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The Competitiveness of Urban Locations: Main Findings of a Literature Review.

Artificial Intelligence and Product Development.

Why do Consumers Find a Two-Sided eWOM More Helpful: A Mediation Model of Consumer’s Attribution About the Reviewer.

The Impact of Illiquidity on Return-Order Imbalance Relation During Financial Crisis: Example from International Investment Banks.



Textual Analysis of Corporate MD&As to Determine Readability.

Russian Agricultural Support Policies: The Case of Krasnodar Region.

E N K T G A M I R. Marketing Model 101 For Non-Business Executives.

Authenticity: Exploring Potential Synergy between Existentialism and Christian Leadership.



Strategic Implications of Governmental Policy Initiatives on the Electrical Vehicle Industry in China.

English Language Testing for International Students in Australia.

The Impact of Ambiguous Letter of Credit and Uniform Customs and Practice on International Trade.

Sources of Motivation For Rectors and Vice-Rectors.

Persuasiveness of Fit Between Imaginary Perspective.



Business/Accounting Course Design Preferences: Do Faculty and Students Agree?

An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across Firms, Industries, and Regions.

Do Auditors Protect Shareholders Against Financial Expropriation by Corporate Insiders?

Leading Organizations by the Values Journey Model of Adult Bio-Psycho-Social Behaviour.

Corporate Governance in the wake of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry in Australia: The Call for Reform.

Why is the Value Estimated from the Constant Dividend Growth Model not an Equilibrium Value?



Classification of Stock Market Price Change by Data Mining.

Learning from WhatsApp’s Business Model: The World of Messaging Apps.

Collaborative Strategies in the Context of the Tourism Cluster in the Azores: A Qualitative Analysis.

Efficiency Changes in the Home and Community-based Services of Long-term Care in Taiwan.

The Impact of the Tohoku-Oki Earthquake on Tourism Share Prices in Taiwan.



The Challenge of International Politics and Legal Structures on Business.

Training and Development Issues for Employees in Rural and Culturally Diverse Settings.

Perceived Learning from a Business Simulation: Does Gender Matter?

What are the Primary Contributing Factors to Economic Development in a US Community?

Dividend Payout Ratio, Investment opportunities, and the Pecking Order Theory: Evidence from Taiwan.

IBM Pension Accounting Reexamined.

Physicians’ Intention to Leave Their Jobs: Validation of a New Model.

The Conception and Evaluation of the “Hard” and “Soft” Models of HRM. Demonstrate How HR Practices in the Key Practice Areas (Recruitment, Development, Rewards and Appraisal) Might Differ between an Organization Pursuing the “Hard” HRM Approach and Another Organization Pursuing the “Soft” HRM Approach.

Leadership For the Conduct of Employees; The Influence of Ethical Culture and Climate.

An Analysis of Instruction Expenditures and Public High School Completion on Hawai‘i’s Big Island.

Economic Hardship on Multicultural Families Youths and HRD in Korea.

Investigating if Multidisciplinary or Homogenous Teams Are More Innovative in a Higher Education Setting.

Students’ Misconceptions of Statistics.

 Tax Burden and Taxation Rules of The Financial Instruments (Theory and Practices).

 Prejudice in Internal Auditing in the Saudi Arabian Governmental Sector.



The Secret Behind Trader Joe’s Success: The Extraordinary Leadership of CEO John Shields.

Sox Compliance: Where Are We Now?

A Study of Motivation and Personal Characteristics Among Haitian Entrepreneurs Facing “Obstacle” Variables in Small Business Arena.

Social Media and Tourism: A Literature Review.

The Analysis and Evaluation of Training Needs Demonstrate How Training Needs of Different Categories of Workers will be Determined and Outline the Factors that will Influence the Approach.

Like and Share: Disclosing Users Behavior on Social Media.



Chick-Fil-A Goes International.

Dell Appraisal and the Business Judgement Rule.

Process Capability Analysis for Left-Skewed Distributions with Negative Values.

Public-Private Partnership Advantages.

Evolution of the Cluster Concept and its Application to Tourism.

The Impact of the SEC’s Indecision Regarding IFRS Migration on the Readiness Efforts of U.S. Issuers and Accounting Faculty.

The Relationship between Environmental Strategies and Environmental Performance: The Role of Green Intellectual Capital.



The Dark Triad of Personality: Impact upon Leadership and Employee Job Satisfaction.

Do Countries That Improve Corruption Levels Attract More Foreign Direct Investment?

Bank Credit, Trade Credit and Innovation.

The Impact of Liqudity on Corporate Bond Yield Spreads.

Independent Accountant’s Issues with Recent Reporting Regulations.

Women CPAs: Retention Remains a Challenge.

The Impacts of Safe Harbors on SMEs´ Performance and Other Economic Indicators.

Developing Production Standards for Multitask/Multilocation Service Installers with Varying Levels of Experience: A Basic Theory.

Possible Way to Internally Generated Intangible Assets Reporting.

Pygmalion Syndrome and Misunderstanding the Duality Accounting Concept.

ASEAN, the 50 Years Old, Successful Association and Hungary

Prospects and Challenges in the Economic Relations, Focusing on Vietnam.



Optimizing International Teams’ Effectiveness by Building Trust.

Influence of Governmental Policies on Global Market Entrance Strategy: A Multiple Case Study.

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Terrorism and Internal Conflict in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Perceptions of Quality Between Online Programs Offered at Traditional Versus Online Universities.

A Class Project That Discourages Compartmentalization Among Disciplines.

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility Behaviors of Tourism Organizations.

Closing the Gap Between Faculty and Industry Professional’s Importance of Student Soft Skill Proficiency.

Tax Fraud Remains Steady.

Lean Philosophy in Healthcare.

Influence of a Company’s Dynamic Capabilities on the Innovation of Its Corporate Business Model.

Entrepreneurial Small Business of Third Party Logistics Providers.

The Integration of Management Practices and Organizational Structure into Student Group Projects.

Distributive Justice as an Alternative Predictor of Satisfaction with Pay in a Period of Crisis. The Case of the Greek Public Sector.

Exploring Relationship in-between the Acquired Education and Current Job Scenario for the Employees in the Public Sector, State of Kuwait.

Efficient ODA Policy for Asian Developing Countries in Korea.

The Relationship between Autonomy Support Climate and Service Performance: Evidence from Part-time Employees.

Mindfulness in the Workplace: Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts to HR Training and Development Programs.

Citizen Satisfaction from Local Government: Assessment in a Greek Municipality.

Salient Themes in Thai Literature as a Template for Development of Self-Management Skills in Upper Secondary School Students in Bangkok Metropolis.

Participation at an Open Innovation Platform in a Smart City: Results from an Empirical Study.



Engaged Student Learning in Social Entrepreneurship: A Nonprofit Experiential Exercise Supporting AACSB Standards.

Singapore’s Dominance in the Aviation Industry in South East Asia.

Building the Leadership Bench:An Empirical Assessment of the Relationship between Retirement and Internal Job Promotion within the Federal and Private Sector Organizations.

Legal Professional Privilege and the Australian in-house Lawyer: A Review of the Current Law.

A Methodology for Quantifying General Damages Due to Injury.

Capital Market Integration.

The Impact of Control Variables on the Interrelation between Passenger Loyalty Programs and Airline Customer Retention.

New Life For Old Theories – Integrating Management Theories Within A Meta-Model.

A Study on Skills Development and Employment Support Policies for Multi-culture Family in Korea: Focused on Married Female Immigrants.
Examining the Interest Rate Parity between U.S. and Japan.

Texas Versus the EPA: The Showdown at the No Way Corral.

Traditional and Emerging Variables Impacting Saudi Arabia’s Marketing.

One Should Never Assume: The Limitations of Recovering Attorney’s Fees in Texas.



Analytics for Investment Decision: An Empirical Study of Less Diversified Portfolios.

Adolf Berle and the New Modern Corporation.

Cost Analysis – A Case Study of Participating in Groupon Sales.

The Road to Biculturalism within United States Businesses.

An Analysis on the Factors Affecting the World Gold Prices.

A Case Study: The Economy Index as a Metric of Success of Eighteen Arkansas Cities.

An Evolutionary Game Theoretical Analysis of Trade Environmental Negotiations Among World Trade Organization.

The Role of Intuition in Strategic Decision Making in Croatian Companies.

Family Business Definitions and Differentiation from Entrepreneurship.

How to Developed Online Trust Relationships with Customers through Social Skill in Airline Service.

Housing Finance Based On Lease Certificates and The Case of Turkey.

Momentum Strategy in Commodity Market.

The Association between Corporate Social Responsibilities Disclosure and Ownership Structure: An Empirical Study on Companies listed in ASE.

Features and Impact of Foreign Demand on Real Estate Market: The Case of Croatia.



Economic Impact of Aviation in the South East Asian Region.

The Leadership Challenge: Caribbean-American Leaders in United.

Financial Markets, Corporate Governance and Information Quality.

Over-the-Counter Bonds and the Stock Price Response to Earnings Announcements.

Glӓce Luxury Ice Co.

Accounting Emotional Intelligence and Professional Survival: Evidence from Bookkeepers in the Northeastern of Thailand.

Using the Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithm (IBEA) for Finding the Efficient Frontier in the Presence of the Typical Portfolio Selection Constraints.

Audit Morality Commitment and Audit Survival: An Empirical Research of Tax Auditors in Thailand.

On the Value of Strategy in Determining Executive Salaries.

Audit Review Proficiency and Audit Goal Achievement: Evidence from Tax Auditors (TAs) in Thailand.

Complexity in Equity Markets.

The Role of Strategic Marketing Flexibility as Dynamic Capability and Marketing Survival.

Development of a Graduate-Level Information Systems Quality Course.

Internal Audit Creativity Strategy and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Exporting Gem and Jewelry Businesses in Thailand.

Investigating the Satisfaction of e-store Content and its Association with the Amounts of Online Purchasing.

Professional Accounting Practice Orientation and Firm Goal Achievement: Evidence from SMEs in Thailand.

New Venture Sustainability.

Strategy Fitness and the Performance of Taiwanese MNCs.

Russian Oil and Gas: Global Impacts and Trends.

A Country’s Competitiveness Evaluation using DEA-SVM Approach.

Using Newton’s Method to Compute Bond Yields in ExamView.

An Assessment of the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Organizational Reputation: The Example of Hospital Management.

An Empirical Study on the Consumer Price-Perceived Quality Heuristic on the Hotel Industry.



Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and White-Collar Crime Penalty Enhancement Acts of 2002 on Corporate Fraud Sentencing.

The Diameter and Company Profitability: An Experiment in Network Evolution.

HR Challenges for Safeguarding Employee Privacy Rights in The Private Sector Workplace.

Does the Fire Station have a Glass Ceiling? Perceptions of Female Firefighters.

Ireland Maintains Business Allure.

FDI and Its Impact on Developing Markets.

Organizational Creativity Capability and Firm Performance: Evidence From Software Businesses in Thailand.

Management As A Moderating Variable in the Causes and Effects of Construction Delays.

Organizational Management Flexibility and Goal Achievement of Electrical Appliance and Electronic Parts Businesses in Thailand.

Sports Sponsorship: An Effective Tool for Marketing Strategies.

Service Innovation Capability of Tour Operator Businesses in Thailand.

Service Perceptions of Social Networking Sites: A Comparison of Saudi and Indian Users.

Internal Audit Transparency and Firm Goal Achievement: An Investigation of Financial Businesses in Thailand.

Cost of Capital and Price of Banking Intermediation in Croatia.

Audit Practice Transparency and Audit Survival: An Empirical Investigation of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Thailand.

Exploring Business Development.

Service Creativity Strategy and Business Performance: Empirical Investigation of Boutique Hotel Businesses in Thailand.

Social Marketing Strategy and Sustainable Marketing Success: An Empirical Investigation of ISO 14001 Manufacturing Businesses in Thailand.

Assessing the Consumers’ Propensity for Online Shopping: A Demographic Perspective.

Human Resources Management Model oriented to the Sustainability of Family Businesses - A proposal from the Comparison Between Italy and Colombia.

Exploring Perceived Product Knowledge, Credibility, and Attractiveness of Celebrity Endorsers on Influencing Teen Purchase Intentions.

An Examination of the Impact of Social Isolation in the Workplace.



A Hybrid National Retail Sales Tax for U.S. Tax Reform.

The Role of Air/Spaceports: Education + Entrepreneurship + Excitement = Economic Growth.

Importation of Information and Communication Technologies in the African Hospitality Industry:  A Strategic Advantage or Anathema to Development?

Leadership Style, Personality and Team Effectiveness.

Power, Corruption and SMEs in Nigeria.

Evaluating ERM Implementation in Egypt and Oman.

Neuromarketing and Its Influence in Consumer Behavior: A Comprehensive Literature Review.

Do Islamic Banks Contribute to Economic Development More Than Conventional Banks?

Price Matching Guarantee as an Anticipated Regret Reducer: The Moderating Effect of Price Dispersion and Price Consciousness.

The Generation Y Approach to Flexibility of Employment.

Religious Souvenirs from the Holy Land – Is there a Deadweight Loss?

Green Building Game for Innovative Education.

An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Minimizing the Makespan of Overlapped Jobs over Multiple Machines.

Logistic Competitiveness and Export Performance: The Case of Myanmar Fresh Produce.

A Study of Social Network Based Recruiting Service Design.

The Management System of Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism for Sustainable Community Development.

How Sustainable is Sustained?: The Latent Trajectory of Performance in Baking Industry.

Manpower Need and Vocational Training of Electrical and Electronics Industry.

A Study on Mediator Effect of the Reverse Logistics Activities on Performance.

IPR Competition between Asymmetric Countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Egypt: Current Status and Future Prospects.

Coopetition? Yes, but Who With? The Selection of Coopetition Partners by High-Tech Firms.

The Training Requirements and the Curriculum Design of the Meridian Therapy Industry Employees- A Case of San-Sui Tang Company.

Minimizing the Makespan of Overlapped Jobs with Release Times Over Multiple Machines.

Using Conjoint Analysis to Discover Guest Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Bed and Breakfast in Taitung.



The Financial Structure of U.S. Born-Global Firms.

The Role of Stock Prices in Litigation.

The Neomarketing Era: A Synergistic Relationship Between Marketing and Neuroscience.

Costing Government Outputs: An Assessment of Activity Based Costing.

Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes: A Copy Shop Case Application.

Perceptions of Consummate Love: The Effect of Love Industry on the Economy.

Perceptions of Instructors and Students with Respect to Synchronous Video Learning.

Online Tax Education: A Comparison of Student Performance.

Identifying the Goal Structures of Undergraduate Students Vis-à-vis Ethical Decision Making.

Skills of Marriage Immigrants in Korea.

Institutional Self-Regulation and the Financial System Inquiry: Current Approaches and Future Trends.

The Moderating Effect of Business Organization Characteristics between the Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium Enterprises and Firm Growth: Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan.

Determinants of Saudis’ Desire To Purchase: A Field Study.

Concept Design of a Management Tool for Measurement of Consumer Value Added Assessment of Innovation Based Strategies.

Establishing Hospitals’ Core Competencies with Six Sigma Practices in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Investigating of Online-Shopping from Customers Perspective: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia Riyadh

The Relationship between Timing Information and Stealth Trading in Option Markets.

Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Individual Characteristics.

Toward a Theory of Corporate Governance in Non-profit Organizations.

Leveraging Public Social Software Platforms for Relationship Marketing in the Airport Industry.

The Effect of Destination Image on Tourist Loyalty in Kinmen Battlefield Tourism: The Mediating Role of Tourist Satisfaction and the Moderating Roles of Tour Guide Interpretation Performance and Perceived Value.

Gene Selection in Microarray Using Sequential Forward Selection Strategy.

Employment Volatility and Bank Lending in Taiwan.

Integration of Auxiliary Staff in New Product Development Processes.

An Efficient Clustering Method Based on Cuckoo Search for XML Documents.

 Model of Network Thinking in Management of Knowledge Flow Processes in Sports Enterprises.

Hot Money and Stock Prices in China.

The Influence of Organizational Trust upon Affective and Calculative Commitment.

Cooperation in Business Education: What about Trust?

The Enterprise Development Center: Exploring Key Challenges of Business Incubator.

IFRS Socio-Cultural Orientation: SCO Observers & Dialogue Partners.

Applications of Exotic Options in Corporate Finance: A Panorama.

University Student (U-S) Relationship Marketing: A Causality Study with Evidence from an Egyptian University.

The Influence of Impulse Purchases and the Positive–Approach Effect on Emotional Accounting.



Forecasting Excess Stock Return: A Comparative Study between U.S. and Germany.

The Deming Philosophy of Management: Causes of Its Difficulties and Failures.

Forensic Accounting – A Growing Niche in the Field of Accountancy.

An Integrated Approach using Markov and Rolling Forecasting Models for Predicting Long-Term Academic Performance.

The Impact Product Quality has on Perceptions of Price-Value, Satisfaction, and Behavioural Intentions.

Human Resource Issues in BYOD Policy Development.

Accounting and Audit Decision Making With Fuzzy Multiple Payoffs and Dependent Probabilities.

Sustainability Content Analysis of Management Texts.

Member Orientation of the U.S. Credit Union Industry:Post-2008 Evidence.

Labor Mobility of Scientists and Engineers and the Pace of Innovation.

