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Dr. Pearl I. Steinbuch, Professor

Mount Ida College, MA

M.Ed.: Harvard University

Ph.D.: The Wharton School: University of Pennsylvania

Chair (




Dr. David Wright, Professor 

The University of Ottawa

Ph.D.: Cambridge University

Chair (


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Cyber Crimes

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Understanding Predatory Blogs:

Extortion Over Cyberspace




Eight Weeks to a Better Brain



 NEWS :   Predatory blog writers target small organizations, criticize them for nothing and then ask them to pay $5,000 in hush money (i.e., bribery) in order to remove their name and the unbecoming comment(s) or discreditable information levied against them.  An extortionist librarian who has no Ph.D. himself published scholarly comments on a biophysics review paper that was published by a senior PhD scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  This librarian and his crime partners have been making illegal money through extortion and bribery by blackmailing small publishers. There is no difference between the extortionist librarian and drug dealers. (Learn more…)


Eastern Michigan University  *  Sam Houston State University  *  University of Illinois at Springfield  *  University of Ottawa  *  California State University  *  The New Jersey Institute of Technology  *  Northeastern University  *  West Virginia University  *  Florida Gulf Coast University  *  The University of Waikato  *  Medaille College  *  Texas A&M University  *   Concordia University  *  Chulalongkorn University  *  Purdue University Calumet  *  The Pennsylvania State University  *  Jacksonville University  *  Hodges University  *  University of Hawaii at Manoa  *  Mahasarakham University  *  Valparaiso University  *  University of Michigan-Flint  *  Mount Ida College  *  University of Houston  *  ENPC, School of Int. Management  *   Pace University  *  Montclair State University  *  University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu  *   York University  *  University of New Brunswick  *  Alvernia University  *  The University of West Florida  *  London School of Economics  *



Dr. Stewart L. Tubbs, Professor

Eastern Michigan University, MI

Studies at Harvard University

Ph.D.: University of Kansas

Vice Chair (

Dr. Kristina L. Guo,, Professor

University of Hawai’i-West O’ahu, HI

Director of Health Care Adm.  Program

Chair  (

Dr. Joseph C. Santora,

EPNC School of Int. Mngt. , France

Studies at Harvard University

Ph.D.: Fordham University

Vice Chair, (

Dr. Donald Margotta, Professor

Northeastern University, MA

Ph.D.: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vice Chair (

Dr. Mary Werner, Professor

Jacksonville University, FL

 Ph.D.: The University of Tennessee

Vice Chair (

Dr. David L. Ralph

Pepperdine University, CA

CEO: Antelope Valley Christian School

Vice Chair (


We recommend that our members (authors; board members; presenters) to take classes at Harvard University.



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