer Behavior in Fine Restaurants.

161 * Strategic Implications of Surging Chinese Manufacturing Industries: A Case Study of the Galanz.

167 * Supply Chain Coordination with Asymmetric Information.

Diagnosing Qualitative Issues of Enterprise Systems Adoption: The Cases in Indian Context

The Exploratory Study of Competitive Advantages of Hsin-Chu City Government by Using Diamond Theory.

Reverse Engineering: A Technology Transfer Tool.

Farmer Adoption of ICT in New Zealand.

Prepare for E-Generation: The Fundamental Computer Skills of Accountants in Taiwan.

Who’s Responsible for New Medical Treatment Development:A Model of the Ethical Interaction Among Major Stakeholders.
Enterprise Valuation for Closely Held Firms.

Agency Costs and Valuation Effects of International Franchising Agreements.

Information Security Awareness Status of Full Time Employees.

E-Learning, IT and the Physically Challenged.

The Czech Republic: An in-depth look at its Global Posture.

Monitoring and Control of PERT Networks.

Diffusing Technologies: Factors Effecting Adoption Decisions.

Companies Prefer Liquidity.

Why Does HRM Need To Be Strategic? A Consideration of Attempts to Link Human Resources & Strategy.

Importance of Portal Standardization and Ensuring Adoption in Organizational Environments.

Competitive Advantage Through Nonmarket Strategy: Lessons from the Baywatch Experience.

The Effects of Mood and Motivation on Attitude.

Service Providers’ Communication Style and Customer Satisfaction.

How Can Marketing Tactics Build Behavioral Loyalty?

A Comparative Essay on the Causes of Recent Financial Crises.

Human capital convergence: A Cross Country Empirical Investigation.

Financial Integration through Capital Mobility: Does the GATS Approach Help or Hurt?

Production and Macroeconomic Equilibrium.

Selecting a Software Package: From Procurement System to E-Marketplace.



The Effects of Communications and Culture Upon an NPO Merger: A Cross Method Analysis.

Economic Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Programs for Young Adults in Florida.

Rising Health Care Costs and Cost Containment Strategies: A Comparison of the Fifty States.

Pari Passu Debt and Bankruptcy Settlements: The Nash Bargaining Solution Reexamined.

Exposing the Myth of “Re-Investment Economics Trigger” in Investment Decisions.

The Transnational Corporation, Corporate Social Responsibility and the ‘Outsourcing’ Debate.

Managing Disequilibria in the ‘New Economy’

A Different Look at “Pay for Performance”: Returns to Bench Strength in the NFL.

Business, Combinatorial Theory and Decision-Making.

The Future of Production Sharing with Foreign Partners in Slovenia.

Latecomer Strategies: Evidence from China’s Mobile Handset Manufacturing Sector.

Insurance of Financial Disclosure: Auditors’ Independence, Competition, and Economic Welfare.

Environment Scanning for Strategic Information: Content Analysis from Malaysia.

A Linear Modeling Approach to a Cold Calling Process.

Globalizing Malaysia’s Human Resources: Removing the Language Barrier.

Voluntary Disclosure and Corporate Governance in Malaysia: The Case of Financially Distressed Firms.

Downsizing as a Strategic Intervention.

The “ Economic Man” Model vs. the “Social Man “ Model of Human Conduct - Behavioural Patterns in Interactive Processes: Findings from an Experimental Study –

The Relationship between National Banking Industry’s Performance and Efficiency.

Small U.K. Firms' Export Withdrawal and 'Re-Internationalisation' Decisions: A Longitudinal Study.

The Behavioral Effects of Legislation on Bank Performance and Efficiency.

Optimal Hedge Ratio Derivation in DJIA Spot and Futures Market: A Comparative Analysis of Linear and Non-linear Approaches.

Closing the Gap: Why Non-Profits Should Continue To “Date” Stakeholders Even After the Wedding.

Effects of ISO9000 Certification on Organizations.

Utilization of Asset Valuation of Health Maintenance Organizations to Define Economic Viability.

When Restricting Trade Is Necessary: An Economic Explanation.