Inward and Outward U.S. Foreign Direct Investment Performance During Recent Financial Crises.

Stock Price Volatility and Firm Capital Structure Decisions during the Financial Crisis.

Predicting Firm Performance As A Function of CEO and Economic Factors.

Employee Engagement: Lessons learned from the U.S. 2013 Glassdoor Best Places to Work Employee Choice Award Leaders.

The Three Types of Workers: A Comparison Study Among United States, Chilean, and Japanese Employees.

Productivity. The Engine of Progress in Business Organizations.

Lifelong Professional Education for Lawyers: A Collaborative Model.

Successors and the Family Business: Novel Propositions and a New Guiding Model for Effective Succession.

On the Housing Market and U.S. Economic Recovery.

21st Century Brazil.

Comparative Business, Economic and Cultural Analysis of the Impact of Olympics on Host Nations.

CSR, Quality of Work Life, and Employee Job-related Outcomes: A survey of Employees in Thai workplaces.

A Workflow Performer-Activity Affiliation Networking Knowledge Discovery System.

The Dawn of Radical Change: A Case for Leadership.

Project Management in Universities – The Functional Aspect.

Challenges for IFRS Acceptance by the Accounting Profession in the U.S.

Toward Using a Roadmap for Strategy Selection for Market Segments: Some New Insights.

Business Travel and Visa Application: Where Are the Gaps?

Developing Supply Chain Strategies Model for Taiwanese Manufacturing Companies.

An Equity Security Selection Using Annual Information.

The Effectiveness of the Contrarian and Momentum Strategies in the Global Financial Crisis Period in Asia Pacific Stock Markets.

Energy Efficient Management in the Classroom and Their Fiscal Implications in Spain.

Introducing the Communicational Adhesion Lifetime Index Model: A New Communication Approach for the Hotel Industry.

A Study on the Effect of Sequential Extended Brand Elasticity on Brand Equity.

Causality Relationship for Selection Variables of Brand Creation and Brand Acquisition as Expansion Strategies: Evidence from Egypt.

Investigating Intention to Use Mobile Instant Messenger: The Influence of Sociability, Self-Expressiveness, and Enjoyment.

Influence of Six Sigma Practices on Internal Quality Management of Thai Private Hospitals entering the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Relationship Marketing Orientation and Differentiation Strategy Affecting Banking Performance Effectiveness.

Taylor, HRM, Strategic HRM with Jobs, Employee Performance, Business Performance Relationship: HR Governance through 100 Years.

Politics and Economic Growth: Regional and Income Level Classification.

The Relationship of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Private Nursing Homes in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

An Assessment of the Effects of Individuality on Organisational Culture in Selected Institutions in Ghana.

Environmental Purchasing: From the Perspective of Claims, Involvement, and Societal Structure.

Nonverbal Immediacy and Teaching Effectiveness of Asian and American Lecturers.



Conflicting Theories in Finance and Law.

Economic Drivers and Cultural Values: The 3G Countries.

The Effect of the Lead Arranger’s Reputation on the Retained Share in a Syndicated Loan.

Comparing Younger and Older Social Network Users: An Examination of Attitudes and Intentions.

On Impact of ISO9000 Certification on Organizations.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the Global Economy.

An Analysis of Volunteer Leader Behavior: Observer Measures.

The Language of Transformational Leaders: Addressing the Needs of Followers.

Comparing the Effectiveness of the Different Tax Incentive Approaches Used by Major Wind Energy Countries to Encourage Wind Energy Development.

Land Pricing in Thin Markets: An Urban Model.

Career Management of Fire Service Personnel.

Entrepreneurship, Incubators and Innovation in Thailand.

Anti-Fraud Measures and Financial Market Regulation: An Overview of the Australian Position.

Information Communication Technology Implementation in Singapore and Its Implications for Economic Growth.

Method of Component-Status-Driven Maintenance for Gentelligent Components.

The Relationship between Emotion Management and the Acting Mechanisms used in Performing Emotional Labor: Do Gender and Age make a Difference?

Proposed Use of Goal Programming for Selecting Optimal Decision Problem Solution in Higher Education Institution.

Some Factors Affecting Income in USA, China, and Turkey.

Interchange Fee Regulation – Step Forward Without Clear Outcome.

True Entreprenuership and Economic Development of Nigeria.

Analysing the Influence of Consequential and Organisational Downtimes in Capacity Planning - A method to Availability Optimization in the Regeneration of Capital Goods.

Measuring the Effects of Commercial Innovations on Total Factor Productivity via Johansen Co- integration Test: Turkey Sample.

Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from the Baltic Countries.

The Impact of Neoconservatism on the Charitable Sector: Nonprofit to nonPROFIT?

Factors Affecting Egyptian Consumers' Intentions for Accepting Online Shopping.

Innovation Contingencies Affected by Competitive Tension.

Incubator: Innovation and Technological Transfer.

An Analysis of Students’ Business English Collocation Performance, Awareness and Attitude through Blended Instruction.

Methods and Frameworks to Control and Measure ERP Program Management Risks and Indicators.

Revenue Recognition Under Convergence: Strategic Implications for Time Value of Money in Reported Income.

CPA Re-engagement and Audit Quality.

Consumer Behavior in Virtual Reality StoreConceptual Foundations, Research Issues and Challenges.

Impact of Customers’ Trust in E-Payment Channels on Their Purchase Intentions: A Case Study on STC.

A Structural Equation Model Development of Social Customer Relationship Management, and Business Strategies Effecting to Banking Performance Effectiveness.

The Developing Strategy of Green Energy Industry Cluster: A Case Study of the Solar Photoelectric Industry.

Network Expansion Strategy: A Case Study of a Malaysian Motor Claims Management Company in India.

Absorptive Capacity: Essence of the Construct and Its Determinants.

The Economic Empowerment of Urban Women in Sudan: Empirical Analysis.

Employee Growth and Development in Call Centres: A Comparative Australian Study.

The Role of Education for Deployment of Fisheries Sector in Maldives.

An insight into Asia – An Evolving R&D Landscape and the Base for Sustainable Incredible Economic Growth.

An Overview to A Sustainable Development: A Productivity Analysis Using Data Mining Methods on Green Manufacturing Systems With an Example From Textile Industry.

 Outsourcing: Friend or Foe to U.S. MNCs?



Financial Performance and Financial Management of Founding and Non-Founding CEO’S.

China’s Influence on the Future of Global Business Culture in the 21st Century.

The Effect of the Use of Online Advertising and Online Retailing on Marketing Strategy for Products.

An Examination of the Relationship Between Teaching Presence, Social Presence, Learner Motivation, and Self-Reported Learning Among Online MBA Students.

Can Motivational Priming Change How Much Consumers Eat?

Salient User Beliefs for a Protective Technology: Conceptualization and Measurement Development.

Personality, Intentionality, and the Structure of Support Networks.

Indirect Consumer Attitude Measurement, Brand Transgression, and the Consumer-Brand Relationship.

A Rank Ordered Discrepancy Assessment of Commodity Association Member’s Perceptions of Product Value and Breed Performance Data.

Job Role Change and Leadership Development.

Toward Using IT to Target Service Innovation to the Appropriate Segment:  A Significant Application of Information Technology.

Leadership Practices: A Comparison Between Chile And Peru.

Emerging Economies: Stock Markets After the Financial Crisis.

Is Market Orientation an Advantage for Business Performance?

Enhancing the Impact of Study Abroad on Business Education Through International Field Learning.

Eliminating Degeneracy in the Transportation Problem.

Say on Pay-Dodd Frank Act Effect on Corporate Governance and External Auditor’s Potential Responsibilities.

European Subsidies As a Factor Increasing the Competitiveness of Companies in the Czech Republic.

The Financial Crisis 2009 – 2011.  How Companies in Mexico Perceived the Crisis and Their Related Marketing Strategies.

Assessment Formats in Accounting:  The Used and Abused.

Taking Charge: Challenges for Nonprofit Executive Successors.

Financial Sector Taxation: FTT as an Own Resource of EU Budget?

The Stock Market Reaction to the U.S. Quantitative Easing Announcement: Evidence of the Emerging Stock Market.

Commercial Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and in the West.

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Identifying Predictors of Innovative Behaviors.

Government Instability and Nigeria’s Vision 20-20-20: SMEs Development Perspective.

The Impact of Internal Control to E-commerce Activities on the Quality of Accounting Information in the Banks Operating in Jordan.

Improving Student Mentoring through Meditation.

The Long-Run Performance of IPOs in Taiwan Market.

Effective Use of Humor in Teaching College-Level Business Courses: Assessing an Instructor’s Humor Quotient.

Business Incubation Accelerator Tool for 21st Century.

The Pivotal Importance of Leadership, Knowledge Sharing and Organization Culture.

Illegal Corporate Behavior: A Theory on Administrative Authority’s Confidence Bias.

Indirect Measures of Assessing the Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy Program at National University.

The Study of Creating a Performance Model of Products Related to the Starting of One’s Own Coffee Shop.

Beyond Compliance: Making the Most of Academic Program Reviews.

Internet Mediated Live Communication with Web Vendor Sales Representative: An Empirical Study on Embarrassing Products.

Teaching XBRL.

A Quality Analysis of Lean Six Sigma and the Effects on the Management Firm.

Business Ethical Orientations Among Management Students: A Comparative Study of Two Countries.

The Age of Internal Audit Function and Internal Audit’s Contribution to Financial Statement Audit: Implications on Audit Fees.

Retaining Valuable Employees in the Public Sector: The Case of Egyptian Pharmacists.

The Applicable of Relational Factors to Determine the Performance of International Joint Venture (IJVs) in Thailand Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs):  A Conceptual Framework for Future Research.

What does the Implementation of IFRS for SME bring for Viticulture.

The Defects of Chinese Food Safety Supervision Based on Game.

Towards A Theory of Macromarketing in Emerging Economies.

How Ambidexterity and Leadership Behaviors Affect Firm Performance: The Role of Market Turbulence.

The Second Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis of A New Product Success Measurement Model: An Empirical Study of Thai Consumer Product Industries.

Financial and Real Sector Interactions in Nigeria.

Effects of Audio Feedback and Download Status Display on Perception of Delay: An Exploration into Thai Downloaders.



Job Stress and Job Dissatisfaction: Meaning, Measurement and Reduction -- A Teaching Note.

The 2008 Financial Meltdowns:  Were Early Warning Signs Detected and Disclosed By Management and Auditors?

Organizations Should Capitalize on Employees’ Zone of Proximal Development While in the Midst of Change.

Failure and Recovery: An Opportunity to Reconnect and Recommit to Customers After Service Failure in the Internet-Based Service Encounters.

Toward a General Holistic Theory of Risk.

Relationship Marketing in the American and Canadian Export Sectors: A Matter of Trust.

Management Responses to Current Stock Prices.

Do Large Projects Affect Agency Conflicts? Evidence from the Movie Industry.

U. S. Unemployment Is Not What is Officially Reported.

Revising Mortgage Financing and Social Security: A Financial Partnership

Financial (IL) literacy of College Students.

Reinvigorating the Caribbean and Central American Common Market.

The International Competitiveness of Jamaican Manufacturing Firms: A Qualitative Inquiry.

Trends in Outsourcing and Its Future.

The Importance of Non-Equity Alliances and a Descriptive Assessment of Member Needs from a Commodity Beef Association.

Critical Evaluation of Solutions to the Too Big to Fail Problem.

The Effect of Online Seller Reputation on Consumer Willingness to Pay: An Empirical Study.

Narrative: An Alternative Way to Gain Consumer Insights.

Banking and Financial Market Regulation: An analysis of the Effectiveness of Prudential Controls in Australia.

The Opportunity Recognition Framework in the Hong Kong SMEs Context.

Approaching Family Businesses: Contextual Factors and Implications on Research Strategies.

Market-Based Instruments and Economic Indicators for Climate Change and Water Pollution Control.

A Study on Consumer Behavior for Green Products from a Lifestyle Perspective.

Assessing Hotel Managerial Efficiency Change in Taiwan.

Different Ethnicities: An Impact of Ethnic Language on Consumer Response to Price-Off Advertising.

Barriers to E-Government Implementation and Usage in Egypt.

Innovativeness and Business Performances: Empirical evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Small-Sized Firms.

Jordanian Income Tax and Sales Assessors’ Reliance on the Requirements of  IAS No. (12).

Impact of External Knowledge in the Product Life Cycle of Electronic Devices.

Destination Image and Marketing Strategy: An Investigation of MICE Travelers to Taiwan.

The Costs and Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches of Incubators as Value-added: Best Practice Model.

Lessons From Experience With Wage Flexibility in Asia.

The Impact of Change in Federal Funds Rate Target on the Stock Return Volatility in the Stock Exchange of Thailand: A Firm Level Analysis.

Relationship between FDI and Industrial Categories in Thailand.

The Effect of Age on Charitable Giving in Taiwan:  Is Afterlife Consumption a Driving Force?

Measuring the Effects of Learning on Business Performances: Proposed Performance Measurement Model.

Individual Behavior Change Through Economic Shocks Exposure:  Empirical Evidence from Romania.

Does Shareholder Retention Matter in Explaining the Under-Pricing Phenomenon of Malaysian IPOs?

Collective Efficacy as A Mediator: The Effect of Relationship Oriented Leadership and Employee Commitment Toward Organizational Values.

Timing the Taiwan Stock Market:  Simple Rotation vs. Sector Rotation.

The Impact of Using Information Technology on Accounting Systems Used in Jordanian Telecommunications Companies.

Factors Influence Student's Choice of Universities in Egypt.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolutions.



Salesperson Attributions: Evaluating the Impact of the Timing of Prior Actions. 

International Trade and National Stock Market Linkages.

Application of Capital Budgeting Techniques to Home Mortgage Refinancing.

An Evaluation of Flood Irrigation and Compost; Use in South Texas Rio Red Grapefruit Production: Are There Economic Values?

Organizational Commitment in the Wake of Downsizing.

Teaching Tip: Using Rubrics Across Multiple Business School Student Tasks: A Special Focus on Service. 

Theory Building Related to Women in Combat. 

Analysis of Asean Economic Change, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Trends and International Trade With NAFTA.

Measuring the Economic Potential of Utilizing Sweet Potato Production in Small Animal Forage and Crop Production System: A Systems Approach. 

The Motives Driving Activity-Based Costing Adoption: An Empirical Study of Saudi Firms.

Absurdity in Print Advertising: Its Impact on Brand Name Recall and Alcohol Warning Label Recall.

Effects of Newcomers Traits on Gaining Political Knowledge of the Organizations.

Product Placement in Online Games: An Exploration into Thai Gamers’ Attitude. 

The Role of Training and Development in Controlling Workplace Stress. 

Privatization and Endogenous Mode of Market Competition in a Mixed Duopoly with Quality Differentiation. 

Improving Behaviour Scores Using the Dual Scoring Matrix.

Product Management in the World Pharmaceutical Industry.

Knowledge Transfer and International Outsourcing Alliances: A Case Study of Taiwanese Suppliers. 

A Study of Evaluation Criteria for Disclosure and Transparency.

Exchange-Traded Funds: Characteristics, Growth, Problems and Evolving Issues. 

Board of Director Characteristics and Audit Fees:  Does Concentrated Board Ownership Matter?

Measuring the Health of a State Branded Wine Product in Texas. 

Human Resources Development for Aging Population in Korea. #166

The Long Run Relationship between ISE-100 and S&P-500.  #173

Economic Impacts Derived from a Newly Developed Community Supported Equine Facility: Impacts to Rural Tourism.

The Survival of Small Businesses in the Absence Supportive Political and Economic System. 

Cash Flow Residential Real Estate: Time to Buy?  #192

Self Control Theory: Recognizing Your Company’s Vulnerability to Employee Theft. #198



New Method Approach Toward Efficiency.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Post-Merger Job Satisfaction for Marketing Faculty:  The Rebound Effect.

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Onsite and Online Accounting Courses.

Developing Successful Negotiation Models and Strategies for Health Care Managers.

Strategic Impact of Incentive Programs for Loan Officers of Micro-Finance Institutions.

Online Buying Decisions in China.

Stock Price Reaction to Acquisitions in Banking Sector: An Empirical Analysis on Selected Asia Pacific Countries.

A Comparative Study of US and Australian Students’ Perceptions and Topic Choices of the First College-level Financial Accounting Course.

The Impact of Department Restructuring on Job Satisfaction for Marketing Faculty.

Lowering Stress of Expatriates: The Role of Culture and Management Styles.

Foreign Exchange Denominated Borrowings and Corporate Profits: Evidence from Turkey.

Competitive 4P’s Strategy Analysis before Liquor Liberalization:  Case Study of Beer Companies.

Core Competencies of Managers in an Emerging Market.

IFRS Adoption and Audit Timeliness: Evidence from Malaysia.

Psychometric properties of the Behavioral Trust Inventory for Measuring Trust in Mentoring Relationships.

Corporate Governance and Corporate Failure in the Context of Agency Theory.

Investigating the Influence of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Stock-Index Returns in Taiwan’s Electronic Industry and Eight Sub-Industries.

Does the Degree of Influence of Individual and Situational Factors Affecting One’s Ethical Beliefs and Decision Making Vary Among Certain Demographics Key Variables?

An Empirical Test on Corporate Environmentalism as a Strategy: Evidence from Thailand.

The Influence of the Leadership Practice “Inspiring a Shared Vision” on Group Norms in the Organizational Culture of Financial Institutions, in the Gambia, West Africa.

The Quality Policy in Value Based Management.

E-Microenterprise: Designing Microsoft Access Database for Four Industries.

Dark Side of Mergers & Acquisitions: Organizational Interventions and Survival Strategies.

Toward Finding an Optimal Mix between Push and Pull Strategies: Try Conjoint Analysis.

Usage of Web 2.0 Tools for Ubiquitous Enterprises.

Promotion of Self-Directed Learning Through Developmental Teaching Strategies.

Changing the Entrepreneurial Landscape Through Effective Use of Case Study Analysis.

Performance Assessment in Thai State Owned Enterprises.

An Empirical Study of Residents’ Attitudes to Tourism Impact Management Strategies.

Strategic Groups, Mobility Barriers, and Industry Evolution: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Banking Industry.

Empirical Analysis of the Price Discovery in the Stock Index and Its Derivatives Contracts: The Case of Taiwan.

Asset Price Boom and Financial Market Perception of System Risk.

Predicting Job Satisfaction Via an Organizational Ethical Conduct: An Empirical Investigation in a Private Hospital in Kuwait.

Game Theory Analysis on Enterprises’ Behaviors Under the Environment Tax.

Analyzing Factors that Drive Consumers to Purchase Counterfeits of Luxury Branded Products.



Privatization in Closed and Open Mixed Oligopolies.

A Theoretical Exploration of Disruptive Behavior in Healthcare Organizations.

An Investigation of the Motivating Factors behind the Development of Chinese Own Brands.

Theories About Theories: Income Theories After Foucault.

Service Models and Structuring the Student Service Quality Project.

Market Strategies, Analysis, Competitive Intelligence and Challenges in Entering the Chinese Market.

The Role of Corporate Culture in the Unethical Activities at Hewlett Packard.

Results: Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout among Financial Advisors.

On Creating a User Friendly Conjoint Analysis.

China vs. India: Who is the Next Superpower in the East?

Significance Testing and Statistical Power in Information Systems Research: Lessons from the Top Management Support Literature.

China’s Leadership Role during the Global Financial Crisis.

A Theoretical Construct for Explaining the Impact of Financial Distress on Unethical Earnings Management Decisions.

Forecasting Time Series under Box and Jenkins’ ARIMA Model Using Bayesian Inference.

Integrated Course Design: Developing a System to Facilitate Team Formation and Group Projects.

The Econometrics of A Uniform and Universal System of Currency in Accounting.

Essentials of Yield Management Concept: The Introduction of YM to Asian Traditional Hospitality Firms.

The Study on the Green Barrier to Trade under the Multi-Trade System.

The Interactive Effects of Intellectual Capital Components on the Relevance of the Balance Sheet as an Indicator of Corporate Value.

The Effects of Image Congruence on Customer Satisfaction: A Study in Turkish Banking Industry.

An Analysis of Operating Performance of Initial Public Offerings on BSKL:  Cash Flow and Post-Issue Performance.

The Organizational Viewpoint of Project Working.

An Analysis of the Healthy Lifestyle Consumers.

How to Develop Marketing Methods of Real Estate Companies in Kuwait: A Case Study of a National Real Estate Company.

A Study on International Emissions Trading.

Application of Data Envelopment Analysis in the Assessement of Operational Efficiencies of Nursing Homes in Taiwan.

Failure Prediction With Logit and Bank-Level Fundamentals Models Applied on the Lebanese Commercial Banks.

Teachers’ Professional Growth: Study on Professional (Pedagogical) Competency Development of Teachers in Junior Colleges/Universities of Technology.

Impact of the E- Education on the Equal Opportunities in Education and Research on E-Accounting Course.

Economic and Social Determinants of Life Insurance Consumption – Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe.

The Use of Decision Making Styles as a Market Segmentation Variable: A Study in Turkey.

Research on the Effects of City-County Merger Plans in Taiwan Region.

Spirituality in Management Education and Development: Toward an Authentic Transformation.

The Analysis of Financial Prediction – with the Example of Crediting Transferred by Banks for Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Fund.

Stress Management in Educational Organizations.

The Impact of Service Encounters on Behavioral Intentions to Online Hotel Reservation.

An Empirical Study on the Renaming Departments for Higher Technological and Vocational Education in Taiwan.

A Study of Credit Risk Efficiency and Productivity Change for Commercial Banks in Taiwan.

An Empirical Examination of Preference for Numerical Information and Need for Emotion within Financial Planning.

Exploring Service Quality in Luxury Hotels: Case of Lahore, Pakistan.

Islamic Finance Solutions: The Role of Islamic Finance in Poverty Alleviation.

The Compatibility of the Reports of the Audit Bureau of Jordan With the International Standards Issued by (INTOSAI).

Ethics Education in Business Programs: Case of Dar Al-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia.



An Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of Counsel in United States Tax Court Cases.

The Relationship Between Wealth Creation and Professional Management in Small-Medium Enterprises.

Real Estate Foreclosures and/or Short Sales Tax Consequences.

Perceptions of Leadership under Conditions of Environmental Uncertainty.

A Veblenian Analysis of the Recent American Business Cycle.

Beating Insiders: Illusion or Reality? An Empirical Analysis.

Alternative Methods of Incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) into the Accounting Curriculum.

Big 4, "Next 4", and Smaller Accounting Firms: Resignations v. Dismissals and the Outcome of the Auditor Change Process.

A Study of Peruvian Entrepreneurs’ Leadership Expectations.

Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Business:  An experimental Approach Without the Use of Calculus.

Calculating NPV and IRR with Sub-Annual and Seasonal Cash Flow Patterns.

Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Applied in the Performance Assessment of Service Quality of Insurance Companies in Taiwan.

Customers’ Perceived Brand Equity and A Research on the Customers of Bellona Which is a Turkish Furniture Brand.

Green Industry’s Sustainable Development and Government’s Motivation Strategy.

Developing a Brand for the Sabah State in Malaysia: Empirical Research Among its Tourists.

Examining and Comparing the Competitiveness of Tourism Industry in Cambodia and Taiwan: An Assessment from Professionals.

Developing Place Marketing Strategies to Promote the Redevelopment of the Historic Main Streets to Take Better Advantage of Globalization: The Case Study of Tainan City, Taiwan.

Potential Determinants of Brand Extension Success: Direct and Indirect Effects.

Gulf Bank, Kuwait Corporate Strategy and Management Issues.

A Taxonomy Model for a Strategic Co-Branding Position.

IPO Profit Forecasts Regulation and Earnings Management.

The Constraints and Obstacles Facing Women in Auditing Profession: The Case of Jordan.

A Study on Safety Systems in Canoe Sports – A Case of 2007 International Canoe Slalom Championship in Nantou County, Taiwan.

Quality of the Lighting in Taiwan’s Three Inline Hockey Rinks.

Female Labor Force Participation in Korea from a Historical Perspective.

Leadership Style Orientations of Senior Executives in Australia:  Senior Executive Leadership Profiles: An Analysis of 54 Australian Top Managers.

The Construction of Scales for the Measurement of Non-profit Volunteer Free time Management.

Information Model of Quality of Bank Lending to Croatian SMEs.

The Fragile Structure of Turkey’s Macro Economy and The Neuroeconomics.

Innovation Management and Thought Leadership – A Cultural Requirement in a Global Competitive Environment.



The Effect of Organizational Culture on Customer Orientation.

Real Output Growth and Inflation Volatility: Evidence from the Adjustment and Economic Recovery Programs in Africa.

A TQM Perspective of the ISO/TS Global Automotive Quality Systems Standard.

Validation of the Industrial Relations Orientation Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Four Tools (Under the Umbrella of Continuous Improvement) to Help Auditors Prevent/Detect Frauds.

Developing an Essay Approach to Business Ethics Assessment.

Updating a Business Environment Management Track.

Internationalization: Learning Curve and Transfer Costs.  A Case Study: Harman International -Revel Brand.

Ethanol: The Least of Two Evils?

The Investigation of Country-of-Origin Effect-Using Taiwanese Consumers’ Perceptions of Luxury Handbags as Example.

Exploring Web-based Services of Value to a Potential Niche Segment of Biotechnology Researchers in Malaysia.

The Environmental Responsibility of Multinational Corporation.

Financial Risk Tolerance: Scale Development and Analysis of Determinants.

Moderating Effect of Powerful Customer on the Competence-Firm Performance Relationship.

A Game Theoretical Analysis of Benefit Equilibrium among Shareholders of Transnational Joint Ventures.

Unlevered Beta, Financial Leverage, and Diversification in the Equity REIT Market.

Managing Demand Uncertainty for Control and Dummy Wafers.

Improving Student Mentoring through Self-Awareness-Based Pairing.

The Global Compact: Social Responsibility at Global Scale.

Public Goods in a Market Economy: The Case Study of China.

Process Integration in it Portfolio Management.

The Response of Organizations in Crisis Conditions.

Leadership styles of expatriate managers: A comparison between American and Japanese Expatriates.

The Role of Advisory Board in Developing Market Sustainable IT Curriculum.

The Issue and Strategy about Independent Innovation of Private High-Tech Enterprises in China.

Intangible Assets (or Lack Thereof) Association with Firm Distress.

Effects of Individual Differences on Choice Strategy in Goal-Directed Online Shopping.

The Internal Mechanisms to trigger Industry Cluster: Five Restraints and Three Positive Feedback Cycles - Model the Dynamics of the Industry Cluster.

An Empirical Study of Customer’s Emotion and Satisfaction in China.

Effectiveness of Technology Transfer Measures in Improving SME Productivity: An Empirical Study of Taiwan.

Drawing Up a Model of Financial Standing of a Company.

The Relationship between Job Dimensions and Job Satisfaction of SME Entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Dynamic Alliance Formation: The Role of Partner’s Partner in a Structural Balance Approach of Dynamic Networks.

Learner Performance at the Preschool I Ching Summer Camp in Malaysia.

Stock Market Volatility: A Comparison of Vertically Integrated Technology Companies.

The Gender Connection to Grades Between Online and Traditional University Courses.

Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout among Financial Advisors.

Webnography: A New Tool to Conduct Marketing Research.

Accountants’ Values and Ethics: Self-Regulatory Outcomes.

GA-Assisted Backpropagation Algorithm for Building Neural Network Forecasting Models.

Quant Segmentation using the Multi-Method Multi-Criteria Approach: The Way of the Future.

A Literature Review on the Relationship of Capital Structure and Product Market Predation.

The Causality between Economic Growth and Industrial Energy Consumption in Turkey.

Constructing Two-Stage Credit Scoring Model Using Cox Model and SVM: The Case of SMEs in Taiwan.

How Measure of Creditworthiness Differ among Livestock and Crop Farm Businesses?

Stress Coping Styles of Students at Universities and Colleges of Technology.

Measuring Ethical Perceptions and Intentions Among Undergraduate Students in Barbados.



Ethanol Demand Growth and Related Impact on Corn and Poultry Markets.

Determinants of Perceived Customer-Centrism in Managing Information About Customers.

The Determinants of Movie Video Sales Revenue.

Changes in the Disclosure Regulatory Environment and Managers’ Timing of Earnings Announcements.

The Utilization of a Succession Plan to Effectively Change Leadership and Ownership in a Small Business Enterprise.

International Off-shoring: The Changes in the World Economy.

Lake Area Tourism: Making the Most of Your Day and Overnight Visitor.

Selected Technological Advances and Organizations: Applications and Implications.

Exploring Drivers in the Adoption of Mobile Commerce in China.

Business vs. Leisure Travelers: Their Responses to Negative Word-of-Mouth.

Roadmap of Co-branding Positions and Strategies.

The Effects of Frequent Commercial Exposures on Affective and Cognitive Response of Chinese-American Audience.

Factors Affecting M&A Success: A Starting Point for the Topic Renaissance

Leadership and the Future: Gen Y Workers and Two-Factor Theory.

The Determinants of Noneconomic Factors Affecting Economic Growth.

Optimization of Multi-Currency Holdings for Multinational Corporation.

Does Trust influence Supply Chain Management?

The Corporate Governance Characteristics of Financially Distressed Firms: Evidence from Taiwan.

How Machs Behave:  Self and Peer Ratings.

A Study of Management Efficiency for International Resort Hotels in Taiwan.

Traditional Small Business Web Site Attitudes, Usage, and Satisfaction.

Gray Competitive Model for Comparison of Household Electronic Appliance Industries in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Incidence of Social Protection Expenditure Convergence in the European Union.

 Land Installment Contracts: Legislative Swing in Seller’s Favor is a Necessity in Today’s Declining Housing Market.

A Study Using Theory of Planned Behavior Model to Explore Participation Motivational Scale for Project Management Training Program.

A Study of the Current Learning Organization Profile to Elementary Schools at Pingtung County, Taiwan.

The Service Quality Indicators Model for Theme Parks in Taiwan.

An Investigation of the Day- of- the- Week Effect on Stock Returns in Mauritius.

Investigating the Sensitivity of Variations in the Taste Distribution to Advertising Dynamics and Pricing Strategies in a Dynamic Duopoly.

The Effect of IMC on Brand Image of Laptops/Notebooks.

Developing Hierarchical Structure for Assessing the Impact of Innovation Factors on a Firm’s Competitiveness - A Dynamic-Capabilities Approach.

The Relationship Between School Success and the Emotional Intelligence of Primary School Headmasters and Teachers.

Purchasing Equals Happiness Equals Giving! How Do you Plan to Spend Your Weekend?

Relationships among Human Capital, Human Liabilities, Self-Efficacy, and Job-Search Intensity.

The Mediating Influence of Service Quality Satisfaction and Information Trust on the e-CRM Process Model: An Empirical Bank Marketing Research.

An Empirical Study on Operation Efficiency for Metropolitan International Hotels in Taiwan.

The Role of Employee Resource Groups for Different Sexual Orientation Employees in Corporate America.

Factors Influencing International Students’ Evaluations of Higher Education Programs.

 Integrating Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Practices in Healthcare Organizations.

Complexities of Achieving a Single Pharmaceutical Market in the European Union.

Hybrid Approach in Neural Network Design Applied to Financial Time Series Forecasting.

Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: An Empirical Study of the Saudi Market.



The ‘Spillover Affect’ of Perceived Quality of Employees on Predictions of Provider Service Quality.

Going Green – From Left to Center Stage:  An Empirical Perspective.

Cognitive Learning Style and its Effects on the Perception of Learning, Satisfaction and Social Interactions in Virtual Teams.

Bayesian Factor Analysis in Survey Data:  An illustration Using the Contemporary Catholic Trends Poll.

Teaching Nonprofit Financial Management: Bridging Strategic and Financial Issues.

Remote Ownership Shareholders in the 21st Century:  Theoretical Implications for Corporate Governance, Profitability and Long Term Wealth Creation.

The Value Relevance of Industry and Firm Cash Flows and Accruals.

Iranian Generation Y Female & Male Decision-Making Styles:  Are They Different?

On the Mobility of the Romanian Work Force Within the European Economic Space. Opportunities, Causes, Consequences.

Applying Store Image and Consumer Behavior to Window Display Analysis.

The Relationship between Leadership Styles and Foreign English Teachers Job Satisfaction in Adult English Cram Schools:  Evidences in Taiwan.

Microcredit Programs and Consumption Behaviour of the Borrower: Evidence from Bangladesh.

The Effect of Market Orientation Intention and Superiority on New Product Performance.

The Construction Model of Customer Trust, Perceived Value and Customer Loyalty.

Green Supplier Assessment: A Case Study of the Fire Extinguisher Industry.

Human Resource Management in the US, Europe and Asia: Differences and Characteristics.

The Global Odyssey of a Government Sector Bank in India:  Implications for Contemporary International Business Management.

Analysis of Government Bonds’ Compound Interest Rates between 1996–2006 in the ISE Bonds and Bills Secondary Market Using Grey System Theory.

A Study on the Effect of the Degree of Optimism, Work Pressure and Work Efforts of Life-Insurance Salesman on Their Performance.

Investigation of Employee Tenure as Related to Relationships of Personality and Personal Values of Entrepreneurs and Their Perceptions of their Employees.

Public Service Motivation: An Antidote to the Scourges of Africa’s Liberal Democracies.

Quality of Life in Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation.

International Performance Appraisals: A Review of the Literature & Agenda for Future Research.

Organizational Viewpoint of the Relationships in Supply Chains.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Causes and Effects.

The Effect of Inter-Organizational Relationships on Cooperation Intentions: Evidence from Small Firms in Turkey.

The Ethic of Care and Student Cheating.

Emotional Concealment and Its Organizational Antecedents:  A Theoretical Analysis.

The Dynamic Effect of Multiple Reference Points on Salesperson Call Selection and Risk Behavior in Multiple Accounting Periods.

Determinants of User Adoption of E-payment Services.

The Effects of Brand Affect on Female Cosmetic Users Brand Loyalty in Taiwan.

Corporate Strategic Motivation: Evolution Continues–Henry. A. Murray’s Manifest Needs to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Anil Sarin’s Contributory Theory of Existence.

An Empirical Study to Measure the Communication Skills of the Manager Assistants, Medical Secretaries and Office Workers in the Public Sector.

The Pursuit of CSR and Business Ethics Policies: Is it a Source of Competitive Advantage for Organizations?