Deconstructing the Constructive Action®: The Processes, Uses and Benefits of an Experientially Based Pedagogical Model for Effective Business Education.

Simulating and Animating Account Delinquency Behaviors in a Finance Institution.

The Learning Effectiveness of Local Firms of Managerial Knowledge in MNCs Network: A Research Model

Corporate Governance and its Impact on the Economy.

A Two-Stage Hybrid Credit Scoring Model Using Artificial Neural Networks and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines.

The Impact of FDI in Emerging Markets.

Explaining Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Developing Countries.

Do Non-Audit Services (NAS) Affect the Audit Work Performed by a Regulating Auditor? (A Review on Australian Accounting and Auditing Perspective)

Technopreneur Education and Incubation: Designing IT Technopreneurship Graduate Program.

An Examination of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) in an Academic Setting. Do OCB’S Generalize to Student Performance and Satisfaction?

Analyzing and Designing the Transportation Planning Platform of the Collaborative Supply Chain.

Business Administration: “Future-oriented Entrepreneurial Strategies Against the Background of Volatility”

Private Sector Financing on Economic Growth in Malaysia: Results from the Bounds Test

How Orchestras Measure Internal Performance Revisted.

Residential Consumer Switching Rate vs. Restructuring Policy: The Pennsylvania Experiment in Electric Power Market.

Analyzing Network Level Performance Measurement in SMES.

Corporate Behavior: Can Consumers and Capital Markets help The Reform Process?

Earnings Management Surrounding Seasoned Capital Offerings: Analysis of Indian Firms.



Leveraging IT as a Core Competency to Enter New Businesses: The UPS Case.

Political & Economic Independence: The Kenya’s Case.

The Impact of Motivation and Communication on Productivity.

Management Competencies: Quo Vadis?

Organization Culture in Higher Education: A Turkish Perspective.

Rewards and Personality in the Workplace.

Board Structure and Ownership in Malaysia: The Case of Listed Distressed Companies.

Cost Effective Analysis of Recycling Waste Aseptic Pack in Taiwan.

Estonian Banking System Development, 1994-2002.

The Use of Monetary Policy in a Globalised Economy – With Special Reference to India.

The Concept of Intergenerational Leadership in Africa is a Key Tool in Managing in Developing Countries for Twenty-First Century Organizations.

Testing Asymmetry in Price Transmission: In Case of Soybeans Markets.

The Effects of Firm Characteristics on the Patent Production Function of Korean Firms.

St. Jude Medical Embraces e-Learning: A Case Study with Industry Insights.

Economy and Businesses -Business and the Economy.

In Search of Data Warehouses’ Financial Return.

Managing Gazelles into the 21. Century.

Service Quality Measurement of Master in Management Programs of Private Schools in Jakarta Indonesia.

Stochastic Simulation in Cash Budgeting.

The Changing Role of Industrial Leaders with Reference to Morality in Business in the Current ICT Charged Environment.

How Monetary Policy Becomes Ineffective: Channels of Transmission.

A Grounded Design Approach for Outsourcing.

What’s Wrong with Current Customer Satisfaction Modelling and How to Fix It.



 An Examination of the Moderating Effect of Competitive Scope on the Relationship Between Stage of the Industry Life Cycle and Firm Performance.

 General Management’s Strategic Thinking in Asian Organizations - Empirical Findings of 4 Studies.

An Integrated Business Core: Hindsight Evaluation and Recommendations.

 Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: Developing Intercultural Competence.

The Self and Symbolic Consumption.

 A Proposed Model for Cultural Impact on the Effects of Perceived Service Quality on Customer Loyalty

 Consumer Evaluations of Rebate Advertisements.

 Quality Management – A Way to Foster a Business.

Relationships between Organizational Socialization Tactics and Organization Identification of Professionals: Moderating Effects of Work Experience and Growth Need Strength.

Knowledge Sharing Routines, Task Efficiency, and Teams’ Service Quality in Instant Service-giving Settings.

 Price Discovery in S&P 500 Index.

 Cross Licensing and Patent Pool.

A Study of Globalization, Culture and Organizational Performance in China.

 Small Business Strategy: A Comparative Analysis of US and Romanian Firms.

 Strategic Human Resource Management for Traditional Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan.

 A Case for Uniformity in International Accounting Standards for the Capitalization of Product Development Costs.

 Assessing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: A New Approach Using the Analytic Network Process.

 Entrepreneurial Intention: The Changing Attitudes of Tertiary Students in Australia.

Leadership for Successful Design: Actions of Project Leaders to Achieve High Quality Design.

 e-Logistics: The future of the Automobile Industry in the USA.

 The Case Analysis on Failures of Enterprise Internal Control in Mainland China.

 Profitable Technical Trading Rules for the Italian Stock Market.

 The Reaction of Bank Stock Prices to the IMF Term Loans in the International Currency Crisis in 1997.

 Japanese ‘Mini Banks’ Retail Banking Services through Convenience Stores.

 Government Revenue, Private Welfare, and Tax Reform in a Small Open Economy.

The Ultimate Organisational Change: From Public to Private Sector: A UK Based Case Study.

Cross-Cultural Differences in Perceptions and Acceptance of Biometric Devices for Information Security.

The Changing Tax Regulation and Corporate Cash Dividends: The Experience of Companies Listed on the Jordanian Capital Market.

Teaching Workloads of Marketing Program Leaders and Faculty and Criteria for Granting Load Relief.

 Executive Incentive Contracts and Privatization: Evidences from Transport Infrastructures.

The Impact of Organizations’ Use of Information Technology on Individual Privacy Rights.

 Deregulation and Globalisation: Process, Effects and Future Challenges to Air Transport Markets.

Customer Relationship Management: Critical Issues in Implementation.

Natural Environmental Disclosures of Pomsox Entities.

Matching Information Technology Services and Needs.

The Acceptance Usage of Online Travel: A Study on Malaysian Travelers.

Non-financial Issues of Mergers and Acquisitions: Cases from the Croatian Banking Sector.

Dimensions of Customer Satisfaction and Market Segmentation of Hong Kong Supermarket Industry.

Power Indices and Evaluating the FLP Minority Discount.

A Paradigm Shift in Personal Injury Litigation in Hong Kong -- the Actuarial Perspectives.

Connection between Commonly used Financial Ratios and Misrepresentation of Financial Statements of Collapsed Corporations.

Will the Health Boom of the Baby Boomers Result in an Asset Market Meltdown ?

A Decision Support System for Intent Detection based on Non-Verbal Behavior and Gestures.

Healthcare Data Warehouse Analytics in the Courtroom.

285 * Financial Reforms and Credit Supply: An Application to the Jordanian Banking System (1982 – 2002).

291 * Job Preferences and Job Attainments of Hong Kong Graduates: A Study of Accounting and Management Majors.

Derivative Accounting Changes and Equity Market Reactions.

Financial Accounting of Suburban Trees.

An Analysis of the Discourse of Turkish Print Advertisements from a Gender Perspective.

Workplace Spirituality: The Transition Between Mind and Matter in Business Management.

Successful Foreign Direct Investment in India: A case of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

An Oscar for the CEO: Individuality, Collaboration and Leadership in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises.

How Much International Exposure is Beneficial in a Global Portfolio?

Performance Impacts of Strategic Orientations: Evidence from Turkish Manufacturing Firms.

Study on Introducing Knowledge Management in the Business Purchasing Operations --With Taiwan Manufacturing Industry as an Example.

Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Probabilistic or Possibilistic?

Perception and Development of TQM in Small Manufacturers: An Exploratory Study in India.

Using Threshold Error-Correction Model to Investigate Asymmetric Price Transmissions between the Real Estate and Stock Markets in Taiwan.
Exploration of the Effects of Relationship Marketing Tactics in Taiwanese Travel Service.

Change, Strategic Response and Confusion in Governance: Leadership Archetypes and Cultural Resistance in the Mature Stage Organisation.

How Corporate Culture Affects Standardization of International Marketing Strategies.

Management of Buyer-Supplier Conflict: The Case of the Turkish Automotive Industry.