Sufficiency Economy Principles:  Applications for Organisation Management Strategy.

Perceptions of University Students on Academic Honesty as Related to Gender, University Type and Major in Turkey.

Utilization Form of Tourist Guide Map:  Tainan City Tourism Map as an Example.

The Development of a Methodological Framework of Market Orientation Implementation: A Value Chain Perspective.

Exchange Rate Regime Misfit and Currency Crises.

Responsible Financing?: The Equator Principles and Bank Disclosures.

Measures of Marginal Cost in the Estimation of a Hybrid Model of Sticky Price and Sticky Information Price Settings.

Is the Relationship between Capitalism and Society Parasitic or Symbiotic? The Role of Finance Leadership as Strategic Partners for Sustained Prosperity.

Demographic and Psychographic Factors that Affect Environmentally Conscious Consumer Behavior:  A Study at Kocaeli University in Turkey.

World Cruise Industry: Strategic and Financial Choices to Face the Main Risks.

The Effects of Organizational Downsizing and Layoffs on Organizational Commitment: A Field Research.

The Use of Earning per Share in the Analysis of a Company’s Market Value.

An Examination of Social Disclosures by Islamic Banks: Evidence from UAE.

Revised Mean Absolute Percentage Errors (Mape) on Errors from Simple Exponential Smoothing Methods for Some Popular Non-Normal Independent Time Series.

An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Asian and U.S. Stock Markets.

A Note On “New” Selling Strategies:  Are They Really New or Are they Merely Recycled Strategies that have been in Use for Thousands of Years?



Consumer Loyalty – A Synthesis, Conceptual Framework, and Research Propositions.

The 3D Transformational Leadership Model.

Supply Chain Expansion Using AHP, ILP and Scenario-Planning.

Determinants of Consumer Trust of Virtual Word-of-Mouth: An Observation Study from a Retail Website.

Intertemporal Linkages Between Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Markets Surrounding the Handover of Hong Kong.

Dividend Policy Decisions.

Reaching the Underserved: How a Summer Business Program Influences First Generation Students to Attend College.

A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Selecting Cell Phone Services.

The Restructuring of the Banking Sector in Turkey After the Last Financial Crisis and Its Cost.

The Persuasive Effect of Popularity Claims in Advertising: An Informational Social Influence Perspective.

A Study on Process Capability Index Applied to Banking Service.

A Resource Allocation Process Model of Firm’s New Technology in China: Based on Mechanical Industry Case.

Weather, Investor Sentiment and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Taiwan.

Bankruptcy Costs and Bond Valuation.

Health, Human Capital and Economic Growth: An International Comparison Study.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality: The Case of Croatia.

Marketing a European Experience to the Less Traveled.

The Impact of Data Mining on the Managerial Decision-Making Process: A Strategic Approach.

Study on E-Resource Needs for the Dept. of Hospitality Management Students.

Workers’ Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: Mediator Variable Relationships of Organizational Commitment Factors.

Large Firms & Small Firms: Job Quality, Innovation and Economic Development.

Total Quality Management Underpins Information Quality Management.

Leadership Competencies in Job Advertisements.

Objects Discovery in Database Systems.

Asset Allocation and the Solo Practitioner.

A Fuzzy MCDM Application for Evaluation of Factoring from the Purchaser’s Perspective.

The Impact of Innovation and Competitive Intensity on Positional Advantage and Firm Performance.

The Role of Knowledge Management for Achieving to World-Class Manufacturing.

A Study on Parallel Blended Learning: A Case of a Beauty Course in the Beauty Science Department of Chienkuo Technology University.



An Empirical Investigation of the Stock Market Reaction to Domestic and International Joint Venture Formations.

The Price-Earnings Relation: The Case of Arthur Andersen.

An Integrated Approach to Alternative Capital Budgeting Techniques, Mutually Exclusive Projects, and Consistency with the Net Present Value Rule.

Explaining the Persistence of Price Discrimination in the Airline Industry.

A Geopolitical Issue: Energy at a Turning Point.

The Metaphor Matrix: Improving Metaphor Usage in Management Education.

Successful Strategies of Foreign-Born American Leaders.

The Effective Marketing Class: Enhancing Student Learning.

Momentum Strategies on Optioned and Non-Optioned Stocks.

Optimal Capital Structure in Various Tax Systems

How Much High is Really High: Probability Analysis for Oil Prices and Market Performance in USA and India.

Relationship among HR and Firm Performance: A Turkey Context.

Efficiency of Nationwide Banks in China.

Time-series Properties and Predictability of Closed-end Fund Discounts/Premiums.

Profitability Assessment Using MCDM Methods in the International Tourist Hotel Industry in Taiwan.

Does the Involvement of Private Equity Investments Matter to Firm Performance and Internationalization?

Perceived Corporate Culture by EADS Top Management: European or American Influence?

Uncertainty, Fundamentals and Equity Valuation – An Application of the Non-Linear Ohlson Model.

The Threshold Analysis of the Outside Board, Firm Size, and Corporate Values in Taiwan.

A Study on University Education Quality by Means of Kano's 2-D Model – Taking the Universities Located in Southern Taiwan for Example.

The Development of a Learning Disturbances Inventory for Adolescents.

The Effects of Activity-based Costing on Traditional Inventory Model.

The Relationship Between Distinctive Capabilities, Innovativeness, Strategy Types and the Performance of Small and Medium: Size Enterprises (SMEs) of Malaysian Manufacturing Sector.

Relationships between the Earnings Management and Accounting Standards.

Evaluation of the Economic Value of World Culture Heritage - Learning from the Example of the Great Wall of China.

Ginger Hotels: Use of IT in Budget Hotels in India.

The Effect of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: A Study in the Public and Private Sectors.

Gender Bias in Automotive Negotiations.

The Influence of Monetary Incentive Activities on Operating Performance of Electronic Companies in Taiwan.

Microfinance: Effects of Contingent Incentive Programs on the Performance & Productivity of Loan Officers.

Research on Postmodern Curriculum.

Women Job Satisfaction in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory Analysis.

On the Effects of the Application of the Business Strategy to Public Colleges of Higher Education.

Quantitative Assessment in a First-year, Skill-focused College Course.

Service Quality in Retail Banking: A Cross-Cultural Perspective.



Job Satisfaction Among Information Technology Professionals in the U.S.: An Empirical Study.

The Role of Leadership During Large Scale Organizational Transitions: Lessons from Six Empirical Studies.

Positioning for Dominance: Competition Among Channels Intermediaries in the Distribution Channel.

Growth Strategies of Farm Businesses: A Quantile Regression Approach.

Re-learning Teaching Techniques to be Effective in Hybrid and Online Courses.

Developing a Paradigm and Strategies for Sustainable Place Marketing: The Experience of Taiwan.

Mitchell’s Business Crisis in a Globally- Linked Capitalist Economy.

The Emergence of Hierarchy in Customer Perceived Value for Services: A Grounded Analysis.

An Investigation of the Relationship of Openness to Experience and Organizational Citizenship Behavior.

Effects of Gender of Executive Leadership in Management Upon Perceptions Related to Enhancing Workforce Diversity.

A Viewpoint on Disruptive Innovation.

A Study on Service Employees’ Customer-Oriented Behaviors.

A Discussion of Applying Experiential Marketing to Leisure Agriculture with AHP.

Company Size and Its Relation to the Use of Financing Sources Among SMEs in the Turkish Tourism Sector.

Importance Attached to Relationship Marketing in the Emirate of Ajman (UAE): A Consumer's Point-of-View.

A Survey of Hospital Innovation in Taiwan.

Audit Committees in U.S. Entrepreneurial Firms.

The Wal-Mart Effect: Retailing of Health Care.

The Use of Performance Measures and Their Outcomes.

Optimal Exchange Rate Beyond Purchase Power Parity.

The Psychology of IT Security in Business.

Select Innovative Indices of Higher Educational Institutions by FAHP.

Corporate Culture, Leadership Competencies, Job Satisfaction, Job Commitment, and Job Performance: A Comparison of Companies in Vietnam and Thailand.

Performance Appraisal-Cultural fit and Organizational Outcomes within the U.A.E.

Corporate Governance in Transition Economies: Measurement and Implications.

University Technology Transfer in China: Do the Resources Matter?

Enhanced Query Concurrency Control Protocols for Parallel Database Systems.

Instructional Strategies and Methods of e-Learning for Nurturing Appreciative, Expressive, and Creative Abilities.

Legal and Business Perspectives of Open Source Education Software.

Construct Model of Knowledge-based Economy Indicators.

Investment Theories’ Validity with Respect to Industrial Conditions and Capital Market Situations from the Standpoint of the ISE.

Product Costing and Sales in the Dupont Company in the Early Nineteenth Century.

Econometric Analysis of Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Occupational Accidents in Turkey.

Managerial Overconfidence and Corporate Investment: Evidence from P. R. China.

Collaborative Commerce in Taiwan’s Bridal Industry.

Low Elasticity of Intertemporal Substitution: Evidence from Mexico.

Key Determinants of CEO and Board Chairman Turnover: An Empirical Study of Taiwan-Listed Companies.

Using Integer Programming to Solve the School Timetabling Problem at Chin-Min Institute of Technology.

Curricular Changes in Response to Assurance of Learning Results in Information Technology.

Downsizing Executioners and the Experience of Executing Downsizing.



Uncorrelated Emerging Equity Markets.

Lean Operations Management:  Identifying and Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice.

Banking Industry in Spain: Trends in Securitization of Loan Portfolios.

Investment Decision Making in an Entrepreneurial Firm: An Application.

The Relationship Between a College’s Success in Sports to Applications, Enrollments and SAT Scores.

Comparison of Existing and New Tax Burden and Tax Effort Measures:  Evidence from the Southeastern United States.

CEO Annual Bonus Plans:  Do Performance Standards Influence the Association between Pay and Performance?

A Means-End Approach to the Analysis of Visitors’ Perceived Values of Leisure Farms in Taiwan.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) As the Micro Effect of Globalisation and Turkish Insurance Sector.

Strategic (Big Picture) Technology.

Fostering and Funding Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Risk-Taking) in the Biotechnology Industry.

The Antecedents and Outcomes of Union Commitment in Turkey.

Intellectual Capital and the Perceived Relevance of the Balance Sheet as a Value Measure for Corporations.

The Evolution of Sea Navigation between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Mergers and Operational Efficiency in Taiwan’s Audit Firms.

Users’ Perception of Entities’ Performance: Risks Arising from Implementing the Revised Version of IAS1.

Health Insurance: Do You Know What’s in Your Policy?

The Role of Trust in Joint Venture Control: A Theoretical Framework.

How can Village Banks Maximise their Strategic Role of Promoting and Developing Small Businesses: An Overview of Developing Nations.

Networked Organization and the Owner/Supplier Relationship.

Personal Traits and Leadership Styles of Taiwan’s Higher Educational Institutions in Innovative Operations.

Constructing Financial Ratios to Evaluate Technical Corporations.

Skill Requirements for Software Developers:  Comparisons between U. S. and Taiwan.

Accounting for Impairment Test of Investments in Subsidiaries and Associates.

The Choice of Housing Location.

Long-Run Share Prices and Operating Performance Following Share Repurchase Announcements.

International Dual Listing: An Analytical Framework Based on Corporate Governance Theory.

Performance of Suppliers’ Logistics in the Toyota Production System in Taiwan.

The Dynamic and Full Significance of Macroeconomics’ Main Equation.

Promptness: A Teaching and Evaluation Model.

The Evaluation of Advertising Costs Within the Accounting Recording System.

A Typology of Co-branding Strategy: Position and Classification.

Leadership, Knowledge Sharing, and Organizational Benefits Within the UAE.

Social Participation and Life Satisfaction: From Youth’s Social Capital Perspective.

Governance Effect of Capital Structure: An analysis of Chinese Listed Companies.

Global Fattening: Designing Effective Approaches to Reducing Obesity.

Impact of Student Attendance on Course Grades.

Effects of Corporate Governance on Indirect Costs of Financial Distress in China’s Distressed Companies.

Promoting Development Potentials with Web Applications: An E-Marketplace for Horticulture Businesses in a Developing Country.



The Financial Management of Military Pilot Training Costs: An Assessment of U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Pilot Training Attrition Rates.

Liquidity Provision in Informationally Fragmented Upstairs Markets.

Team Effectiveness and Leader-Follower Agreement: An Empirical Study.

Improving IT Service Delivery Quality: A Case Investigation.

Relationship Between the Use of Internet Information for Health Purposes and Medical Resource Consumption for an English-Speaking Sample.

Entropy in a Social Science Context.

Emergence of Customer-Centric Branding: From Boardroom Leadership to Self-Broadcasting.

Downsizing, Corporate Survivors, and Employability-Related Issues: A European Case Study.

The Move Towards Convergence of Accounting Standards World Wide.

Human Resource Management and Strategy in the Lebanese Banking sector: Is there a fit?

Social Structure Characteristics and Psychological Empowerment: Exploring the Effect of Openness Personality.

The Impact of the Asian Tsunami Attacks on Tourism-Related Industry Stock Returns.

The Relationship between Leadership Behavior and Organizational Performance in Non-Profit Organizations, Using Social Welfare Charity Foundations as an Example.

The Virtual Student/Client Experience.

A Critical Process for Methods Selection in Organizational Problem Solving.

Are Real Estate and Stock Markets Related? The Evidence from Taiwan.

The Effect of Convertible Debt Issuance on Product Market Competition.

Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantages of Hospitality Industry

Backward Integration and Risk Sharing in a Bilateral Monopoly: Further Investigation.

An Analysis of Contingent Contracting in Acquisitions.

Capital Structure in Taiwan’s High Tech Dot Companies.

Using Consumer Panel Participants to Generate Creative New Product Ideas

The Two-stage Optimal Matching Loan Quality Model. 

Study on the Motives of Tax Avoidance and the Coping Strategies in the Transfer Pricing of Transnational Corporations.

Target Costing: A Snapshot with the Granger Causality Test.

Teaching Tip: Structuring a Rubric for Online Course Discussions to Assess Both Traditional and Non-Traditional Students.

The Exchange Rate Exposure of Chinese and Taiwanese Multinational Corporations.

Investment Under Uncertainty with Stochastic Interest Rates.

A Research Study of Frederick Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Theory on Continuing Education Participants in Taiwan.

Tax Burden Convergence in EU Countries: A Time Series Analysis.

Synergy in Business: Some New Suggestions.

Cross Analysis on the Contents of Children’s Television Commercials in the United States and Taiwan.

The Technology Disruption Conundrum.

Improved Algorithms for Lexicographic Bottleneck Assignment Problems.

Do Employees Trust 360-Degree Performance Evaluations?

Factors Influencing Sales Partner Control and Monitoring in Indirect Marketing.

Perceptions Affecting Employee Reactions to Change: Evidence from Privatization in Thailand.

A Study of the Relationship of the Perception of Organizational Conflicts and Organizational Promises among Faculty and Staff Members in the Technical and Vocational Colleges.

Mass Customization Manufacturing (MCM): The Drivers and Concepts.



Leveraging Generational Differences for Productivity Gains.

Contextual Barriers to Strategic Implementation:  An Examination of Frontline Perspectives.

The Impact of Inventory Reductions upon Cash Balances.

Teaching Customer Value Analysis to Business School Students.

Standby Letters of Credit and Loan Sales; Joint Products?

The Connecticut State Income Tax: Progressive, Regressive and Proportional.

What Local Responsiveness Really Means to Multinational Corporations.

Modeling Purchasing Power Parity Using Co-Integration: Evidence from Turkey.

Do Investors Over- Or Under-React? Evidence from Hong Kong Stock Market.

The Classification and Evaluation Model for Product Bundles.

Relationships Among Service Orientation, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment in the International Tourist Hotel Industry.

The Joint Effect of Competition and Managerial Ownership on Voluntary Disclosure: The Case of China.

The Effect of Wage Differences on the Cyclical Behavior of the Two Genders in the Labor Market.

Optimization of IC Manufacturing System by Using SPC/EPC Model.

Game Theory Analysis on Market Efficiency under Corporate Strategic Alliance.

Ship Mortgage and Vessel Arrest Laws in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan: A Comparative Analysis.

Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management: A Road Map Toward Improving Organizational Performance.

Using the E-CRM Information System in the Hi-Tech Industry: Predicting Salesperson Intentions.

Valuing Pilot Projects in a Learning by the Finite Difference Method.

Investigation of the Returns of Contrarian and Momentum Strategies in the Taiwanese Equity Market.

The Corporate Growth of the Firm: A Resource-Based Approach.

Antecedents of Learner Satisfaction toward E-learning.

 Corporate Governance around the World: An Investigation.

Measuring the Efficiency of National Innovation System.

Ownership Structure, Board of Directors, and Information Disclosure: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan IC Design Companies.

The New Techno Culture in the Workplace and at Home.

Digital Music Pirating By College Students: An Exploratory Empirical Study.

Exploring the Impact of Ethnicity on Conflict Resolution in Joint Purchase Decisions.

The Empirical Study on the Effect Factor of Top Management Remuneration in China.

Optimizing Investment Portfolio by Applying Return Factor Model: A Case Study for the Mechanical Device Industry of China.

Nonlinear Patterns of Job Satisfaction and Age Cohorts in an Industrial Environment.

Implement Business Strategy via Project Portfolio Management: A Model and Case Study.