Economic Freedom and Inflation: A Cross-National Study.

The Effects of Knowledge-Based Resources and Technological Uncertainty on Firm Performance: An Emprical Study.

Is Standard Costing Obsolete? Some Empirical Evidence from Malaysia.

Examining the Relationship between Organizational Excellence and Business Performance: An Exploratory Study with Turkish Firms.

Information and Communication Technology Enabled Competency Changes: Mediating Effects of HRM Practices.

Conceptual Model of Post-Formation Governance in Cross-border Partnership.

Software Project Risk Management Supported by Agent Technology.

Oil Convenience Yields as Call Options.

Activity Based Costing in Malaysia: A Case Study of a Successful Implementation.

Corporate Governance, Competition and Productivity Growth in Turkish Companies.

European Banking Integration: A Complex Process.

Analysis of Long-Run Benefits from International Equity Diversification between Taiwan and Its Major European Trading Partners: An Empirical Note.



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External Forces Driving the Growth of the Electrical Vehicle Market.

Procedure vs. Concept in Accounting Education.

Measurement of Disclosure Quality in Annual Reports – The Case of Czech and German Listed Companies.

Profit Shifting Behavior and Corporate Tax Base Erosion through European Entities: The Case of the Czech Republic.

Behavior-Driven Development Applied to Testing Software Quality: Exemplified by a Case Study on Seeking Private Sector Sponsorship for High-Performance Brazilian Athletes.



Limitations of Finance Theory in Appraisal Litigation.

Contribution of Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets to Investor Returns in the U.S. and Canadian For-Profit Health Services Sector.

Human Resource Motivation and Satisfaction in the Tourism Sector.

The Impact of the Company's Market Timing on the Credibility of Repurchase Announcement.

The Cultural Heritage of Sao Miguel Island as a Valuable Tourism Product.



Blockchain and Accounting: Cryptocurrencies, Fraud and Regulation.

An Exploratory Examination of Excessive Requirements of Letter of Credit and Uniform Customs and Practice 600.

Evaluating the Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in the Restaurant Industry: A Canonical Correlation Approach.

Profit Shifting Behavior: The Case of the Czech Republic for the Selected Industry Sectors.



Are Instruction Expenditures Cost-Effective in Improving High School Completion in Hawai‘i’s Maui District?

The Correlation Between Florida’s Blood Alcohol Concentration Testing Laws in Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents Resulting in Fatalities and Florida’s Total Number of Confirmed Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities Reported From 2000 – 2015

Regulation and Bank Performance.

The Effect of Information Security Management Systems Implementation on Organizational Culture.

The Role of Volatility in Market Efficiency of Investment Banks During Financial Crisis.



The Omniscience Model: Lagged Correlation.

American Depository Receipts: An Analysis of the Underlying Stock Returns.

The Dead-Weight of Public Sector Companies in India: A Case Study.



Global Disruption and E-Government.

An Analysis of Best Practices of Cooperative Education in the U.S. With The Purpose of Addressing Various Armenian Engineering Education Problems.

Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Instruction Expenditures on Kauai’s Public High School Completion.

Regression and Empirical Analysis on Real Estate Pricing and Services Using Price-Quality Heuristics.

Marketing Pickles as a Gourmet Condiment.

A System Dynamics Approach to Evaluate the Impacts of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project on Employment, Population Growth, Housing Demand, and Transport.

Pepper Place Market: An Urban Market in the Digital Age.

The Gears of Investment in Education: An Econometric Analysis on the Impact of Growth, Economic, and Education Indicators on Public Education Expenditure in Developed and Developing Economies.



United States Remains Greedy for Taxes.

Organization and Use of Executive Advisory Boards in Business Schools: Best Practices.

Re-positioning Negotiating Styles within a Values Framework.

The Influence of Moral Emotions on the Relationship Between.

Workplace Bullying and Attachment.

Methodology Calculation Differences of Customer Satisfaction of Field Service in China

A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Equality of Cross-Regional Public Resources and Environment.