The Choice between First-Price and Second-Price Auction by an Informed Seller.

The Role and the Ambit of Corporate Governance and Risk Control Frames.

Application of the Grey Prediction Theory Compared with Other Statistical Methods on the Suitability of Short-term Forecast: Outbound Visitors from Taiwan.

Productivity Growth, Human Capital and Technical Efficiency.



The Crucial First Three Months: An Analysis of Leadership Transition Traps and Successes.

Balancing the Hybrid Self in the Competing Landscapes of Consumption.

Are Customers’ Dissatisfaction and Complaint Behaviors Positively Related? Empirical Tests.

Real Estate Investments with Stochastic Cash Flows.

Mutual Fund Acquisitions and the Wealth of Target Shareholders.

The Iran - China Alliance.

The Capital Allocation in Developing Economies and their Vulnerability to External Shocks.

Pricing American Options with Counterparty Risk.

A Structural Equation Model of Total Quality Management and Cleaner Production Implementation.

Evaluating the Decision to Adopt RFID Systems Using Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Budgeting as a Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Sri Lanka.

Education and Labor Market in Knowledge-based Economy of Korea.

A Renewed Look at the Turnover Model for Accounting Knowledge Work Force.

Market Controls on Corporate Social Responsibility: An Exploratory Study of Banking & Investment Policies (1).

A Factor Analytic Study of the Computer Anxiety Rating Scale: Evidence from an Egyptian University.

Executing Strategies on Intellectual Capital: Case Study for Management and Corporate Governance.

An Empirical Analysis Concerning the User Acceptance of E-Learning.

International Reality of Internet Use as Marketing Tool.

Optimal Stochastic Production Entry and Exit Models.

Doing More Harm than Good: Unraveling the Mystery of Frustration Effects.

Audience Attitudes Towards Product Placement in Movies: A Case from Turkey.

Management Education Reform in a Knowledge Management Environment.

An Evaluation of Time-series Operational Performance on the Non-profit Hospitals in Taiwan.

Entrepreneurial Cognition and its Linkage to Social Capital.

Chinese Management Philosophy – Study on Confucius Thought.

A Methodological Classification in ES Implementation Research.

The Influence of Dimensions of Corporate Governance on Firm Values Using an Applied Structural Equation Model

Gender Differences in Burnout among Life Insurance Sales Representatives in Taiwan.

Understanding E-learning Consumers: The Moderating Effects of Gender and Learner Diversity.

Re-innovation: The Redefined Definition.

ABC Joint Products Decision with Multiple Resource Constraints.

TCE Mode Selection Criteria and Performance.

Cross-Cultural Leadership Behavior Expectations: A Comparison Between United States Managers and Mexican Managers.

An Experimental Approach to Test Theories on Time Pressure in Online Time-Limited Promotions.

Is there a Dividend to an Institution for having an Accredited College of Business?

The Development of a Competency Ontology.

Subsidiary Initiatives in Subsidiary Role Changing—In the Case of the Bartlett and Ghoshal Typology.

The Effect of Business Cycles on Transition Probabilities in the Labor Market.

Market Orientation Strategies and Business Performance: Evidence from Taiwan’s Life Insurance Industry.

Impact of Cultural Barriers on Knowledge Management Implementation: Evidence from Thailand.

A Study of Human Resource Development and Organizational Change in Taiwan.

Non-Parametric Versus Parametric Methods for Testing Means Equality. The Case of Stocks Means.

An Examination of the Education Requirements to Become a CPA.

Descriptive Analysis of Social Standards for Suppliers in Top 100 Fortune Global 500 Companies.

Analysis on the Evolutionary Game of Innovative Financial System.



An Experimental Examination of the Effect of Tax Rates on Transfer Pricing Decisions.

Purchasing Power Parity, Inflation and Central Bank Independence: A Panel Cointegration Test of Emerging Economies.

Zero-Investment Trading Strategies and the Measurement with Recognition of Short-Selling Constraints: A Theoretical Perspective.

Duality of Alliance Performance.

Valuation of a Bank Credit-Card Portfolio.

Effectiveness and Dynamics of Cross-Functional Teams: A Case Study of Northerntranspo Ltd.

A Macromarketing Perspective on the US Hospice Industry’s Shift to For-Profit Providers.

Globalization and Performance in the New Millennium: A Look at firms from Developed and Developing Nations.

A Model Continuous Improvement Based ERP Applications Class

Revised Mean Absolute Percentage Errors (Mape) for Independent Normal Time Series.

Taiwanese Executive’s Leadership Styles and Their Preferred Decision-Making Models used in Mainland China.

Exploring Customer Repeat Patronage in Tourism: The Influence of Marketing Culture, Relational Selling, and Sales Expertise.

Effects of System Trial on Consumer Beliefs in Marketing Software Products.

Electronic-Commerce Market Entry and Exit Decisions with Jump Risk under Uncertainty.

4C Diamond Model: Performance Appraisal System Mechanism.

Parametric and Nonparametric Evaluation of USDA Hog Price Forecast.

Understanding the Violent Offender in the Workplace.

Studies in Strategic Management in Taiwan.

The Mediating Effects of Leader-member Exchange Quality to Influence the Relationships between Paternalistic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors.

The Influence of Need-for-Uniqueness on Loss Aversion and Framing Effect.

The Economics of Managing Information Networks.

Establishment and Termination of Unincorporated Partnership in the Turkish Law.

Guanxi with Government as a Source of Competitive Advantage in Mainland China.

Teaching and Learning in Internationalized MBA Programs.

Field Research on Impacts of Some Organizational Factors on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Performance in the Turkish Automotive Industry.

Influencers of Exam Performance: An Empirical Replication in the Middle East.

Sports Arbitrage.

Moderating Effects of Age, Gender, Income and Education on Consumer’s Response to Corporate Reputation.

Comparison of Gearing Ratio and Earnings Per Share in Two Branches:  A Statistical Investigation.

Financial Review of Taiwan Industrial Park Independent Operation: Using Industrial Parks in Northern Taiwan as an Example.

Managing an Occupational Hygiene and Safety Administrative System in Taiwan.

Marketing and Marketing Managers in the New Era: A Relational Perspective.

Transnational Corporations’ R&D Localization in a Developing Nation – A Game Theory Analysis.

Recent Lessons from Turkey’s Experiences with State Owned Banks After the Banking Crisis of 2001.

Governance Choices for External Technology Sourcing: Taiwanese Firms in Global High-Tech Industries.

Analytic Hierarchy Process: An Approach for Determining the Collection Strategy.

Assessing Knowledge Management System Success: An Empirical Study in Taiwan’s High-Tech Industry.

Transforming Perspectives on Health Care: Outcomes of a Management Education Program for Physicians.

Using Assessments Tasks to Shift Focus to Learning Rather than Evaluating Students.

Congruence/Incongruence Perception of Product Strategy and Business Performance: By Contrasting Organizations and Consumers from Taiwanese Telecommunications Industry.

Pre-Assessment of Data Collection Procedures:  Planning to Fail by Failing to Plan.

Market Reaction to Accounting Regulatory Changes: Adoption of SFAS 142.

The Relationship between Electronic Business Process Reengineering and Organizational Performance in Taiwan.

The Market Innovative Acceptance Framework for High-Tech Firms: An Example of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment.

Comprehensive Income and Holding Gains and Losses: Evidence from a Pilot Empirical Research on Italian Corporations.

Using an Online Store to Augment the Learning of Leadership Fundamentals.

The Choice of Entry Mode Strategies and Decisions for International Market Expansion.



The Impact of Frequency of Use on Service Quality Expectations: An Empirical Study of Trans-Atlantic Airline Passengers.

Whistleblowing: International Implications and Critical Case Incidents.

Sales Growth versus Cost Control: Audit Implications.

E-Local Government Strategies and Small Business.

The Effects of Humor and Goal Setting on Individual Brainstorming Performance.

A Comparison of the Solicited and Independent Financial Strength Ratings of Insurance Companies.

The U.S., Japan in the Global Semiconductor Industry.

The Relationship of Personal Characteristics and Job Satisfaction: A Study of Nigerian Managers in the Oil Industry.

A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Explaining U.S. Investment Behavior.

Union Leaders' Value Systems: The Lack of Change Over Time and Scope.

Collaborative Systemic Training (CST) Model in Los Angeles for Adult Learners.

On Financing with Convertible Debt: What Drives the Proceeds from New Convertible Debt Issues?

Do the Stars Foretell the Future?: The Performance of Morning Star Ratings

Mobility of Technology Positioning with Change in Patent Portfolio.

Managing Corporate Legitimacy: Nonmarket Strategies of Chinese Firms.

Corporate Strategic Management and Business Re-Engineering Effort Analyzed by the Balanced Scorecard Model.

An Empirical Study of Using Derivatives on Multinational Corporation Strategies in Taiwan.

Market Entry Patterns: The Case of European Asset Management Firms in the U.S.

The Discussion of Media Selection and Accessible Equity in Distance Education.

The Value Added Tax applied in the Member States of European Union. The Case of Spain.

Causes and Consequences of High Turnover by Sales Professionals.

Two Stage Residual Income Model for Evaluating Intrinsic Value of Stock Listed Firms: An Empirical Analysis of Electronic Information Industry of Taiwan Fifty Index.

The Determinants of Working Capital Management.

Exploring Customer Satisfaction, Trust and Destination Loyalty in Tourism.

The Effects of Individual and Joint Gift Giving on Receipt Emotions

A Study of Implementing Six-Sigma Quality Management System in Government Agencies for Raising Service Quality

Influence of Audio Effects on Consumption Emotion and Temporal Perception.

Multi-Criteria Analysis of Offset Execution Strategies in Defense Trade: A Case in Taiwan.

Convergence of Learning Experiences for First Year Tertiary Commerce Students – Are Personal Response Systems the Meeting Point?

The Influence of Cultural Factors on International Human Resource Issues and International Joint Venture Performance.

Measuring Goodwill: Rationales for a Possible Convergence between the Excess Profits Estimate and the Residual Value Approach.

Research Discussion of Independent Mechanism in an Industrial Area Developed by the Government.

Financial Management in the Nonprofit Sector: A Mission-Based Approach to Ratio Analysis in Membership Organizations.

Chinese Currency Forecasts and Capital Budgeting.

A Study on the Information Transparency of the Involvements by Venture Capital—Case from Taiwan IT Industry.

The Effect of Corporate Identity Changes on Firm Value An Empirical Investigation

Estimating Costs of Joint Products: A Case of Production in Variable Proportions.

Board Control and Employee Stock Bonus Plans: An Empirical Study on TSEC-Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan.

Measuring the Performance of ERP System --- from the Balanced Scorecard Perspectives.

Endless Surpluses: Japan’s Successful International Trade Policy.

Economic Convergence in the Old and the New Economies of the OECD

An Evaluation of Investment Performance and Financial Standing for Life Insurers in Taiwan.

Dolorous Songs and Blessings of the Curses.

Process and Quality Model for the Production Planning and Control Systems.

Analysis of Financial Performance by Strategic Groups of Digital Learning Industry in Taiwan.

Duality of Alliance Performance.

Does Cooperative Learning Enhance the Residual Effects of Student Interpersonal Relationship Skills? A Case Study at a Taiwan Technical College.

Measuring Efficiency and Productivity Change in Taiwan Hospitals: A Nonparametric Frontier Approach.

Capital Structure: Asian Firms Vs. Multinational Firms in Asia.

Influence of Instructors in Enhancing Problem Solving Skills of Administrative and Technical Staff Candidates.

Relationships Among Public Relations, Core Competencies, and Outsourcing Decisions in Technology Companies.

Compliance with Disclosure Requirements by Four SAARC Countries—Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

How Firms Integrate Nonmarket Strategy with Market Strategy: Evidence from Mainland of China.

Relationship between Organizational Socialization and Organization Identification of Professionals: Moderating Effects of Personal Work Experience and Growth Need Strength

A Typology of Brand Extensions: Positioning Cobranding As a Sub–Case of Brand Extensions.

The Dynamics of Corporate Takeovers Based on Managerial Overconfidence.



Outsourcing:  Its Benefits, Drawbacks and Other Related Issues.

The Importance of Work Experience to Accountants’ Professional Development.

Diagnosis and Remedies for Deviant Workplace Behaviors.

Optimality Principles and Posterior Information as Decision Making Factors in Internet Marketing.

The Effects of Institutional Investors in the Retail Industry.

Determinants of the Percent of the Population Enrolled in HMOs.

The Impact of Self-Presentation by an Auditor on Investment Advisors’ Trust of the Auditor.

Dual Derivatives Spreading and Hedging With Evolutionary Data Mining.

An Agency Theoretical Perspective on the Share System of Crew Remuneration and the Crew’s Optimal Effort.

Teacher Evaluations and Grades: Additional Evidence.

The Application of Knowledge Management and Customer Relationship Management of ROC Government.

Educational Marketing of Transnational Education in Asia.

The Study on the Vitality Index of Organization for an Air Conditioning Factory.

Cultural Diversities Between Singapore and Australia:  An Analysis on Consumption Behavior.

Retail Employment: An Evaluation of Supermarket Part-time Work in London, UK.

Legal Liability Risk for Enterprise R&D: The Case of High Tech Industry in Taiwan.

Implementation of Multiple Enrolment Programs Affecting Academic Achievement: An Example from St. John’s University, Taiwan.

Consumer Adoption of the Internet as a Channel: The Influence of Driving and Inhibiting Factors.

The Seller’s All-Units Quantity Discounts: Single and Multiple Buyers’ Cases.

Less Is More: How Scarcity Influences Consumers’ Value Perceptions and Purchase Intents through Mediating Variables.

A Re-examination of Technology Transfer in Sino-foreign Joint Ventures After China’s WTO Accession.

Analyses of Operations of Ditch Container Wharf and Container Yard.

Narrow Framing, Loss Aversion and Equity Home Bias.

Intra-Day and Inter-Day Price Volatility in the US and European Equity Markets: A Measure of Trading Friction.

Exploring the Relationships between Total Quality Management (TQM), Strategic Control Systems (SCS) and Organizational Performance (OP) Using a SEM Framework.

Utility Function and Risk Taking: An Experiment.

Employee Theft: From Behavioural Causation and Prevention to Managerial Detection and Remedies.

Expatriate Success in China:  Impact of Personal and Situational Factors.

On Interest Free Investment Partnerships: Theoretical Foundations.

The Czech Republic: Is it a global player?

Evaluating the Organizational Performance of Taiwanese Hospitals Using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process.

What Is Business Cybernetics?

Leadership Style and Innovation Ability: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Wire and Cable Companies.

Is Malaysia’s Manufacturing Productivity Growth Input Driven?

Information Technology Business Value: Effects of IT Usage on Labor Productivity.

Equality between the Monetary Multiplier and the Income Velocity of Money.

Practicing Ethics in Hr: Where’s the Action?

An Accounting Information System for Harmonization.

Influencing Factors on the Innovation in Logistics Technologies for Logistics Service Providers in Taiwan.

Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Guidance ISO14000 into Trades in Taiwan and China - Taking Traditional Industries Implementing PZB Mode as an Example.

Learning from Your Business Lectures: Using Stepwise Regression to Understand Course Evaluation Data.

Proposing Student Learning Performance in Physical Education by Applying Social Cognitive Theory.

A Multilevel Exploration of Factors Influencing the Front-Line Employees’ Service Quality in International Tourist Hotels.

Defined Benefit Pension Fund Accounting: Relevancy, Clarity, and Consistency.

Tax Effect on Firm Valuation under Clean Surplus Accounting.

Stock Index Futures Real-Time Long and Short Decision Support System.

Corporate Performance Efficiency Investigated by Data Envelopment Analysis and Balanced Scorecard.

Investment in Entrepreneurial Capital: A Nonexpected Utility Maximizing Analysis.

Kano Two-dimensional Quality Model and Important-Performance Analysis in the Student's Dormitory Service Quality Evaluation in Taiwan.

A Study on Decision Factors and Third Party Selection Criterion of Logistics Outsourcing - An Exploratory Study of Direct selling Industry.

Employee Demography Moderate Involvement of Decision making and Adoption of Management Accounting Innovations for Chinese Accountants.

How to Prepare Students for the New Economics and Finance Component of the CPA Exam.

A Foundation Study for Improving Operations and Productivity in the Service Sector.

The Implementation of an Asynchronous Web-based Gaming & Simulation Environment and Its Effects on Financial Engineering Education



Corporate Environmental Disclosures:  A Longitudinal Study of Japanese Firms.

Just‑in‑Time Under Fire: The Five Major Constraints Upon JIT  Practices.

Rhetoric and Reality - Social Rationality for Mental Institutions in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Decolonization and International Trade: Impact of the Rupture Factor.

Green House Gas Emissions Trading Scheme and their Fiscal Implications.

Financial Opposition Index and Optimal Seignorage: Evidence from Emerging Economies.

A Formal Technology Introduction Process.

Transparency in Financial Statements: A Conceptual Framework from a User Perspective.

Assessing the Effects of Work and Family Related Factors on Women Well-Being.

The Significance of Teachers Pursuing Advanced Studies Autonomously to Taiwanese Educational Reform.

The Effect of Religiosity on Shopping Orientation: An Exploratory Study in Malaysia.

Measuring the Effects of Consumer Switching Costs on Switching Intention in Taiwan Mobile Telecommunication Services.