Corporate Governance and Firm Financial Performance: The Effects on Security Returns of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The Demise of Academic Structure - When Organizational Ails Blindside the Organization



Understanding FDI and Production Networks in East Asia.

Reengineering Culture as a Way to Address the Economic Disparity Among Native Hawaiians.

Defining The Market: Performance Measurement For Management Forecasting.

Knowledge Spillover Effects of Star Analysts.

A Study of Emotional Hyperbolic Discount Utility for Intertemporal Decision Making.

Some Thoughts on Business Rules.

The Financial Characteristics of Firms that Have Changed Their Pension Plans.

Integrative Forces in Dynamic Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship.



The Wealth Effects of Stock Certificate Dematerialization.

Persistence, Resilience, Renewal – A Tale of Three Firms.

Bottom of the Pyramid and the Role of the Business Schools.

Current Developments in Legal Professional Privilege: Perspectives from Australia.

Conditional Risk-return Relationship.

An Investigation of the Innovation Performance of Ownership Types in China.

Audit Committee Competency and Goal Achievement: Empirical Evidence from Thai-Listed Firms.

The Relation Between Lessons Learned and The Development of Intelligence Culture in an Organization.

Brand Loyalty and Brand Trust: A Case Study on Consumer Preferences.

Technology-Based Audit Competency and Audit Outcome: An Empirical Investigation of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Thailand.

Analysis of Cultural Tourists’ Motive and Loyalty to Traveling Destinations; The Case Study of A Literature Museum.

Management Accounting Responsibility and Firm Value: Evidence from Exporting Furniture Businesses in Thailand.

The Effects of Board and Shareholders Structure and Earnings Quality on Security Returns of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Twenty Ethical Competencies For Surviving Organizational Politics.

Effects of Professional Citizenship Behavior on Audit Success of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Thailand.

Audit Professional Well-Roundedness and Audit Success: An Empirical Investigation of Certified Public Accountants in Thailand.

How to Reduce Compliance Costs in Transfer Pricing Area for SMEs: Czech Case.

The Comparison and Evolution of International Corporate Governance Models.

Open Innovation Platform in a Smart City: Empirical Results.

IFRS for SMEs: Is Amendment to IAS 16 – Bearer Plants suitable for SMEs?

An Approach for Integrating Accounting and Marketing in a Project for a Graduate Management Course.



Halliburton and Efficient Market Theory.

Systems Theory and Unintended Consequences of Government- Motivated Currency Wars: A Multiple Case Study.

Electronic Medical Records, Patient Privacy and Deployment of Healthcare Systems on Cloud Resources: Analysis of the Legal, Business and Technological Aspects.

Consumer’s Achieving Styles (ASI) Similar to the Brand’s Achieving Styles (OASI) in a High Involvement, Relational Exchange within an Academic Setting.

Self-Leadership: Guiding Principles for Adaptive Leaders and Organizations.

Are Women Treated Fairly in the U.S. and European Markets?

Internal Audit Excellence Orientation and Firm Survival.

The Impact of Board Financial Expertise and Education on Corporate Derivatives Using.

Cost Allocation Effectiveness and Organizational Survival: An Empirical Assessment of Textile Manufacturing Businesses in Thailand.

The Impact of Information Asymmetry and Dispersion of Opinion on Stealth Trading Around Earning Announcements.

Performance Evaluation System Competency and Firm Survival: Empirical Evidence from Cosmetic Businesses in Thailand.

Foreign Exchange Volatility and Yields Movements in Eurozone.

Modern Computerized Accounting Knowledge and Job Performance of Accounting in the Thai-Listed Firms.

The Process of European Direct Tax Harmonization.

Accounting Well-Roundedness Competency and Professional Success: Evidence from Bookkeepers in Thailand.

The Investigation of the Influence of Service Quality Toward Customer Engagement in Service Dominant Industries in Thailand.

Internal Audit Knowledge Management Proficiency and Internal Audit Success: An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Governance Awarded Firms in Thailand.

Empirical Investigation of the Market Reactions to the SEO in Korean Stock Market.

Regional Economic Development Models of Automotive Centers in the Southern German states: Neckarsulm and Sindelfingen.

Proactive Internal Control System and Firm Success: An Empirical Investigation of Electrical Appliances and Electronic Parts Businesses in Thailand

Research and Development Effects on Company Dynamic Capabilities.

Regional Economic Development Models of Automotive Centers in the France: Rennes and Poissy.

The Moderating Role of Corporate Image on the Impact of Service Guarantee on Service Recovery Effect.

Banking Sector in Poland: Stability over the Crisis.



The Economic Impacts of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in California.

Bankruptcy Fraud:  Has the Sarbanes-Oxley Law or Dodd-Frank Act Reduced It's Occurance?

Modeling the Demand for City Water Consumption.

XY-Generation Economics.

Inflation Expectations in United States: Economic, Politic, and Sentiment Factors.

Financial Reporting of Other Postemployment Benefits—Towards More Transparency.

Moments of Shared Sensemaking WithinMarket-Focused Strategic Planning Meetings.

The Use of the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Business Performance to Determine Marketing Strategy.

U.S. Investors Continue to Take Foreign Risks.

Role of User Perceptions and Attitudes on Facebook Ad Click Behavior:  Applying the Fishbein-Ajzen-Attitude-Behavior Model.

Relationship between Grades and Learning Mode.

Returns of Human Capital Investment.

Insider Trading Direction and Optional Wage Design.

Using Login Data to Monitor Student Involvement in a Business Simulation Game.

Cognitive Moral Development – its Relevance to Authentic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Conceptual Illustration.

Investigation of Buyer-Supplier Trust, Behavior and Performance.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Theoretical and Practical Considerations for Knowledge Management.

China’s One-Child Policy: Has it Lived Beyond its Intended Mission?

What is the Sustainability Content of Marketing Textbooks?

The Adoption of an Electronic Medical Record System in a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency.

Job Satisfaction Post-Downsizing.

Decreasing Population but Growing Pet Adoption in Mexico.  A Field Study.

Testing the Validity of the Greenblatt’s Magic Formula: Evidence from Thailand, Japan and US Stock Markets.

Role of Tax Incentives in supporting Digital TV Transition in Indonesia.

The Influence of Superior Customer Service on Customer Satisfaction of Mobile Telephone Subscribers in Nigeria.

Secure Software Programming.

Understanding Impulsive Buying Behavior in Online Retail.

The Participatory Management of Community for Restoration and Conservation of Ecology System, Way of Life, Local Wisdom, and Identity of Mangrove Forest Community.

Agent Based Approach for Banking Investment Ratios.

The Inflation Phenomenon: Is it Still a Threat for Economies? The Success Story of Turkey for Fighting Inflation.

Petro-Dictatorship, Insurgencies, Boko Haram-Terrorism and Threats to U.S. – Africa Energy Security Future.

Towards a Single Conceptual Definition of Trust.

Economic Diplomacy versus the Influence of President’s Authority.

The Impacts of CCCTB Introduction on the Allocation of the Corporate Tax Bases in the Czech Republic.

Investigating the Influence of Individual Level IT Security Climate on Salient IT Security User Beliefs.

Financial or Operating Lease?  Problems With Comparability of Financial Analysis Ratios.

IT Governance: A Multi-level Analysis toward a Unified Perspective.

Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Namibia.

National Problems, Global Solutions:  Technology, Information, and Safeguards.

The Glass Ceiling and Women in Management in the Middle East: Myth or Reality?



The Significance of the Psychological Contract for Organizational Downsizing.

A Hybrid Intelligent System for Stock Analysis Through Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Analogical Reasoning.

ICT Expansion and GDP Stabilization: How Russia is Using ICT to Move into the Modern Economy.

Development of Soft Skills for Information Systems Education Through Service Learning.

Equity-Efficiency Trade-off in Regional Allocation of Production Factors in the Russian Federation.

Effects of External Pressure on Workforce Development and Supply Chain Management in Healthcare Industry.

Return Patterns: An Underappreciated Risk Factor.

An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Class Size, GPA and the Timing of Classes on the Performance of Accounting Students.

Perceptions of Students in Relation to the Gender of Professors in a College of Business.

The Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland.

Working and Learning of the Aged in South Korea.

Effective IT Governance: An Exploratory Study.

Water Crisis in the Nile-Basin – Is It Really a Zero Sum Game?

Case Study About a Study Abroad Program: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Non-Profit Education.

A New Form of On-line Sales in Commerce and Tourism: Trends, Advantages and Risks.

Perception of Physical Fitness and Leadership Ability: Is It A Perceptual Advantage?

The Social Normative Influence and the Purchase of LCD TV in Saudi Arabia.

Analysis on Employment of Junior College Graduates with Reference to Korea.

An Event Analysis of Open Market Reactions Study From 2006 – 2012 Towards Share Repurchases Among Malaysian Firms.

Financial Export Support and its Appropriateness for SMEs – Example of the Czech Republic.

Using Deductive Data Warehouses to Analyze Data.

Economic Analysis and Management Models for Metallic Materials Industry.

Outsourcing Reasons and Results - Survey Outcomes Discussion.

Hiring Malaysians with Disabilities: Act of Kindness or Act of Law? 

Web page Use by Enterprises in European Union: Multiple Regression Analysis Approach.

Ingolstadt as Automotive Center.

A Framework for Modelling the Lateness of Manufacturing Processes.

Impacts of Large-Scale Foreign Direct Investment on the Local Economy.

Transformative Learning Illustrated! Entrepreneurship Education as a Projection of a Business Life.

Does Financial Liberalisation Affect the Relationship Between the Stock-Market and Economic Growth in Singapore?

Gated Globalization and North American Economic Integration: The Choice of Reason.

The Effect of Mediators on the Relationship Between Cultural Diversity in Top Management Team and Performance of International Joint Ventures in Thailand.

Analysis of The Innovation Environment: A Case Study of The Innovation Dimensions in A Public Organization.



Global Entrepreneurialism: A Comparative Analysis of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Drive around the World.

Offshore Outsourcing: Can U.S Survive Without It?

A Comparative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Systems in Europe.

Spillover Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis in East Asia Stock Markets.

Managing Information Security Risks: An Examination of Multiple Risk Perspectives.

Catalysts of Consumer Response to Brand Transgressions: Consumer Ethnocentrism and Brand-Country Associations.

Distributive Justice in Human Resource Management: A Multisystem Approach.

Transition to IFRS:  What Can We Learn?

The Influence of People’s Perception Variables on Retirement Planning Strategies in the United States.

Illegal Corporate Activities and Their Effect on Financial Statement Disclosures: How Forensic Accountants Can Help.

The Grand Green Marketing Strategy Boom or Bust?

E-Books Adoption for Business Education.

Student perceptions of e-learning Components within a Masters Level Financial Management Module.

A Phenomenological Study of Registered Nurses Exposed to Toxic Leadership Behaviors: What it Means to Health Care Organizations.

Store Choice in the International Context: The Influence of Different External Reference Prices.

Fast Growing Pet Ownership in Mexico:  A Preliminary Field Study.

The Decision-Making Dimension of the Systems Approach to Management.

The Role of Advertising Expenditure in Measuring Indonesia’s Money Demand Function.

An Improved Optimization Algorithm for Managing the Maintenance Scheduling of a Family of Machines.

Iterated Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Solving Total Weighted Tardiness Problems of Single Machine Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times.

Tax System Factors and Individual Tax Compliance Behaviour in Nigeria: Does the Effect of the Taxpayer’s Risk Preference Matter?

Joint Determinations of Growth, Inflation and Inequality.

Impact of Female Executives on the Conservatism: Evidence from China Stock Market.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance.

Investor Sentiment and Exchange-Traded Fund Premiums: Evidence from an Emerging Market.

The Effect of Fairness-Based Relationship Quality on Relationship Performance and the Moderating Role of Dependence.

Impact of Mandatory Job Rotation on Ethical Tendencies of Financial Stuffs.

Firm Efficiency Across Sectors: The Case of Public-Listed Firms in Malaysia.

An Analysis of Poverty, Vulnerability and Risk Management Among Rural Household in Peninsular Malaysia.