A Cognitive Processing Model for Assessing Ethical Behavior of Employees.

The Possibility of the Balassa-Samuelson effect between Estonia and Germany 1991-2000.

Empower Internet Services in Hotel Industry - A Customer Service Life Cycle Concept.

Managing Business Attributes and Performance for Commercial Banks.

The Developing Environment of Logistic Business in Ports of Taiwan.

Public Financing in Lifelong Learning Society in Korea.

A Study of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Taiwanese Leisure Industry.

Examining the Relationship between the Design-Manufacturing Cooperation and New Product Development Time Performance: The Moderating Role of Technological Innovativeness.

The Comparison and Study of Shortest Path Algorithm in Heaps – Using a Taiwan Route Map as an Example.

Cultural Differences in Determining the Ethical Perception and Decision-making of Future Accounting Professionals: A Comparison between Accounting Students from Taiwan and the United States

The Applications of Financial Innovation in Taiwan’s Automobile Industry: Operation, Pricing, and Strategic Implications.

Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: A Case Study.

Carrefour’s Global Reach: A Case Study of Its Strategy.

Effect of Knowledge Sharing to Organizational Marketing Effectiveness in Large Accounting Firms That Are Strategically Aligned.

Using Back-Propagation Neural Network to Forecast the Production Values of the Machinery Industry in Taiwan.

Value-Added of Human Capital Through Complementary Capital.

Research on Customer Satisfaction: Take the Loan Market of the Taiwanese Region as an Example.

Exchange-based Value Creation System for Network Relationships Management.

Exploring the Digital Capital Indicators of Internet Banking in Taiwan.

Earnings Management and Its Measurement: A Theoretical Perspective.

The Impact of Launch Products (New and Established Products) on the Effect of Terminology in Advertising.

Exploring the Relationships of Trust and Commitment in Supply Chain Management.

Effects of Trope Advertisement on Chinese Consumers.

Suggestions to Enhance the Cyber Store Customers Satisfaction.



The Myth of Inter-Period Allocation of Deferred Taxes: Industry–Based Analyses.

Is South Carolina’s Integrated System of Personal Property Tax and Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing a Burden on Interstate Commerce Such that it Violates the Dormant Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution?

A Descriptive Overview of Islamic Taxation.

Exploring a Taxonomy of Global Leadership Competencies and Meta-competencies.

The Web of Deception Money Laundering and Transnational Crime: “A Double Edge Sword of Power & Illusion”

Teaching the Job Stress Audit to Business School Students: Causes, Measurement, Reduction.

A Legal Perspective on Outsourcing and Offshoring.

Strategic Offshoring from a Decomposed COO’s Perspective: A Cross-Regional Study of Four Product Categories.

Alternative Options for Business Decisions Using Nearly Optimal Programming.

E-Mails in the Workplace: The Electronic Equivalent of ‘DNA’ Evidence.

Does Price Limit Spill the Stock Price Volatility of the Companies with Different Fundamental Value?

Testing Wagner’s Law Using Bounds Test and a New Granger Non-Causality Test: Evidence for Taiwan.

A Comprehensive Study on Information Asymmetry Phenomenon of Agency Relationship in the Banking Industry.

Using Importance-Performance Analysis in Evaluating Taiwan Medium and Long Distance National Highway Passenger Transportation Service Quality.

Evaluating Ethical Decision–Making of Individual Employees in Organizations—An Integration Framework.

Predicting Turnover Intentions: The Case of Malaysian Government Doctors.

International Strategies and Knowledge Transfer Experiences of MNCs’ Taiwanese Subsidiaries.

The Study of the Motivation and Performance of the Incubators’ Strategic Alliances: Strategic Groups Perspective.

The Application of a Quantile Regression to the Relationship Between Debt Financing and Equity Financing by Dual-Issue Cases.

A Study on the Factors of Manufacturer Profitability: The Moderating Effect of Different Industries.

A Study on Efficiency and Productivity of Turkish Banks In Istanbul Stock Exchange using Malmquist DEA.

Application of the VAIC Method To Measures of Corporate Performance: A Quantile Regression Approach.

A Study of the Factors Impacting ERP System Performance—from the Users’ Perspectives.

Factors Constraining the Growth and Survival of Small Scale Businesses. A Developing Countries Analysis.

On Using Benefit Segmentation for a Service Industry: A Study on College Career Counseling Services.

Business International:  An Analysis of the International Market.

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness for Auditor Independence: Abe Briloff and Section 201 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

The Effects of Nonmonetary Sales Promotions on Consumer Preferences: The Contingent Role of Product Category.

An Analysis of Factors Which Influence Small Businesses’ Decision to Have a Website and to Conduct Online Selling.

Maximize Audit Fees and Minimize Audit Risk: “A Recipe for Auditing Success or Failure?”

A Study on Relations between Industrial Transformation and Performance of Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Impact of Message Framing and Involvement on Advertising Effectiveness - The Topic of Oral Hygiene as an Example.

ISO 9000 and Financial Performance in the Electronics Industry.

A Framework for Interpreting the Antecedents of CEO Compensation: An Organizational Adaptation Perspective.

An Overview of Knowledge Management Assessment Approaches.

Research Trends on Patent Analysis: An Analysis of the Research Published in Library’s Electronic Databases.

Effects of Job Satisfaction and Perceived Alternative Employment Opportunities on Turnover Intention — An Examination of Public Sector Organizations.

Return on R&D Investment Across High-Tech Products’ Life Cycle.

A Research Study on Students’ Level of Acceptance in Applying E-learning for Business Courses -A Case Study on a Technical College in Taiwan.

Study of the Financial Planning Behaviors of Chinese Senior Citizens.

Integrating the Role of Sales Agent into the Branding Model in the Insurance Industry.

Integrating Management Concepts and Telecom Facilities Using Ideas from Public Law.

The Application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in Product Development - The Case Study of Taiwan Hypermarket Building.

Assessment of Internet Marketing and Competitive Strategies for Leisure Farming Industry in Taiwan.

A Kano Two-dimensional Quality Model in Taiwan’s Hot Spring Hotels Service Quality Evaluations.

Compelling Claims on Multinational Corporate Conduct.



Ex Ante Recognition of Bubble Stock Gauges and Forecasts of Their Bursting in the United States and Japan.

Fiscal and Monetary Policies Under Zero Interest Rate Regime A Brief Exploration.

Muse Air: Management in Crisis.

Twenty Years of Advances in Accounting—1984 – 2003.

The Effects of Shelf Registration on Cost of Debt.

A Conceptual Model for Operations-Analytics Convergence.

Removing the Blinders: A Phenomenological Study of U.S. Based MBA Students’ Perception of Spirituality in the Workplace.

The Investigation for the Establishment of Science Parks: The Case of Taiwan.

A Comparative Study on Corporate Political Action in China.

Establishing a Performance Prediction Model for Insurance Companies.

The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction, Occupational and Organizational Commitment of Academics.

The Effect of Organizational Ethical Culture on Marketing Managers’ Role Stress and Ethical Behavioral Intentions.

A Study for Establishment of the Taiwan Export Processing Zone.

Competing in the Global Knowledge Economy: Implications for Business Education

A Study on the Motivations of Ports Seeking to Diversify Their Operations in Taiwan.

Modeling and Forecasting the Energy Consumption in Taiwan Using Artificial Neural Networks.

Human Resources Management in the Global Environment.

Transparency & Accountability: An Argument against a Socio- Economic Funding Model for Australian Schools.

The Business of Student Retention in the Post September 11 Environment--Financial, Institutional and External Influences.

The Ethical Attitudes of Accounting Students.

Do Humans Need GMOs?—A View from a Global Trade Market.

What Consumers Need from Restaurants: An Empirical Study on Different Classes of Restaurants in Taiwan and their Customer Service.

Corporate Social Performance, Corporate Financial Performance, and Firm Size: A Meta-Analysis.

Patent Rights, Mergers and Entrepreneurship in the Biotechnology Industry of Sweden.

A Content Analysis of Taiwanese Television Commercials Containing the Japanese Language.

A Study of Ownership Structures and Firm Values Under Corporate Governance -- The Case of Listed and OTC Companies in Taiwan’s Finance Industry.

The Effect of Fit between Organizational Life Cycle and Human Resource Management Control on Firm Performance.

The Conceptual Construction of Core Competence for Two Distinct Corporations in Taiwan.

A Foucauldian Gaze of Mental Institution Accounting Reality: “Another Brick in the Wall

Systems Model for Improving Standards and Retention in Engineering Education.

The Impact of Dynamic Capabilties With Market Orientation and Resource-Based Approaches on NPD Project Performance.

Stock Buy-back Effect on Firm’s Value: From Different Capital Resources Perspective.

Conflict Resolution Strategy between Foreign and Local Partners in Joint Ventures in China.

Evolutionary Support Vector Regression Modeling for Taiwan Stock Exchange Market Weighted Index Forecasting.

Competitive Analysis of Taiwan’s Information Industry.

How to Operate Public WLAN Business: The Case of Taiwan.

A Three-Phased-Switching Relationship between Tobin’s Q and the Shares Owned by the Directors: An Empirical Study on the Taiwanese Electronic Industry.

Strategic Decision Processes and Firm Performance Among Truckload Motor Carriers.

A Case of Control Practice in Restaurants and Cafes in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The Effect of Customers’ Purchase Willingness by Applying Adaptive Sales Interactive Model.

Real Options as a Tool for Making Strategic Investment Decisions.

Sales Representative Selection of Pharmaceutical Firms by Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Dimensions of Quality in Higher Education:  How Academic Performance Affects University Students' Teacher Evaluations.

Application of Queuing Model in Healthcare Administration with Incorporation of Human Factors.

How Attribution Explains Consumers’ Views of Penalties.



A Firm’s Technology Demand Receptivity: The Development of The Construct and A Conceptual Model.

Competing with IT: The UPS Case.

A Perspective on the Environment’s Balance Sheet.

Information Technology Workforce – Planning for the Future.

HR’s Crucial Role in the Establishment of Spirituality in the Workplace.

Analyzing the Role of Customer-Base Differences in Developing Customer Relationship Management Strategies.

AGOA: America’s “Goodwill” to Africa.

Service Quality: A Study of the Luxury Hotels in Malaysia.

Toward an Understanding Communication Channel Preferences for the Receipt of Management Information.

Human Capital Accumulation and Labor Force Participation in Korean Women.

Towards Assurance of Learning in Business Programs: Components and Measurements.

Knowledge Strategies in Taiwan’s IC Design Firms.

The MIS Expectation Gap in the UAE: Industry Expectations Versus Academic Preparation.

Requisitely Holistic Standardization of Business Decision-Making.

A Fitness Test of the Cost of Carry Model for Stock Index Futures.

Direct-To-Customer Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products: Issue Analysis and Direct-To-Consumer Promotion.

An Empirical Study on the Association between China Investment Location and Financial and Operating Performance of Taiwanese Listing Electronics Corporations.

Does the Composition of CEO Compensation Influence The Firm’s Advertising Budgeting?

Income Tax Evasion Determinants: New Evidence.

Importance of Portal Standardization and Ensuring Adoption in Organizational Environments.

The Importance of Oral Communication in a Pacific Island Countries’ Context.

Diversified Hospital Operations in Responding the Contextual Challenges in Taiwan.

Competition and Cooperation Intensity in a Network A Case Study in Taiwan Simulator Industry.

Recurring Cycle of Australian Corporate Reforms: “A Never Ending Story”

Analyst’s Financial Forecast Accuracy and Information Transparency.

Using Genetic Algorithm to Facilitate Time-Cost Optimization in Product Development—Take Mobile Phones as an Example.

A Neuro-Fuzzy Computing Technique for Modeling the Time Series of Short-Term NT$/US$ Exchange Rate.

A Study on the Linear Programming in Time Cost Analysis of Product Improve Design– a Focus on Computer Mouse Products.

How to Improve Efficiency in Transfer of Scientific Knowledge from University to Firms: The Case of Universities in Taiwan.

User Information Needs Against Information Technology Services: Expectations and Delivery.

Exploring Store Image, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Relationship: Evidence from Taiwanese Hypermarket Industry.

Exploring Employed-learners' Choice Profiles for VMBA Programs.

The Explanation Effects on Consumer Perceived Justice, Satisfaction and Loyalty Improvement: An Exploratory Study.

Measuring the Relative Efficiency of Commercial Banks: A Comparative Study on Different Ownership Modes in China.

Public Policy in a Dynamic Growth Model Without Scale Effects.

A Longitudinal Study of the Depiction of Women in a United States Business Publication.

Relation Between Financial Liberalization and Foreign Currency Crises in Turkey: An Applications in terms of Foreign Currency Crises (1990 - 2004).

The Impact of the Internet on Health Care Services.

Stereotypes of Professional Training Institutions (Schools) in Taiwan.

The Study of Subculture and Consumer Behavior: An Example of Taiwanese University Students’ Consumption Culture.

Role and Impact of Product-Country Image on Rice Marketing: A Developing Country Perspective.

A Study on Debt Maturity Structure.

Mean Reversion Behavior across Frequencies: Empirical Evidences from Taiwan Equity Market.

One Application for Using PERT Methodology in Strategic Decisions.

Conceptual Model of Post-Formation Governance in Cross-border Partnership.

Violence in the Canadian Workplace.



Earnings Predictability: Do Analysts Make Coverage Choices Based on Ease of Forecasts?

Nations’ Socio-Economic Potentials: Development, Growth, Public Policies, and Welfare.

Decolonization and International Trade: The Cote D’ivoire’s Case.

How Corporate Sport Sponsorship Impacts Consumer Behavior.

An Artificial Intelligence Stock Classification Model.

Managing Stakeholders Interests in Turbulent Times: A Study of Corporate Governance of Canadian Firms.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy of the Tenure/Promotion Policies at Business Colleges and Schools.

The Trade-Off Between R&D and Marketing Spending for High-Technology Companies.

The Grey Relational Evaluation of the Manufacturing Value Chain.

Negotiation Process Improvement Between Two Parties: A Dynamic Conflict Analysis.

Spirituality in the Workplace: Developing an Integral Model and a Comprehensive Definition.

The Case Analysis on Failures of Enterprise Internal Control in Mainland China.

Five Competitive Forces in China’s Automobile Industry.

Trademark Value and Accounting Performance: Analysis from Corporate Life Cycle.

The Impact of Floating Thai Baht on Export Volumes: A Case Study of Major Industries in Thailand.

The Dynamic Relationship and Pricing of Stocks and Exchange Rates: Empirical Evidence from Asian Emerging Markets.

The Effects of Repatriates’ Overseas Assignment Experiences on Turnover Intentions.

Prepare for E-Generation: The Fundamental Computer Skills of Accountants in Taiwan.

The Comparative Study of Information Competencies-Using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Expected Default Probability, Credit Spreads and Distant-from-Default.

Yearning for a More Spiritual Workplace.

The International Harmonization of Accounting Standards: Making progress in Accounting Practice or an Endless Struggle?

The Impact of Environmental characteristic on Manufacturing Strategy under Cleaner Production Principles Guidance.

The Relationships Between Explicit and Tacit Oriented KM Strategy, and Firm Performance.

The Cultural Dimension of Technology Readiness on Customer Value Chain in Technology-Based Service Encounters.

Applying Knowledge Management System with Agent Technology to Support Decision Making in Collaborative Learning Environment.

Using Balanced Scorecard and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis for Multinational R & D Project Performance Assessment.

Contemporary Knowledge Management Platform – EPSS.

An Empirical Investigation of Sexual Harassment Incidences in the Malaysian Workplace

Mortgage Decision … Lower Payment or Faster Payoff ?

Taiwan Multinational Companies and the Effects Fitness Between Subsidiary Strategic Roles and Organizational Configuration on Business Performance: Moderating Cultural Differences.

An Analysis of Global Retail Strategies: A Case of U.S. Based Retailers.

The Impact of Consumer Product Knowledge on the Effect of Terminology in Advertising.

Analyzing Functional Performance of Hong Kong Firms: Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Automation.

Risk Perception, Risk Propensity and Entrepreneurial Behaviour: The Greek case.

Growth, Entrepreneurship, Structural Change, Time and Risk.

The Effect of Genetically Modified Seed Technology on the Direct and Fixed Costs of Producing Cotton.

E-Government – A proactive participant for e-learning in higher education.

The Role of Affect and Cognition in the Perception of Outcome Acceptability Under Different Justice Conditions.

Developing Measurements of Digital Capital in Employment Websites by Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Socializing a Capitalistic World: Redefining the Bottom Line.

A Study of Factors Affecting Effective Production and Workforce Planning.

The Response of Various Real Estate Assets to Devaluation in Argentina.

Managing Marketing Standardization in a Global Context.

The Association Between Firm-Specific Characteristics and Disclosure:  The Case of Saudi Arabia.

A Scorecard on Intellectual Capital Performance in the Economy.

Enhancing Education Through Technology?

An Examination of Dynamic Panel Models Using Monte Carlo Method.

Rational Conduct, Fairness, and Reciprocity in Economic Transaction Processes.



How Do Pioneering Firms Identify and Pursue Opportunities: An Exploratory Model of Pioneering Behavior.

Hofstede Theory and Cross Cultural Ethics Conceptualization, Review, and Research Agenda.

Derivative Gain/loss, Currency Hedging and Management Compensation.

A Statistical Approach to Peer-Groupings; The Case of Banks in Armenia.