Government’s Policy, Poverty and Income Distribution in Malaysia.

The Impact of Country of Origin on Consumers' Purchasing Intentions.

The Distribution of the MNEs Group Tax Bases Between the EU Member States: The Situation in the Czech Republic.

Insider/Outsider Succession in Russian Nonprofit Organizations:  Views from the Field.

The Relationship Among Firm Size and Firms’ e-business Efficiency.

The Profession of Accountancy in Turkey.

The Impact of the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Company’s E-business Efficiency.

Using Score Carding Processes to Identify Barriers for Total Performance Rating (TPR) Values in a Commodity Association.

Corporate Governance in Croatian Banks.

Effects of Demographic Variables on Organizational Commitment Among Employess’

Possible Approach to the Implementation of IFRS for SMEs over the World.

Data Mining Application in Forecasting the Demand for Oil in Saudi Arabia.

The Mediating effect of Customer Involvement and Brand Image on e-CRM Implementation and Brand adaption: An Empirical Study in Franchising System.

Do Financial Constraints Matter to Earnings Management?


A Pathway to Sustainable Business Success in SMEs Through Innovative Leadership Processes and Synergizing Principles.

Historical Perspectives of Corporate Governance: Have the Increased Regulations Changed Corporate America?

The Staying Power of Unpopular Projects: Clues from the Movie Industry.

Toward a Unified View of Customer Relationship Management.

Integrating Knowledge Based XML Transport into Database Statistical Applications.

Chinese Consumer Protection in the Era of Electronic Commerce.

Professionalism as Reputation Capital: Building Strategic Advantage.

Developing New Markets for Turfgrass-sod in the United States.

Structural Equation Modelling Analysis of Fairness Heuristic Theory.

Ethical Attitudes Among Accounting Majors:  An Empirical Study.

Speculation and Hedging in the Crude Oil Futures Markets.

Comparison Analysis of the Brand Effect between Brand Alliances and M&A Strategies.

The Online Corporate Branding of Banks – A Comparative Content Analysis of Indian and Japanese Banks.

The Synthesis of Selected Behavioral Biases With the Theory of Efficient Markets on Example of DJIA Index.

Case Study: Export Financing as a Key Driver in International Expansion for Engineering Firms.

Features of IT Offshoring to Russia: German Perspective.

The Effects of IFRS and the Institutional Environment on Accounting Quality in Chinese Listed Firms.

The Global Competitive Ability of Taiwan’s IT Industry based on its Stock Fluctuations.

Condition and Perspective of Internal Auditing and Influence of Internal Auditing on Annual Report Quality: The Case of Croatia.

Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings across Corporate Life-Cycle Stages.

The Application of FAHP/DEA Methodology in a Transit-oriented Development Planning in Taipei Metro Transit System.

A Qualitative Study on the Antecedents of Turnover Intentions in A Turkish Company.

Intangible Assets and Business Performance.

Fuzzy Logic and Panel Logistic Models for EU Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Building Team Trust: A Study in the Asian Context.

Evaluation, Steering, and Support of Knowledge Production in Interdisciplinary Clusters of Excellence – One Step Beyond.

The Role of Incentive Compensation on Tax Avoidance: Empirical Evidence from Thailand.

Determinants of Audit Committee Effectiveness in Saudi Listed Firms.

Cross-Country Differences in Euro Crisis.

Price Relationship between Commodity Exchange Market and Traditional Market in Iran: Study of Maize and Barley.

The Impact Analysis of Globalization on Human Resource Management --- A Systems Thinking Model.

Leadership and Spirituality in Business: The Contributions of Eastern Philosophies

Inter-Partner Trust and Controlling International Joint Ventures.

Social Media and Youtube As An Attractive Marketing Tool.

Coca-Cola: International Business Strategy For Globalization.

Disconfirmation and Customer Satisfaction of Impulse Buying Behavior.

The 1959-73 Mandatory Oil Import Quota Program: U.S. Energy Policy or a Camouflaged Subsidy?

Behavior of Consumers of Healthy and Healthier Food in Israel.


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