Government Intervention and Market Distortion: The Case of the Chinese Stock Market.

Appraisal and Comparison of the Financial Performance of the Household Electrical Appliances Industries of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Development of a Human Resource Management Effectiveness Measurement Model in Taiwan.

Issues in Recruitment and Retention for the IT Workforce.

A Study on the Relationship of a Strategic Asset Seeking Subsidiary with MNC Headquarter.

Information Asymmetry, Creative Accountings and Moral Choice: An Apocalypse of Procomp Informatics Ltd.

Ethics: An Urgent Competency in Financial Education.

Does Tax Knowledge Matters In Self-Assessment Systems? Evidence from Malaysian Tax Administrative.

Does FDI Imply Productivity Growth for the Host Economy?

The Transnational Corporation, Corporate Social Responsibility and the ‘Outsourcing’ Debate.

Factors Affecting Oral Communication Apprehension Among Business Students: An Empirical Study.

Australia’s Major Corporate Collapse: Health International Holdings (HIH) Insurance “May The Force Be With You”

The Effects of Emotions in Risk-taking.

Intertemporal Cross-Border Investment Structures Subjected to the Foreign Leverage Constraint.

The Structure of Corporate Ownership: A Comparison of China and Taiwan’s Security Markets.

Public Sector Aid Organisations:  Philanthropy or Self Interest?

Ethical Marketing Practices:An Investigation of Antecedents, Innovativeness and Business Performance.

What’s Wrong with Japan’s Economy.

Enterprise Information Systems Strategy and Planning.

The Impact of Consumer Product Knowledge on the Effect of Terminology in Advertising.

Management Model to Create Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Research on Suppliers' Perspectives.

Evaluating Investment Opportunity in Innovation — A Real Option Approach.

Decision Support Systems – An IT and Industrial Perspective.

Management Entrenchment: Can It Negate the Effectiveness of Recently Legislated Governance Reform?

The Development of a Team-Oriented Structure in a Small Business Enterprise.

Weberian Theoretical Implications on Development Banking Historical Research: “Past, Present and Future”

A Model for Supplier Selection and Tasks Assignment.

Technical Change in Developing countries: A Dynamic Model of Adoption, Learning and Industry Evolution.

Accounting and Socio-Economic Development Paradigms.

Accounting Transparency of Korean Firms: Measurement and Determinant Analysis.

Goodwill Impairment:  Improvement or Boondoggle?

Made in Effect, Competitive Marketing Strategy and Brand Performance: An Empirical Analysis for Spanish Brands.

Overcoming Barriers to Change in Management Accounting Systems.

Tech-Developments and possible Influences on Learning Processes and Functioning in the Future.

Examining Pay Level Satisfaction in the UK Grocery Retail Sector: A Focus on Supermarket Employees.

Competency Cluster Validation Model an Empirical Study.

The Factors Influencing Expatriates.

Museum Marketing and Strategy: Directors’ Perception and Belief.

Activity-Based Costing in Saudi Arabia’s Largest 100 Firms in 2003.

The Activation Level of Crises and the Change of Strategic Targets of Enterprises in Turkey during the Depression Era.

Effect of Signal to Noise Variance Ratio on Parameter Uncertainty in Signal Extraction Approach for Time Series.

Determinants of the Establishment of Marketing Activities by Subsidiaries of MNCs.

The Market and Operating Performance of B-share Initial Public Offerings in China.

Accounting Education: Designing a Curriculum for the 21st Century.

Environment Scanning for Strategic Information: Content Analysis from Malaysia.

Globalizing Malaysia’s Human Resources: Removing the Language Barrier.

Evaluating Biometrics as Internal Control Solutions to Organizational Risk.

Impact of Globalization of Public Administration Practices on Hofstede's Cultural Indices.



WTO and Market Access in Non-Agricultural Products: Issues and Options for Developing Countries.

Methodological Advantages of Combining Policy Capturing With Nomothetic Research Designs: A Pay Satisfaction Example.

Applying the Concept of Cognitive Continuum to Leadership Training.

Predicting Success of Police Officer Applicants Using Weighted Application Blanks.

Toward a Unified View of Customer Relationship Management.

Downsizing as a Strategic Intervention.

Providing Students with an Overview of Financial Statements Using the Dupont Analysis Approach.

E-CRM: Are we there yet?

Managing Disequilibria in the ‘New Economy’

Knowledge Sharing Routines, Task Efficiency, and Team Service Quality in Instant Service-Giving Settings.

Performance Impacts of Strategic Orientations: Evidence from Turkish Manufacturing Firms.

Taiwanese Firms’ Foreign Direct Investment in China: Traditional Industries vs. Electronic Industries.

Internet Diffusion and E-Business Opportunities Amongst Malaysian Travel Agencies.

The Women at Principals’ Chair in Turkey.

An Empirical Study of Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance.

Impacts on Improvement of Organizational Synthetic Value Caused by Social Network Relationship.

Best Practices Regarding Grief and the Workplace.

Business, Combinatorial Theory and Decision-Making.

Role and Relevance of Web Supported Learning for First Generation Learners.

The Relationship between Multinationality and the Performance of Taiwan Firms.

Scalable E-Business Integration.

International Business: Taiwan’s Edge in the Asian Financial Crisis.

Decomposing Performance of Funds-of-Funds.

An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance Mechanism and Its Antecedents: Evidence from Taiwanese Venture Capital Industry.

Are Formalization and Human Asset Specificity Mutually Exclusive? –A Learning Bureaucracy Perspective.

Public Policy Effectiveness, Risk, and Integration in the Western Economies.

The Self and Symbolic Consumption.

Technology Investment Mode of Innovative Technological Corporations: M & A Strategies Intended to Facilitate Innovation.

Managerial Thinking in the 21st Century.

The Ethical Reasoning Abilities of Accounting Students.

The Announcement Effect on the Increase of Paid Up Capital on Stock Performance of Insurance Companies in Malaysia.

The Examination of Six Dimensions of Teacher Empowerment for Taiwanese Elementary School Teachers

How to Deal With Conflicts? The Effect of Consumers’ Subjective Time Pressure on Product Attitude Judgment and Choice.

International Accounting Harmonization Impact Compared:  Illustration of United States and Japan Financial Statement Ratio Analysis.

Factors that Influence the Piracy of DVD/VCD Motion Pictures.

FDI Model in Emerging Economies: Case of Suzuki Motor Corporation in India.

Political & Economic Independence: The Kenya’s Case.

Performance Evaluation of Information System Outsourcing in Taiwan's Large Enterprises.

William Morse Cole: Where got, Where gone?

Exposing the Myth of “Re-Investment Economics Trigger” in Investment Decisions.

A Model to Price Corporate Bonds with Call Provision and Default Risk.

SARS Devastation on Tourism: The Taiwan Case.

Developing E-Business Systems Based on KM Process Perspective - A Case Study of Seven-Eleven Japan

The Metacapitalism Quest.

An Empirical Study of the Construction of Measuring Model for Organizational Innovation in Taiwanese High-tech Enterprises.

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: The Potential Role of National Culture.

Exploring a Global Pattern of E-Business Activities and Strategic Orientation.

The Next Stage of Psychographic Segmentation: Usage of Enneagram.

A Comprehensive Formal Ranking of the Popularity of Financial Ratios in Multivariate Modeling of Corporate Collapse.

A Survey of Issues and Recent Trends in Unicast Congestion Control for the Internet.

Outsourcing Versus in-House Provision of Sleep Diagnostic Services.



An International Comparative Study of Economic Development: The Recent Evidence.

The Hewlett Packard – Compaq Computers Merger: Insight from the Resource-Based View and the Dynamic Capabilities Perspective.

Using Six-sigma to Improve Loan Portfolio Performance.

International Pharmaceuticals Industry: The New Marketing Paradigm in the United States and Unresolved Issues of Public Policy.

U.S. Trade Deficits with China and Mexico: The Hecksher-Ohlin Theorem Revisited.

An Analysis of the Incentives to Licensing in U.S. Information Technology.

The Impacts of Country-of-Origin on Brand Equity.

Making the Most of International Assignments: A Training Model for Non-resident Expatriates.

Corporate Governance: Theory and Practice

A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organizations.

Determining Success Indicators of E-Commerce Companies Using Rough Set Approach.

The Implementation of Total Quality Management Strategy in Australia: Some Empirical Observations.

Urban Land Pricing Under Uncertainty: An Introductory Model.

Identifying Global Leadership Competencies: An Exploratory Study.

Public Policy Failure in Health Care.

From Cultural Models to Cultural Categories: A Framework for Cultural Analysis.

Understanding the Location Strategies of the European Firms in Asian Countries.

A Transaction Cost Perspective on Motives for R&D Alliances: Evidence from the Biotechnology Industry.

A Structural Equation Modeling of CEO Pay-Performance Relationships.

Surveying the Topic of “Effective Leadership”

Methodological Issues in Research on Business Casual Dress.

A Study of Golf Courses Management: The In-depth Interview Approach.

A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of Fairness Heuristic Theory.

Decolonization and International Trade: The Ghana Case.

The Effects of Mentoring on Perceived Career Success, Commitment and Turnover Intentions.

Internet Shopper Demographics and Buying Behaviour in Australia.

Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: Developing Intercultural Competence.

Change-Adept Classroom.

New Product Development Strategy of IC Design Houses in Taiwan.

Critical Success Factors of Transferring Nursing Knowledge in Hospital’s Clinical Practice.

An Investigation of Critical Success Factors in the Adoption of B2BEC by Taiwanese Companies.

A Model to Estimate the Default Risks for Callable Corporate Bonds: Evidence from the U.S. Market.

Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from Asia Pacific Countries.

Is Technology Preemption a Motive for R&D Alliances?  Evidence from the Biotechnology Industry.

Enhancement of Customer Network Relationship via Governance Mechanism of Inter-Organizational Core Resource and Core Knowledge Strategic Alliance.

Determinants of  SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Satisfaction with Pay among Nursing Home Administrators.

Dynamics of Business Network Embeddedness.

The Economic Impact of a One-Time Sporting Event: The Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred Racing Championship Day.

Are Strategic Assets Contributions or Constraints for SMEs to Go International? An Empirical Study of the US Manufacturing Sector.

3n-p Fractional Factorials with Blocking.

Money Laundering: A Global Challenge.

Research on Impacts of Team Leadership on Team Effectiveness.

Making Appropriate Decision on Organizational Boundary and Creating Organizational Value of Foreign Investment of Multinational Enterprise (MNE).

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges: Returns Distribution, Volatilities and Performance.

Relationship Marketing in the Export Sector: Empirical Evidence from Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone.

Technostress in the Workplace Managing Stress in the Electronic Workplace.

A Compounded Agency Problem: An Empirical Examination of Public-Private Partnerships.

Teaching Workloads of Marketing Program Leaders and Faculty and Criteria for Granting Load Relief.

Conflict Management Styles: A Comparative Study of University Academics and High School Teachers.

A Comparison Between Financial Reporting in Health Care Versus Other Industries.

A Field Research about Implications of Organizational Downsizing on Employees Working for Turkish Public Banks.

Living in Dilbert's World: A Cubicle Eye's View of Job Dissatisfaction.

Teaching the Job Satisfaction Audit Project to Business School Students.

WIP Management Model for Semiconductor Back-end Manufacturing.

Total Quality Management: Context and Performance.

Strategic Perspectives Associated With the Golf Industry.

Strategic Disintermediation Within the Context of E-Commerce: The Effect on Distributors and Re-Sellers.

IT Project Management: A Conceptual View.

The Milieu of the IASB.

The Role of Trust and Collaboration in the Internet-enabled Supply Chain.

Intent to Leave Among Geographically Isolated Branch Office Employees: An Empirical Study.

Integration of TAM Based Electronic Commerce Models for Trust.

The Requisite Holism of Information in a Virtual Business Organization's Management.

Teacher as Leader and Student as Follower: The Implementation of Expectancy Theory in the English Classes of Taiwanese College.

Incorporating Value Judgments into Data Envelopment Analysis to Improve Decision Quality for Organization.

An Investigation of the Relationship of Organizational Structure, Employee’s Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors.

Examining the Effect of Organization Culture and Leadership Behaviors on Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Job Performance at Small and Middle-sized Firms of Taiwan.

An Investigation of the Diffusion of Online Games in Taiwan: An Application of Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

Reflections on Academic Misconduct:  An Investigating Officer’s Experiences and Ethics Supplements.

Deregulation and Globalisation: Process, Effects and Future Challenges to Air Transport Markets.

Assessing the Health Insurance Literature 1999- 2003: A Citation Analysis.

A Two-Dimensional Model for Allocating Resources to R&D Programs.

Organisational Change: from Public to Private Sector A UK based reflective Case Study.

Enhancing Competitive Advantage of Hospitals through Linguistics Evaluation on Customer Perceived Value.

The Effects of Web Operational Factors on Marketing Performance.

Globalization Effects, Co-Marketing Alliances, and Performance.

The Store Loyalty of the UK’s Retail Consumers.



Urban Sprawl: Myth or Reality?

Economic Growth In Transitional Versus Industrial Economies: A Case of the Baltic Sea Region.

A Note on the Impact Managerial Styles Can Have for Service Marketers: Some New Insights. 

Using the Technological Readiness Audit  for Strategic Competitive Advantage.

Auditing E-Business: New Challenges for External Auditors.

Making "Good" Decisions: What Intuitive Physics Reveals About the Failure of Intuition.

Agency Theory, National Culture and Management Control Systems.

Consumer Protection in E-Commerce: Analyzing the Statutes in Malaysia.

Technical Efficiencies of Rice Farms in Thailand: A Non-Parametric Approach. 

The Moderating Effects of Consumer Perception to the Impacts of Country-of-Design on Perceived Quality. 

Ownership and International Joint Ventures’ Level of Expatriate Managers.

Teaching Workloads of Finance Program Leaders and Faculty and Criteria for Granting Load Relief. 

ICT Adoption and SME Growth in New Zealand.

Internet Technology as a Tool in Customer Relationship Management.

Privatization in Saudi Arabia: Is it time to Introduce it into the Public Sector Domain?

Trainer Development Formula: The Case of the Institute of Public Administration in Saudi Arabia.

The Relationship between the Dow Jones Eurostoxx50 Index and Firm Level Volatility.

Strategic Orientation of Banking and Finance Managers in United Arab Emirates.

Great Leaders Teach Exemplary Followership and Serve As Servant Leaders.

Factors that Affect the Selection of Defensive Marketing Strategies: Evidence from the Egyptian Banking Sector.

Hedging for Global Equity Investing.

Finance Faculty’s Understanding and Acceptance of Accreditation for Chartered Financial Analyst in Taiwan.

Assessing the Measurement of Organizational Agility.

The New Economic and Social Model – A Third Stage of Economic and Social Development in Brazil in the Millennium: One Brazil-Shared Humanity –Wealth Creation and Social Justice.

Critical Success Factors in the Client-Consulting Relationship. 

A Study on Entrepreneurial Attitudes Among Youths in Malaysia. Case Study: Institute Kemahiran Belia Negara, Malaysia.

A Comparison of Economic Reforms and Instability Effects in Three Large Emerging Markets.

New Evidence on the Impact of Federal Government Budget Deficits on the Nominal Long Term Interest Rate Yield on Moody’s Baa-Rated Corporate Bonds.

Issues and Challenges of Accounting Education in China: Practitioner and Academic Perceptions.

Exchange Rate Regime Choices for China.

Sources of Competitive Advantage: Differential and Catalytic Dimensions.

Comprehensive Income: Evidence on the Effectiveness of FAS 130.

On Acculturation of Business Acquisition: The Case of two Machine Tool Manufacturers in Taiwan.

Perspectives on Privacy.

Global Trade Model.

Mobile Commerce: Customer Perception and It’s Prospect on Business Operation in Malaysia.

Is Family Ownership a Pain or Gain to Firm Performance?

Comparison of Knowledge Management and CMM/CMMI Implementation. 

Selecting Consumer Oriented Alliance Partner to Assure Customer Satisfaction in International Markets.

The Relationship between Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Organizational Effectiveness.

A Study to Improve Organizational Performance: A View from SHRM.

Project Performance: Implications of Personality Preferences and Double Loop Learning.

The Dollar Value of Improved Customer-Oriented Retail Sales Personnel.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage from Advertising  (Study on Children's Understanding of TV Advertising).

Study of the Relationship between Perception of Value and Price and Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Malaysian Telecommunications Industry.

How is Market Efficiency Disappeared? Comparing the Opening Position and Closing Position Simulation Results.

Business School Curriculum: Can we learn from Quantum Physics?

Ally Strategic Alliance with Consumers? Who Care?

Knowledge Management Initiatives: Exploratory Study in Malaysia. 

Alternative Panel Estimates of Elasticities for Cigarette Demand in the U.S.

Purchasing Power Parity and the Base Currency Effect: A re-examination.

Perspectives in Consumer Behavior:  Paradigm Shifts in Prospect. 

A Model for Web Server Security.

Methods for Maximizing Student Engagement in the Introductory Business Statistics Course: A Review.

From Industrial Revolution to Managerial Evolution: The Case of IBM Credit Corporation.

Developing New Markets for Turfgrass-sod in the United States.

Attrition of Agency in Real Estate Brokerage.

A Dynamic Econometric Modeling of the U.S. Rice Market.

From General System Theory to Total Quality Management.

Compensation Structure, Perceived Equity and Individual Performance of R&D Professionals. 

The Content Continuum: Extending the Hayes & Wheelwright Process-Product Diagonal to Facilitate Improvement of Services.

Japan’s Liquidity Trap: An Empirical Analysis.

Teaching a Research-Oriented, Graduate Global Marketing Course to Adult Learners in a One-Month Format.

Predicting Impending Bankruptcy Using Audit Firm Changes.

Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets: Case of Argentina.

Measuring and Reporting of Intellectual Capital Performance Analysis.

Executive Compensation Contracts: Change in the Pay-Performance Sensitivity within Firms.

Political Constraints and the IRS’ Tax Enforcement Actions.

Asymmetry in Farm-Milled Rice Price Transmission in the Major Rice Producing States in the U.S.

Application of Thermodynamics on Product Life Cycle.

Regionalization and Specialization: A Theoretical Contribution.

Critique and Insight into Korean Chaebol.

Golf, Tourism and Amenity-Based Development in Florida.

Explaining Embraer’s Hi-Tech Success: Porter’s Diamond, New Trade Theory, or the Market at Work?

Investigating and Modelling GATS Impacts on the Developing Countries: Evidence from the Egyptian Banking Sector.

The Behaviors & the Statistical Properties of Emerging Markets’ Indices & Their Impact on Estimated Stock Beta: The Case of ASE.



The Relationship Between Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture.

The Perceived Threats to the Security of Computerized Accounting Information Systems.

The High Tech Global Accounting Classroom in the 21st Century.

The Integration of Gender and Political Behavior into Hambrick and Mason's Upper Echelons Model of Organizations.

Are Leadership Styles Linked to Turnover Intention: An Examination in Mainland China?

Egyptian Banking Industry: Its History and Future.

Examining Consumer Behavior in Food Industry: An Anthropological Descriptive Follow-Up Case Study.

A Market-Oriented Approach to Inculcating the Value of Academic Excellence Among Minority Students Enrolled in Public Schools.

Auditing Expectations Gap: A Possible Solution.

Ethical Attitudes among Accounting Majors:  An Empirical Study.

Recent Pattern of the U.S. Gender Occupational Segregation and Earnings Gap.

The Development of a Model to Assess the Strategic Management Capability of Small- and Medium-Size Businesses.

Classroom Management of Project Management: A Review of Approaches to Managing a Student’s Information System Project Development.

Cheating – What is It and Why do It: A Study in New Zealand Tertiary Institutions of the Perceptions and Justifications for Academic Dishonesty.

Leadership Style and its Relationship to Individual Differences in Personality, Moral Orientation and Ethical Judgment – A Ph.D. Proposal.

Debt and Taxes, and Tax Deferral.

Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Geographic Differentials in the Bank Failure Rate in the U.S.: A Heteroskedastic-Tobit Estimation.

Strategic Market Planning in Romania: Implications for Practitioners.

Taxonomy and Remedy of Work Hazards Associated with Office Information Systems.

The Determinants of Brand Loyalty.

Uncertainty and Learning in University-Industry Knowledge Transfer Projects.

Leadership Simplified: Abandoning the Einsteinian “Unified Field Theory” Approach.

Examining a Singapore Bank’s Competitive Superiority Using Importance-Performance Analysis.

Teaching Outside the Box: A Look at the Use of Some Nontraditional Teaching Models in Accounting Principles Courses.

Testing the Consistency of New Zealand SME Financial Ratios Across Industry Groups.

An Empirical Study About the Use of the ABC/ABM Models by some of the Fortune 500 Largest Industrial Corporations in the U.S.A.

Competing Size Theories and Audit Lag: Evidence from Mutual Fund Audits.

An Empirical Analysis of Where Firms Choose to Emit and Corresponding Firm Performance.

American Business Objective: An Alternative Approach.

Education and Tax Policies for Economic Development: Taiwan’s Model for Developing Nations.

Analysing the Regime-Switching Behaviors on Exchange Rates and an New Test for PPP-An Empirical Study on the Exchange Rates of Two Major Industrial and Four Asian Developing Country Currencies.

Marketing Research and Information Systems: The Unholy Separation of the Siamese Twins.

Income Squeeze on New Zealand Universities.

Characteristics, Performance and Prospects of Emerging Stock Market of Oman: Facts & Figures for Inter Investors.

U.S. Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds.

The Effects of Organizational Culture on Conflict Resolution in Marketing.

Safe Banking.

Impact of a U.S. Living Wage on Food Prices, Obesity, and Healthcare Costs: A Discussion.

A National Survey of Student Investment Clubs in Taiwan: The Use of Appreciative Inquiry Approach.

Globalization, the Knowledge Economy, and Competitiveness: A Business Intelligence Framework for the Development SMES.

A Field Research on the Effects of MIS on Organizational Restructuring.

A Comparison of Leading Central Banks and Their Effectiveness Using the Discount Rate as a Monetary Policy Tool.

Partners, Resources, and Management Mechanisms of Inter-organizational Collaborative Ties in Non-profit Organizations.

Agency Cost Control.

Determinants of on-Board Retail Expenditures in the Cruise Industry.

Antidumping War Against China and the Effects of WTO Membership.

Computer Access and Utilization Patterns Among Older People.

The Impact of Globalization on Cultural Industries in United Arab Emirates.

Restructuring Japan's Banking Sector to Avoid a Financial Crisis.

Attitudes Toward the Management of International Assignments- A Comparative Study.

Use of Value Line Investment Survey in Teaching Investments.

The Challenges of Teaching Statistics in the Current Technology Environment.

Determinants of Municipal Bond Closed-End Fund Discounts.

Effects of Introducing International Accounting Standards on Amman Stock Exchange.

An Analysis of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) as a Control Mechanism for Business Activity.

Chinese Consumer Behavior: A Cultural Framework and Implications.

Research on the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Service Quality--An Empirical Assessment of the Medical Industry in Central Taiwan.

Adoption of e-Governance: Differences between Countries in the Use of Online Government Services.

Perceptions of Effectiveness - A Study of Schools in Victoria, Australia.

The Influences of Personal and Sociological Factors on Consumer Bank Selection Decision in Malaysia.

Employee Expectations and Motivation: An Application from the “Learned Helplessness” Paradigm.

Holding Cost Reduction in the EOQ Model.

Differences in Environmental Scanning Activities Between Large and Small Organizations:  The Advantage of Size.

Insights into Malaysian Consumers’ Perceptions of Products Made in the U.S.A.

The Impact of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, - Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information on the Financial Institution and the Consumer.

Comparative Performance Measures and Information Dissemination Process of several Euro- Asian Equity Markets.



Development of the Accounting Profession in Taiwan.

Complex Strategic Decision Processes and Firm Performance in a Hypercompetitive Industry.

Speech Recognition Technology for the Medical Field.

What determines dividend policy:  A comprehensive Test.

Theoretical Inconsistencies in Accounting: Why Don’t We Depreciate Land.

Factors on Channel Integration Decisions of Taiwanese Manufacturers in the Export Market.

The Role of Advertising Played in Brand Switching.

Taxation of E-Commerce

Accounting Practices for Interest Rate Swap Derivatives.

Behavior of Prices of Oil and Other Minerals over the Last Few Decades: A Comparative Analysis.

Leadership in the Government of the Gambia: Traditional African Leadership Practice, Shared Vision, Accountability and Willingness and Openness to Change.

An Empirical Study on Professional Commitment, Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement in Canadian Accounting Firms.

U.S. Earnings Inequality in the 1990s.

North American Free Trade Agreement – Is It Delivering What It Promised?

A Financial Appraisal of Florida’s Environmental Horticulture Industry

Structural Adaptation in the Florida Ornamental Plant Nursery Industry in the 1990s.

The Legal Regulation of E-Commerce Transactions.

The Legal and Regulatory Response to Predatory Lending in the Mortgage Industry: With Emphasis on the State of Georgia.

Corporate Governance: A Theoretical Perspective.

Performance Measures and Profitability Factors of Successful African-American Entrepreneurs:  An Exploratory Study.

Enterprise Middleware Management: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

Validating Decision Models in Operational Research.

Gateway Hardware Case  (A computer-based interactive case for an Accounting Principles II course).

Digital Divide and Implications on Growth: Cross - Country Analysis.

Using the Problem-based Learning to Enhance Student’s Key Competencies.

A Theoretical Model for Matching Entry Modes with Defensive Marketing Strategies.

What has happened in the Business World of On-Line Distance Learning?

Product Architecture and Product Design: A Complexity Perspective.

Country of Origin:  A Critical Measure in Work Commitment Studies within Multi-Cultural Contexts.

Measuring Predictive Accuracy in Agribusiness Forecasting.

Teaching the Quality Service Consulting Project to Business School Students.

Personalization and Customization in Financial Portals.

Work Values Ethic: A New Construct for Measuring Work Commitment.

Human Resource Management Practices, Strategic Orientations, and Company Performance: A Correlation Study of Publicly Listed Companies.

Usable Web Based Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search for the Facility Layout Problem.

Measurement of Intangible Success Factors in Four Case Organizations.

Subjective Productivity Measurement.

United States Versus International Financial Statements.

Exchange Rate Crises and Firm Values: A Case Study of Mexico’s Tequila Crisis.

Improving Quarterly Earnings Estimates: The Predictive Ability of the Cash Reinvestment Ratio.

The Effects of the EC Banking Directives on Greek Financial Institutions.

Cointegration and the Causality Between the Real Sector and the Financial Sector of the Malaysian Economy.

An Examination of Cross-Cultural Negotiation: Using Hofstede Framework.

Aligning Training and Organizational Performance Goals Via Simulation.

Databases, Data Mining and Beyond.

Macro-Finance: Applicaton of Financial Economic Theory for Impementing Macroeconomic Policy.

Business Intelligence Empirical Study on the top 50 Finnish Companies.

New Directions for Human Resources in 2002 and Beyond.

Do Malaysian Investors Overreact?

Competitive Strategies, Strategic Alliances, and Performance in International High-Tech Industries: A Cross-Cultural Study.

An Evaluation of Consumer and Business Segmentation Approaches.



ISO9000: 2000 Quality Management Systems Standards:  TQM Focus in the New Revision.

The Ecology of Software: A Framework for the Investigation of Business-IT Integration.

A Look Over the Concepts of Work and Leisure throughout Important Historical Periods.

Cross-Cultural Differences in International Management Using Kluckhohn-Strodtbeck Framework.

Tacit Knowledge Management in Organizations: A Move towards Strategic Internal Communications Systems.

Dividend Omission Announcement Effects, the Firm’s Information Environment, Earnings Volatility and Q.

Formal Business Planning and Small Business Success: A Survey of Small Businesses with an International Focus.

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Wastewater Reuse in Kuwait.

Cultural Understanding and Consumer Behavior:  A Case Study of Southern American Perception of Indian Food.

Cohesion Among Culturally Heterogeneous Groups.

A New Method for Teaching the Time Value of Money.

Taking Note of the New Gender Earnings Gap: A Study of the 1990s Economic Expansion in the U.S. Labor Market.

Zen of Learning: Folkways through Wisdom Traditions.

Computer Crimes: How can You Protect Your Computerised Accounting Information System?

Marketing on the Net: A Critical Review.

Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Evaluating Decision Models in Operational Research.

An Empirical Note on the Impact of the Price of Imported Crude Oil on Inflation in the United Kingdom.

Application of Taguchi Methods for Process Improvement for Tubular Exhaust Manifolds.

Comparative Assessment of the Resume and the Personal Strategic Plan: Perspectives of Undergraduate Business Students, Human Resource Professionals and Business Executives.

Course Content on Managed Care: The Graduate Program in Health Services Administration at Florida International University.

Global Economic Scenarios: In the Twenty-first Century for the Future of World Economic Development–The Allen Hammond Scenarios Projections for the Future.

Security of Computerized Accounting Information Systems: An Integrated Evaluation Approach.

Security of Computerized Accounting Information Systems: A Theoretical Framework.

Monte Carlo Approach with Acceptance/Rejection Sampling for Extracting Signals from Economic Time Series.

Toward An Interdisciplinary Organizational Learning Framework.

The dilemma of Governance in Latin America.

Changes of Economic Environment and Technical & Vocational Education in Korea.

An Exploratory Analysis of Customer Satisfaction.

A Perspective on Team Building.

Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the Competitive Turkish Metropolitan Retail Markets.

The Global Business Conference Schedule.

Dancing with an Elephant: Cultural Missteps in Managing a Thai Expatriate.

The Correlative Relationship between Value, Price & Cost.

The Accounting Crisis As a Result of the Enron Case, and Its Implications on the U.S. Accounting Profession.

The Relationship Between Dividends and Accounting Earnings.

Trade and the Quality of Governance.

Caribbean Economic Integration: The Role of Extra-Regional Trade.

What’s in an Idea?  The Impact of Regulation and Rhetoric on the US Food Supply Chain.

Reform and Corporate Governance in Russia.

Information Communication Technology in New Zealand SMEs.

The Internationalisation Process of UK Biopharmaceutical SMEs.

Impact of Company Market Orientation and FDA Regulations on Bio-Tech Product Development.

Country-of-Origin Effects on E-Commerce.

The FASB Should Revisit Stock Options.

How the World of Marketing Channels is Changing.

Institutional and Resource Dependency Effects on Human Resource Training and Development Activity Levels of Corporations in Malaysia.

Back-Testing of the Model of Risk Management on Interest Rates Required by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Analysis of Dynamic Interactive Diffusion Processes of the Internet and New Generation Cellular Phones.

Franchise Development Program: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Bumiputera Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Developing a Computer Networking Degree: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business Schools.

Intellectual Property Rights and the Attributes of the Market.



The Virtual University: Is It a Panacea or a Pandora’s Box.

Cross-Cultural Differences in Styles of Negotiations Between North American (U.S.) and Chinese.

Internet Integration of Finance Courses.

An Examination of Money Laundering Prevention in the United States of America.

Employee Retention: Approaches for Achieving Performance Objectives.

Validation of the Healthy Work Organization Model.

Corporate Put Strategy.

Cross-Cultural Issues in Internet Marketing.

Political-Economy Considerations when Doing Business in Emerging Economies.

Clustering of Tourist Resorts Visited By GCC Consumers.

Using Genetic Algorithms For Multicriterion  Resources Allocation Problems In Fuzzy Settings.

Litigation Contingencies: What Auditors need to know, what lawyers are willing to provide and what gets reported.

Foreign Market Entry Strategies in the Formerly Socialist Countries: A Case Study.

International Equity Relationship and Global Trade Interdependency.

Re-Defining Accounting Concepts: A New Definition of Land.

Task-Technology Fit: Brick & Mortar Beware?

An Operational Theory Integrating Cash Discount and Product Pricing Policies.

Perceived Uncertainty: How Different Environmental Sectors Moderate Strategy-Performance Relationships.

North-South Gender Role Differences in Business.

Gender and Perception of Service Quality in the Hotel Industry.

Analytilitic Framework for Global Transfer-Pricing.

Linking Organizational Goals and Objectives to Employee Performance: A Quantitative Perspective.

The Tower: An Experiential Simulation.

The Weighted Fair Division Problem.

Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance in China: A Case Study.

Strategic Decision Making in Today’s Management Care Environment.

An Examination of Management Philosophy.

Measuring Destination Attractiveness: A Proposed Framework.

Predicting Leaders and Team Leaders in Times of Great Change.

Practical-Theoretical Approach in the Application of Theory Models of Organization Behavior.

Using Organizational Behavior Theories to Manage Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation.

Market Orientation, Organizational Competencies and Performance: An Empirical Investigation of a Path-Analytic Model.

Caribbean and U.S. Shopping Behavior: Contrast and Convergence.

Intercultural Perceptions of Business and Management Practices: A German-American Learning Experience.

An Ex-Post Investigation of Interest Rate Parity in Asia Emerging Markets.



A Study on Auditors’ Decisions to Investigate Clients’ Illegal Acts.

The Impact of New Economic Information on Bond Price Forecasting.

Tensions Between Accountability and Accessibility: A Structural Problem in HMOs.

Determining College of Business Department Efficiencies over time utilizing DEA.

The Irish Subculture: The Re-Greening Shamrock Market.

Melding clicks and bricks: The Echelon case.

Are Bank Regulators ‘Insiders’ Or Outsider?

The Jury System – Is Justice Truly Blind?

The Marketing Implications of European Unification With Monetary Union.

A Stochastic Optimal Control Approach To Resource Allocation In Customer Relationship Management.

Some Perspectives and Principles of Knowledge Management: A Case Study.

Effects of Values and Culture on International Consumer Satisfaction.

Future Workforce Trends In Career Development.

Analyzing Perceptions of Compliance by Mexican Accountants to Mexican GAAP.

Electronic Communication: The Challenge to Innovate.

Transitioning from Educational MRP to Web-based SCM.

Using Rico Against Fraudulent Debt Collectors.

NAFTA and Its Influence on Businesses in the Greater Rochester, N.Y. Area.

Constitutional and Empirical Issues in State Takeover Law Litigation.

Determinants of The Rate of Return on Commercial Bank Assets in The United States, 1959-1998.

An analysis of E-Venture Capital and Evolution of Internet to a Market Place for Raising IPO and Private Placement Capital.

Does The Federal Deficit Really Matter?


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